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Apr 25, 2019
Kasaragod: Kanhangad Resident Stranded in War-stricken Yemen Narrates the Woes of Indians Indians
Published Date: 31 Mar, 2015 (7:11 AM)

from special correspondent

Kasaragod: An internal war in the Gulf country of Yemen has put the lives of thousands - nationals and expatriates alike - in danger.

Among them are about 60 Keralites. Seven of them have been confined to a hotel room in Aden for over a week. This is only one of the cases. There could be hundreds of other Indians suffering similar hardships.

​Jinto Joseph

The Indian government has assured to airlift them back to India. But permission to fly aircraft in war-affected areas may not be easily obtained since it would be a hazardous operation.

Of the seven persons stuck inside a single hotel room in Aden is Jinto Joseph, a resident of Palakkal near Kanhangad in the district. He is in the hotel management sector. Luckily he could call home to inform his kin of the pitiable conditions in which they have been staying over the past few days.

There is no food or water available inside. Stepping out is out of the question because anyone doing so could run the risk of getting caught in the crossfire. While the rebel forces have taken control of strategic points, the Saudi Arabian air force, which is assisting the government forces in holding on to their strongholds, could bomb any spot suspected to be of rebel activity.

Luckily enough, the communications system is still working and those stranded in the hotel have managed to contact their families. But if the bombing happens to affect the towers and lines, that last remaining channel could be lost. That is what is worrying them and their families also. They only wish that the Indian government manages to rescue them at the earliest.

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