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Monthi Fest Around The World - 2009
Published Date: 08 Oct, 2009 (12:14 AM)
Kuwait Brahmavar Welfare Association celebrated Monti Fest On 25thSept 2009 at the Indian Public School Hall, Salmiya, Kuwait. The proceedings began at 11:30 am. MC Walter D’Souza welcomed the members and the guests from various other associations while secretary Gladis D’Silva explained the importance and significance of "Monti fest" & role of Mother Mary in Christian’s ..
The Belman Parishioners residing in the UAE came together at Al Mas Hotel Apartments on Friday 25th September, to celebrate “Monthi Fest” a Mangalorean traditional feast of nativity of Virgin Mary, Walter Monteiro welcomed the people. The Bethkati U.A.E President, Jacob Lobo initiated the proceeding by welcoming..
Moodabidri Varado Cathlic Association, a concert of 13 parishes namely: Siddakatte, Gantalkatte, Thakode, Hospet, Vaman Padav, Sampige, Paladka, Alangar, Beluvai, Shirtadi, Nellikar & Anegudde organized Monthi Fest @ Karama Centre. The program started with prayer. The procession took place with Mother Mary statue along with children offering of flowers. Hon. President Lawrence D’Souza welcomed members and guests .
Members of the Kanara Catholic Welfare Association (KCWA), Hyderabad celebrated the Feast of Our Lady of Nativity (Monthi Fest) belatedly on Sunday September 13, 2008 at St Patrick’s High School grounds, Secunderabad. Members from all over the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad gathered at the venue in full festive spirit, the children especially so..
“Pearls of Mangalore” (POM) in Abu Dhabi celebrated the feast of Nativity (Monthi-Fest) along with the members, friends and well wishers. The children offered flowers to Infant Mary and expressed their gratitude and love on behalf of the group that gathered to sing one voice “Moriyek Hogolsiam”. This was a momentous day for everyone and it was a dual celebration, because it also earmarked the third anniversary of POM. The Pearls make it a point ..
It was on 18th September evening symbolizing a precise blend of solemnity and merriment, SFX Kutam, Mudarangadi celebrated 'Monthi Fest 'a family festival of Love, Peace and Emotions .This celebration was held on Friday in Winny’s Restaurant Karama in the evening at 6PM to11 PM and was ..
Born of parents, Joachim and Anna, the arrival of Mary gave a glimmer of light to the world, for through her dawned the Son of Righteousness, Christ our God. The feast of the nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary is traditionally celebrated as Monthi Fest by Mangalorean Catholics with religious fervor and gaiety. Monthi Fest coincides with the harvest festival i.e. the arrival of the new crop ..
Abbasiya Families Kuwait celebrated Monthi Fest 09 at Integrated Indian School premises, Abbasiya on Friday 18th September. The program began at 6:30 pm with a prayer by Melwyn D’Souza and thereafter all the children with flowers gathered for procession. Parish Priest of Cathedral Fr. Melwyn D’Cunha, Fr. Mathew, Fr. Albert and visiting priests Fr. Valerian Fernandes and Fr. Clifford D’Souza also accompanied the procession of Mother Mary ..
Milagreans Kallianpur, UAE celebrated the feast of Nativity of Blessed Virgin Mary on September 18th 2009 at the Jackie Star Restaurent Hall, Quasis. The Program was attended by nearly 100 Milagreans and well-wishers. The Event began at 7:30 PM with a brief introduction and welcome speech by Melwyn Lewis. Flavia Mathais conducted a Meaningful Prayer service ..
A large number of Konkani Community of Riyadh celebrated the Feast of Nativity “Monthi Fest “ on 17th September evening. The new corn (noven) was brought from Mangalore and delicious home made Pure Vegetarian meal consisting of allum-dhento, thoushya karamb, sango, benda, mogen, thendlim, ghosalim, sonno, ambya chetnee, sanna, pothraden & vorn was served to all over the banana leaves. This dinner was prepared by the mangalorean ..
The feast of nativity of mother Mary was celebrated by Byndoor Parishioners of UAE at Mr. Rudolph Pereira’s residence at Sharjah on September 18, 2009 from 11:00am onwards. The celebration was organized by Byndoor Catholic Association.The program started with the prayer dance ‘Sobit Fulam’ ..
Ottawa Canara Konkans clebrated thier annual MONTHI FESTH on Sept 12th 2009 with traditional gaiety with Konkani and English mass. Rev Dr.Vincent Periera empahsised on the significance of monthi festh how traditionally the Mangaloreans have celebrated the birth of mother mary and the importance of it. Ottawa the capitol city of Canada has less than 20 families ..
"The Mangalorean Catholic Community of Pune City and its suburbs, under the aegis of "The Mangalorean Catholic Association Pune”, celebrated "Monthi Fest” with spontaneous gaiety and splendor on Sunday 13th September 2009 at Our Lady Consoler of the Afflicted Church, Pimpri, Pune 411 018. The celebration commenced at 9.00 a.m. with the traditional blessing of the new paddy corn by Rev. Fr. Joe Mathias SJ, MCA Spiritual Advisor/Director NVSC ..
