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Jan 17, 2022
Kids Corner
Beach Clean-up for Marine Conservation
Beach is an amazing place for relaxing after a tired day or a week. We have no rights to pollute this public place in return
Kids Corner is our newest addition exclusively dedicated to children. Besides being a fun section, it also serves as a platform for our children to showcase their budding talents. We encourage all children to contribute to this section. Contributions can be in the form of poetry, paintings, drawings, short stories etc. and should be accompanied by a photo and brief introduction of the sender. Please send to
Pots N Paints
Adding colours to dying art!
The rustic ambience touches your heart the moment you enter the room with mud walls, decorated with aesthetically appealing designs using paint made of rice paste and white mud. Inside the room, Chandrashekhar N, one of the very few in the state who avidly practices the unique Hase Chittara art form, which is on a verge of extinction in the passage of time, is busy designing a clay p
Pots N Paints is a section that is devoted exclusively and literally to the 'work of your hands'. Get those paints, brushes, pots, glass, wood, mirrors, paper, thermacol, fabric etc and get to work. Or send us something that takes pride of place in your home simply because it�s made by you. A brief description of how you made it and its use can be mentioned. Please send to
Mangalorean Movement for Good Governance
Information Is Power
Ramesh an educated (but not powerful) citizen goes to a government office to seek information on some of the development works undertaken in his area. He approaches an official and explains to him the reason for his visit. The official far from being courteous shouts at him in arrogance and refuses to
Welcome to MMGG!.. There is a passion in me today for Good Governance. I am committed to this noble cause as I have vast experience of having lived in communities and worked for non-governmental sector for more than 20 years. My tours to different parts of our country and also abroad have enriched me much. My forte however is organizing capacity building workshops for various sections of the society such as NGOS, Youth, Children, elected representatives, etc. The workshops have been greatly appreciated by one and all. It�s my sincere wish that citizen groups, especially the youth and children of our community benefit from such workshops and feel greatly empowered to live as strong and active citizens with knowledge and information which is so vital for Good Governance initiatives.
Bole To...
Munnabhai is happening and well, Gandhigiri too. Finally. The 'Lage Raho catchphrase setting Mumbaiyya fervor on fire. From Bandemataram to Bande-me-dam-hai All very well. But have you, if you are a Hindi film buff, ever tried to decipher what all the slang words thrown in the film
If life were painted on a canvas, it would have been coloured by memories. Bright ones for those wonderful childhood days; fresh ones for the unforgettable teen years; gray for all those difficult times; sober ones for the responsible days of adulthood� And the most beautiful shade of them all would be reserved for those memories that demonstrate ones intimate bonding with the homeland.
BackTrack is a homeward bound journey to find those beautiful colours and catch a fistful of stars shining on the Mangalore horizon.
--Suzy Fontes
Mumbai Beat
End of an Era... What Next, Mumbai?
Going by the recent developments, each Mumbaikar is puzzled, confused and going on questioning around. What next?
Welcome to Mumbai Beat! I am Donald D'silva, an advertising professional working with an IT marketing consultancy firm with global operations. I have been a filmy buff right from childhood and in my early career worked as a cub reporter with filmi glossies, dailies as crime correspondent. I would like to bring knowhow of filmi happenings, history, the gory details of stars' lives of Bollywood and current happenings of Mumbai in the world of crime to My readers.
A Memorable European Vacation! The Unique Experience that is Kiev - Ukraine
Kiev has a plethora of museums, theatres, opera houses, historical buildings and gardens are to be found, laid out on either
Travelogue - is the exclusive section dedicated to registered members to share your travel stories, experiences and photographs and learn from other's experience! We request our readers to submit your travel experiences with a writeup and accompanying photgraphs, the team will review them and will publish on this section -- Team Mangalorean
The Way I See It
It Just Doesn't Matter- A Reflection on the Anniversary of Gandhis Dandi March
It just doesnt matter, If a six year old girl is raped, Inhuman and brutal in a most horrendous deed, After all she is not my daughter, So
Events unfolding near or far have strong bearing in our day-to-day life. These things make us change accordingly. But somehow our collective wisdom often guides us, what we ought to do for the best of our society. However somewhere in midst of this entire conundrum sometimes we tend to miss the real picture. But we as human beings have always learned from our experiences. If we go by scientific evidence it seems to suggest that we can accommodate our body and mind to any extreme conditions of nature and evolve. Vijay D'Souza is from Kanajar ( India ) and is currently based in UK. Through his column " The Way I See It" he wishes to analyse issues in his own perspective as he is of the opinion that it is reasonable to question the "present" and make amends than let it become "past" and repent.
Rising Starz
Bryden Stephen Lewis
Mangalorean gem among us, whom I am pleased and excited to introduce to the readers of, so that he may not blush unseen
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Rising Starz is dedicated to introduce the budding youth of our community, an effort to reveal those hidden talents. So if you would like to appear in this column or if you know of someone who can appear in this column, please Post the profile now or email us at
Science Vision
The Indian Space Genesis
With the word "Anthariksh" comes some vibes through the body of every Indian. India has a very rich past in the field of astronomy, astrology and space-science. We have been the people who have been following the lunar calendar and our ancestors may have been among the many astronomers of the glorious past who made predictions about solar and lunar eclipses with great
Welcome to Science Vision. We will try our best to provide our reader's with very interesting articles such as innovations in science and technology, medicine, astronomy, earth and environment to name a few. Our goal is to keep members aware of how science and technology has continued to make our lives simpler and also how we are affected by the nature around us. Thank you for visiting this page and we sincerely hope that these articles prove to be quite informational.

Allen Martis, USA
India Losing Fight against Cancer Due To Lack of Awareness about Prevention and Treatment
As we observe the World Cancer Day, it is important to educate people about preventing cancer by cutting risk factors and leading a
Welcome to Health Section. In this column you will find useful articles on health related issues and this section will be updated on regular basis. Please keep visiting us and we hope you find our articles useful. Thank you for stopping by!
Tanya's Corridor
Our Father Who Art in Heaven
 By: Tanya Pinto, Canada
Our Father Who Art in Heaven I always consistently find that it is children who ask the most thought provoking questions. During the prayer, "Our Father who art in Heaven", I heard one of the children in church in front of me, who could not have been more than four or five years old, turn to her mother and ask her "Who is the Father in Heaven?" Her mother informed her that the word
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Welcome to Tanya's Corridor! I am Tanya Pinto, a first year resident training in psychiatry in Canada. My articles will aim to explore real life situations and experiences that often encounter young minds as we move through life. Remarks on the articles are encouraged and can be posted under "Comment on this Article". Thank you all for your encouragement and support. Enjoy!
Youth Corner
Let Gandhiji's Dream come True.....
 By: Deepthi Rani
Let Gandhiji's Dream come True..... India - a country where women are worshiped as equal to god. Wherein Ramayana teaches us that Ravan and his entire kingdom was wiped
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Youth Corner is exclusively dedicated to Teeangers. Our aim is to get all of the young adults on this site together, and to have some fun in the process. We encourage you to contribute your articles in the form of life experiences, schooling, life events, etc. Share your thoughts and make this your friendly place to be around.

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