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Apr 25, 2019
Manguluru: Dr Edmond Fernandes proposes Community Policing
Published Date: 01 Apr, 2015 (12:05 AM)

Press Release

Mangaluru: In a letter to the Superintendent of Police, Dr Edmond Fernandes, a medical doctor and social activist has proposed Community Policing for Dakshina Kannada District.

He says that community policing as a concept has roots in ancient India. Preventive, investigative and prosecuting duties can be traced back to Kautilya. The administrative difficulties that exist and co-exist, and given the difficult geography being a coastal belt, Dakshina Kannada remains vulnerable to all kinds of illegal un-democratic alternatives.
In the initial phase of the community policing concept, Un-armed training for lay citizens has been proposed. With growing incidences of violence and crime, especially against women, unarmed training remains by far the best bet individually.

In order to address concerns of drug trafficking and crime, he suggested that Community policing members should be taught about information gathering and vigilance including Coastal vigilance to follow an SOP. Non disclosure agreement of the informant needs to be maintained.

Students from every college can also be selected to become community police members, but this would be restricted to their own college. Involving students will not only bridge the divide between society and police, but will also help supply vital information of drug related issues. It will also build an accord and bond with the police and society.
The Deputy Commissioner for Dakshina Kannada District has been copied in the letter. This is a very novel concept to this part of the coast and if brought to birth will mark a new era of public police friendship.

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Paul, British Virgin Islands Apr 1, 2015
Good Job, please proced and wish you all the best and good luck
shifali, India Apr 1, 2015
Dr.edmond I really appreciate your idea of community policing which is in greater need for the present situation. There are many experiments and studies conducted in different parts of India but to a lesser extent in karnataka. It has actually helped police to come closer to crime and solving it.
It may not yield immediate success but helps in creating collobaration between police and community
Puttur dinesh, USA Apr 1, 2015
What happens to Bajrandals moral police?
Dr Prakash Harischandra, India Apr 1, 2015
Good Job Keep the Tempo.. Whole heartedly support you on this . Edmond.
Henry James, India Apr 1, 2015
Has the author really thought through thoroughly what he is trying to propose? Does he know the implications of this? This is nothing but a backdoor entry to police state. It will be abused to no end. The administration will become even more authoritarian. It will become a perfect tool for ordinary people to settle personal score against each other using the power of the state. How is the misinformation from disingenuous people going to be weeded out from the real information if such a scheme were to be implemented?

Our police are perfectly capable of catching the drug peddlers if they were efficient in their job and were not too busy harassing people for petty crimes. They carry out midnight raids into people’s houses without court warrant just because some youth are having a party – a totally criminal act on the part of the police. They arrest people for writing their views on religion on Facebook and waste tax payers’ money as part of the so called investigation. They have shirked from their duty when it’s been a year since the death of Rohit Radhakrishanan. Instead of doing a thorough investigation into the incident they are trying to protect their pals higher up. Why is the DC not looking into these matters?

Drug peddling will stop when people stop taking drugs. The problem lies elsewhere –focus on that first. Take their parents to task as a start. If you catch the drug suppliers on the scene, there will be more peddlers mushrooming out of nowhere as long as there is a market for it. With this approach you will only end up chasing a musk deer’s ovaries.

As to the drug-peddlers or those who harass/rape women, hang a couple of them by their testicles at the town square at the earliest possible time (something like how they do it in the Middle East) for the rest of the wannabes to see and you will see how the problem disappear in no time. It is well worth it for the benefit of the millions. Just because there are a few rogue elements out there in the society does not mean you have to target the entire society for your draconian experiments. Keep your silly ideas in your own land of the free.
Henry James, India Apr 1, 2015
In other words, let's all start to spy on each other. That's where our future holds in all of us grassing on each other. Wait a minute.... that eerily reminds me of post war Germany. Yes, this is what we need. US is getting there.... why not India also tags along? To hell with personal freedom. Let's all live in fear of our neighbours.

This is what happens when a carpenter turns into a rocket scientist.
Dr.Rouchelle Tellis, India Apr 1, 2015
Dear Dr.Edmond
Kudos.... your letter to the SP of DK district could serve as an eye opener to look into certain policies to bridge the existing gap between the police and the general public. If the police department gets the ball rolling by introducing this concept in our district I strongly feel that the areas that need be tackled would be drunken driving and drug abuse which in turn lead to other antisocial activities like crime against women and road rage (under the influence of alcohol)
Austin Prabhu, USA Apr 1, 2015
Good concept and it is working in the US. I graduated as a member of Forest Park Citizens Police Academy to serve my community - helping local police during community events and also keeping an eye on neighborhood activities. Keep going; God bless.

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