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Apr 23, 2019

Multi crore 'Meditation Centre' at Mudipu to bind all religions in universal love

Published Date: 09 Jun, 2008 (5:29 PM)

By Team Mangalorean
Photographs: Rajesh Shetty

  • Sri Krishna Dyana Kendra to bind all religions in universal love and peace

Mangalore June 1, 2008: A majestic multi-crore meditation cum yoga centre is coming up on the outskirts of the city at Mudipu, bang next to the sprawling Infosys campus. Set atop a hill with mind-blowing beautiful visage of the city, it is located on the tallest peak which rises from the very depths of the Arabian Sea, having withstood many of nature's ravages and human aggression over a period of time.

The building is so designed and will be constructed with steel and glass, in order to be in harmony with nature. It in fact blends with its surroundings through its tall tower. The tall tower signifies the objective behind the Centre of binding all religions together in universal love and peace. The Centre is blessed due to its close proximity to Mangalore city and educational institutions like Mangalore University, Engineering and Medical Colleges and many other well-known organizations. On a visit here, one can literally feel on top of the world, savouring the beauty of nature in all its pristine glory with all its elements touching the depths of one's very soul. 

The major objective behind this Centre is to establish, maintain and run the activities pertaining to both the mind and body. Moreover, it has plans to establish and activate yoga training centres. Working tirelessly and selflessly behind this project is the former politician, Dr. Madan Mohan Naik whose dream it is to provide a meditation centre in a serene and beatific locale far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Moreover, Centre aims at giving the stressed-out city folk an opportunity to rejuvenate and refresh their mind, body and soul with a course of meditation and yoga.

Dr Madan Mohan Naik

Architects of the project - Alva Associates

According to Dr Naik the basic objective behind the Shri Krishna Dyana Kendra is to create a universal civilization through its meditation and yogic discourse. There will be a host of experienced practitioners of the ancient form of meditation at the Centre, who would be offering expert guidance to those who are interested in joining the centre. Dr Madan Mohan Naik traces the origins of this ancient form of stress booster and thereby gives a recipe for healthy long life. In his booklet released on the occasion, he encapsulates the philosophy behind this Dyana Kendra.

He puts his message across in a sloka by Brithadanayaka Upanishad which loosely translated means:

Lead me from Unreality to Reality
Lead me from Darkness to Light
Lead me from Death to Immortality

According to him the origin of all religions is from one single truth. And if we follow any religion without practicing that truth, it will be like going down a blind alley. All creatures who belong to God, love all. Love is the religion of the entire universe.  A companionate person transcends the boundaries of religion and realizes the undivided, absolute reality he opines sprouting gems of wisdom from ancient scriptures.

Encapsulating the essence and purpose of the Dyana Kendra he states that the unity of God and his prophets upholds the principle of an unfettered search for truth. It condemns all forms of superstition and prejudice, teaching all that the fundamental purpose of religion is to promote peace, amity, harmony all of which must go hand in hand with science. This constitutes the sole and ultimate basis for a peaceful, disciplined and progressive society. 

Coming to the main theme - Meditation or 'Dyana' he says it is one of the most profoundly rewarding of human activities. According to Paramahansa Yogananda, the great master of yoga, meditation may be defined as a deep concentration on God or one of his aspects. Practised on a daily basis it produces astonishing results on all levels of one's being - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Moreover he claims it connects a person to his own inner powers of vitality, clarity and love.

Quoting ancient scriptures he says practicing even a few minutes of meditation produces immediate results. In fact India's ancient scripture Bhagavat Geeta states "Even a little practice of this inward religion will save one from dire straits, fear and colossal sufferings." Even physically meditation has been found among several other aspects to reduce stress, strengthen the immune system and help the body's healing process.


Laying of the Foundation stone



Mr Vinay Hegde Laying the foundation stone 






Dr Naik goes on to state that we all know that the mind of the man can play havoc on the body. Social stress is characterized by the fact that its effects persists long after the removal of the stimulus. Further the stress reaction is maintained in the absence of direct confrontation. This is due to the fact that a person is able to recreate and collectively induce the stress reaction in a person. Elaborating on Yoga he informs that it is the complete re-integration of all states of the mind, the intellect, senses, emotions, instincts and every level of the personality. In brief it is a process of becoming whole, he informs.

Listing out the benefits of the whole process of meditation, he states that during meditation the control over breath and brain waves slows down blood pressure and reduces metabolic rate, due to which blood circulation improves and detoxification of blood also takes place. Giving an example from a recent stuffy of patients with coronary artery disease, he says that it clearly shows that a combination of meditation, hatha yoga and natural vegetarian diet can reverse heart diseases far better then any medical treatment currently available, which  have  many  serious side-effects.

The trustees of Shri Krishna Dhyana Kendra graciously solicit the kind patronage of the general public, business bodies and philanthropic organizations for this noble and note-worthy public cause.

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B Chandra Shekar, India Jun 5, 2008
A thought provoking venture, nicely written with full details. However, a minor correction is required in paragraph No. 3. Dr Madan Mohan Naik is neither a Lawyer nor an advocate. He is an allopathy Doctor and a former politician.

The coverage of this challenging project in this article is excellent and hope many like minded people will come forward to make the entire venture a grand success.

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