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Jan 17, 2022
Inner Circle »» In My Opinion

 By: Dr Maya Mohsin Ahmed
"Money is like love; it kills slowly and painfully the one who withholds it, and enlivens the other who turns it on his fellow man". If you have money
 By: Rachitha Poornima Cabral
In an age where we are happy to be drawn closer together through the electronic media and are part of a ‘Global Village', it is only through mutual
 By: Vincent D'sa, Shankerpura, Pangala/Muscat
Medical check up before the marriage is an important factor neglected. It is not only for STDs, as I know many marriages are falling due to
 By: Nelson Lewis, Bahrain
Fortunately for India, there is presently a new Government and whatever his detractors and I may accuse him of, however, one has to admit
 By: Prof. Mathew C Ninan
The measure of the civilization of a country is the way it treats its minorities. The majority community can legislate in any manner
 By: Rachitha Poornima Cabral
New Year is not just the time to replace the old Calendar at your home and work place, but a time to bring about a change in our attitude
 By: Kedar Uttam
“some political actions are merely symbolic - they have little lasting value”, Good Governance Day too seems to be another political symbolism
I have identified a few stages of this fear from the interaction with my students and personal experience .Let us focus on these
 By: Vincent D'sa, Shankerpura, Pangala/Muscat
I thought of writing this article because I had an opportunity to talk and counsel the person who had received death penalty. Now
 By: Rachitha Poornima Cabral
We call ourselves the 21st century Generation- cultured, techno savvy-well-bred individuals, but we do not think twice before
 By: Tauseef Ahmed M
In today’s time people need the fastest SUV’s, the fastest 3G mobiles, fastest tablets, fastest internet but the thinking and belief
 By: Rachitha Poornima Cabral
unless it personally hits us, we never realise how dangerous gossiping can be. We think its fun that yesterdays news become
 By: Dr David Leffler- Iowa, USA
We are determined to continue the campaign with all means and as is needed. We will not stop until we guarantee full security and
 By: Cheryl Fernandes, Bangalore
Yes it's 15th August, time to celebrate Independence Day. I suddenly see the TV channels, radio stations and even the
 By: Fr Cedric Prakash sj
In the wake of neo-fascist trends emerging in several parts of the world today, it is good to take a close look at some of the
 By: Fr Cedric Prakash sj
you consistently exemplified kindness and compassion to all. Quite often, in this journey of life, you were at the receiving end, but
 By: Vivian Fernandes
Being a rather lonely person, he likes to be among people. He derives legitimacy and authority from them, like former Prime Minister Indira
 By: Dr Mykola Didukh and Dr David Leffler
Social turmoil such as conflict, war and terrorism is ultimately a human problem requiring a human solution. Experts in the field of conflict
 By: Christofer Pereira
We live in the Computer age but what is the use of computers when we don’t have proper electricity. Most people from top level hierarchy
 By: Alfie D'Souza, Illinois
These days attendance by churchgoers is seriously declining. We do have huge, beautiful historic churches but not many patrons.
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