A time to rejoice and give thanks, Monti Fest celebrates the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The Mangalorean Catholic Association of the East coast (MCA-EC), USA celebrated Monti Fest on Saturday, the 12th September, 2009, at Edison, NJ. It was an evening symbolizing a precise blend of solemnity and merriment, there was never a dull moment. Over 150 Mangalorean Catholics ..
KCA UK celebrated ‘Monti Fest’, popularly known as the ‘feast of the family’ on September 12, 2009 at Gandhi Hall Manchester with all traditions and greatness. All the Mangaloreans arrived to this event and experienced a renewed spirit of joy to attend this program. The celebration began at the entrance of the hall with, children offerings their most beautiful flower to Infant Mary, adults following them and singing the hymn "Sakkad Sangatha Mellieam". When the people started singing "Morieak Hogolxieam", ..
The Konkani Community of St. Therese Church, Salmiya, Kuwait celebrated Monthi Fest with great devotion and delight on Friday 11th September 09 during the 5:00 pm Mass. The new harvest of the season “Novem” was brought in a procession led by the children holding the flowers to the tune of "Sakkad Sangatha Mellyan" by choir members, which doubled the devotion of congregation gathered in large numbers ..
Monthi Fest, a unique Mangalorean tradition, has a tremendous significance to all Catholics universally and is a time to celebrate the birthday of our Lady and give thanksgiving for a bountiful harvest Kernels of grain from the new crop are blessed and prayed over and fruits, vegetables and flowers are offered first in church. An assortment of odd numbered vegetable dishes are prepared and served in catholic homes..
Somewhere along its evolution in Mangalore and the surrounds, the feast of nativity of Mary absorbed the rituals of celebrating the first seasonal harvest of rice and the showering of flowers. The Mangalorean Catholics were predominantly rice farmers and vegetable growers. It was just proper that the vegetables too took their place in the feast. A meal with a variety of vegetable preparations is an important part of the celebration of Monti fest..
A beautiful serene land in the west coast of Canada fondly called beautiful British Columbia yet again saw Monti Fest celebrated at the St. Edmund's Church in North Vancouver. It was an evening to be cherished for many days to come; everyone looked resplendent in their festive attire, there was eagerness on the faces of the people and the sight of little children carrying the platter of flowers, was a moment of joy to all present there. People from different parishes from the coastal ..
The Nativity feast ( Monthi Saibinichem Festh) celebrations was celebrated by Mr & Mrs Richard and Christine Lobo and family consecutively for the 13th year in succession on 13th September 2009 at 13:30 hours at 20 Salmon Street, London NW9 8PN . Dr. Cheryl Lobo welcomed the assemblage and also briefed about the programme of the day.She also gave a brief insight on the theme of the nativity ..
The Mangaloreans living in Washington DC Metropolitan area, celebrated the Monthi fest at Longwood Community Center, Brookeville, Maryland, today September 13, 2009. The much awaited event of the year proved to be a grand success with a large number of people arriving right on time to celebrate the Holy Eucharist in honour of our mother. It was an exciting time for all the Mangaloreans who gathered to celebrate this feast..
The Mangalorean Konkan Christians Association (MKCA), USA, celebrated the feast of Mother Mary, popularly known as "Monthi Fest" with all the festivities and grandeur. All the Mangaloreans in Chicago experienced a renewed spirit of joy to attend this program, where the day was beautiful with mild weather and full of sunshine. Christians around the world celebrate nativity of Mother Mary with great devotion but in Mangalorean tradition, it is coupled ..
Kuwait Canara Welfare Association (KCWA) celebrated Monthi Fest with much grandeur on Sunday 13th September 09 at the Holy Family Cathedral, Kuwait city, which has been an annual tradition for 21 years now, attended by thousands of Catholics in Kuwait. Parish Priest Rev. Fr. Melwyn D’Cunha led the blessing of ‘Novem’ (new harvest) along with visiting priest Rev. Fr. Clifford D’Souza and Deacon Sylvestor in the Church compound ..
'Monthi Fest 'a family festival of Love Peace Culture and Emotions was celebrated together as one family by the members of Mangalore Cultural Association, Doha Qatar. This celebration was held in the Seraphic Multi Purpose Hall, at the parish center. It was attended in large numbers by the association members and their families. The program began at 6.30 pm with the MCA Anthem followed by prayer ..
The Nativity of Our Lady, fondly known as Monti Fest in our hometown Mangalore, is undoubtedly one feast which makes us nostalgic of our childhood and reminds us of our families back home. It is a time when people overseas eagerly wait to receive the blessed corn from their families. It is also a time to renew our bonds with our families wherever they may be. For us Mangaloreans this is an occasion to show to the world that we are one - united in the love of our Blessed Virgin Mother ..
