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Jan 17, 2022
Inner Circle »» Kids Corner

 By: Sparsha Shetty
Beach is an amazing place for relaxing after a tired day or a week. We have no rights to pollute this public place in return
 By: Rithika Rajapala Shetty
these are products or materials that can be naturally broken down into raw materials in short period of time as a result
 By: Rithika Rajapala Shetty
impact of human activities is our direct responsibility. There are several irrefutable evidences to suggest that the
 By: Prithvi Monteiro
An illegible masterpiece for a man who explores it as much as he can to find a kingdom lit with emeralds with planets the nobility, comets
 By: Prithvi S. J. Monteiro
I went out for a walk on the heavenly street The rain God came up to me and said, "Rain beckons on the Earth, It's time for
 By: Prithvi S J Monteiro
Why this world? A question in my mind, Would I ever this answer find? Come along those who view the same To find the answer would be
 By: Prakrithi S Monteiro, Lourdes Central School III A
There was a little girl named Prakx. She had 3 sisters and a little brother. Prakx was the eldest of them all. She used to take care of the little sisters
 By: Alfie D'Souza, Illinois
"Every daughter want to follow in her Mom's footsteps"- that's right! Leisha D'Souza, the nine year daughter of Loy and
 By: Prithvi S. J Monteiro
I was born with crashing and thrashing, Rocks here, rocks there and everywhere. Wild volcanoes erupting and the lava splashing This is how I was formed by God with great care.
 By: Neil Lasrado, Kuwait
Neil is studying in Class VI at Indian Community School Kuwait. Neil liked drawing and colouring from the day he started holding his pencil and always likes to spend his free time in drawing and sketching his favorite cartoon characters and objects. Without any formal training
 By: Pallavi Dumblekar, Bangalore
With vacations coming soon, children could try their hand at making one of these. The materials needed are very cheap, and the procedure is also simple. But the end-product is simply beautiful
 By: Karl Khenneth Ebrahim, Saudi Arabia
Every morning there is a riot between my mother and me. It’s always over what I should eat for breakfast. Mom wants me to eat rotis, and I want to eat Choco Pops. After some verbal warfare with Mom every day, you can guess who wins. Always the rotis, rarely
 By: Elreena Maria Pinto, Doha
The Mangalorean Community of Doha, Qatar over the last couple of years has witnessed quite a few emerging child prodigies in the field of Music, Singing, Dancing, writing and even Public Speaking and active participation in school or public debates. Mangalorean.Com readers by now are already
 By: Anmol Yash, Mangalore
I am fond of drawing and painting. I started drawing pictures and coloring them using crayons and clolor pencils but now I use water color. I am a member of the Drawing Club in my school
I love painting and drawing since my childhood ever since I started holding pencil in my hand! My parents always remind me how I used to scribble on everything that came my way
 By: Jeevan Acharya
Jeevan says that his only hobby is Painting and he uses both oil and acrylic based paints to create his artworks. Jeevan draws inspiration from nature’s beauty and tries to emulate on canvas anything that captures his attention.
Prajwal is studying in 10th std at St. Aloysius High School, Mangalore. His hobbies are painting, reading and playing cricket. Prajwal’s first painting has won the first place in Big Bazar Children's
As I was approaching my twelfth birthday in life……..I was also busy preparing for my terminal examinations which I wanted to finish fast because that would be the beginning of my long holidays …..nearly sixty days of summer holidays which were rescheduled this year to coincide
The original idea of drawing a picture of this Fictitious creature dragon came to my mind after watching a movie DragonHeart. So here I attempted to draw one using a pen.
 By: Elreena Maria Pinto, Doha
I joined nursery school when I was just three, we started learning a, b, c, d and 1, 2, 3, 4 and a few songs (which later on I came to know - were nursery rhymes.) I had an adorable teacher known as Patsy Teacher (Mrs. Patsy Lewis, now settled in Bandra, Bombay) for those memorable years which I now
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