The Mangalorean Catholics from the Mangalore Diocese with Konkani (mother tongue) as their common identity have spread across the southwestern coast of India. Monthi Fest is one of the major festivals, celebrated on 8th September by the Mangalorean Catholics. It combines the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary and blessing of Novem (new crop/harvest). During the end of Monsoon season, the area is full of blossom & harvest bringing cheers in the faces of people and hence, it is customary to greet Mother Mary with Garden Fresh Flowers by children in the area during the Novena ..
The Mother Mary’s Naitivity (Monti Fest) was celebrated by the United Mangaloreans Kuwait (UMK), on Friday 11th September 2009, at a Salmiya Residence. The event was well attended by the members and the guests. The programme started by the prayer to Mother Mary, led by Mr. Lionel Mescarenhas, Mr. Agnel Saldanha (Gurkar, UMK), welcomed the gathering..
Emirates Pangalites, U.A.E, Celebrated the Feast of Nativity on Thursday, 10th September 2009 at Richmond Hotel Apartments, Bur Dubai under the guidance of newly formed working committee. The feast was celebrated traditionally under the slogan ""Sakkad sangatha melya and Morie Hogolsieam". Program started at 9 pm with committee member Clevin D’Souza welcoming the chief guest Mr. Joseph Mathias who was the main sponsor of the feast and all Pangalites who attended the function. He briefly explained ..
Pomp, Glory, Honor, and Splendor- these words define the Monti fest celebrations held at Sharjah this year. It was indeed a "Bhagi monti fest" with a record breaking number of 2500 people and around 500 children the celebrations surpassed the expectations of the sharjah parish. The celebrations included flower showering which began on time at 6:00p.m followed by the holy mass in the parish hall. The mass was conducted by Fr.Basil Vaz ..
The Konkani Speaking Community in Abu Dhabi, celebrated the feast of Nativity (Monthi Festh) in great splendour at St. Joseph Church premises on September 10, 2009 . Exuberant Children dressed up in colourful clothes and carrying flowers, gathered near the grotto at 7.30 p.m. to express their love and gratitude to Mother Mary on her birthday . Fr. Savarimuthu Parish Priest of St. Josephs Church and Fr. Antony Lopez Chancellor Bishop House and Spiritual Director of the Konkani Community witnessed and took part in this grand celebration ...
'Monthi Fest’ -a feast of Love, Peace, and family union was celebrated with religious fervor and traditional gaiety by the members of St. Francis Xavier Church, Ferar living in UAE, on Thursday, 10th of September at Winnys Restaurant in Karama. The program began at 8:00 pm in the presence of a large gathering with a welcome note by Mr. Leslie Pinto while Mrs. Clara Fernandes, Mr. Leslie Fernandes and Ms. Lilly Moras conducted a short ...
There was joy and excitement in the air as both the Mangalorean and Goan communities of St. Anthony’s Church Sohar, came together to celebrate the feast of the Nativity of our Lady on the 9th of September 2009. The Celebration began at 8.15 pm with a thanksgiving rosary at the Mother Mary’s grotto, where all the Mangalorean and Goan community members got together. Soon after the rosary ...
Belle Parishioners along with their friends and well wishers in USA celebrated Monti Fest in New York on 6th September with devotion and dedication to Mother Mary. There were about 75 people coming from New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Boston, Philadelphia, Texas & Chicago. In his introductory address, Mr. Fredrick Fernandes, President of Bellevision USA ...
Celebration of Monthi Fest has a special place in the hearts of Mangaloreans wherever they are. Here, in the parish of Sts Peter & Paul, Ruwi - Muscat, Sultanate of Oman it was something new this year, the 22nd year of Monthi Fest celebrations. In order to emphasize the spiritual preparation for the feast, for the first time in the history, a nine days novena was introduced. The number of faithful participating in this devotion increased day by day ...
Mangaloreans living in Calgary celebrated Monthi Fest for the first time at St. Thomas More Parish 15, Templebow St. NE, Calgary, AB , Canada on September 7, 2008 at 5.00 pm. The event was organized under the leadership of Mangalorean Carmalite Fathers, Fr.John Pinto OCD and Fr.Gabriel with the help of Jerry Moras, Andrade, Almeida & fly...
The feast of Nativity of Mother Mary was celebrated in a grand scale at St. Joseph Church, Mira Road today. There were three masses in English and Konkani starting at 7 am. Rev. Fr. Ivan Robert D’Souza Assistant Priest blessed the new crop which was distributed to the faithful after the mass. The solemn procession was followed by the mass at 9:30 am. ...
It is a beautiful ceremony -- Christian fraternity in Mangalore and all over the world celebrate the birth anniversary of Mother Mary. Call it celebration or reverence, pious Christian fraternity make it more meaningful by keeping the tradition in its pristine form. The situation is just right --the fields are green, the rivers are full, the rain washed churches and their courtyards are full of men, women and children who cover the church courtyard with petals of flowers which makes it a befitting birthday tributes to Mother Mary...


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Monthi fest celebrated at Loretto Padav

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Balakrishna T. Shetty, Palladakody/M'lore/Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Sep 9, 2009
There is no any relation greater than the MOTHER. Wish you all to my Catholic friends "HAPPY BIRTHDAY OF MOTHER MARY"

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