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Mar 19, 2019
Bengaluru: 'Conspiracy Going on to Unseat Me' - CM Siddaramaiah Admits for the First Time
Published Date: 30 Mar, 2015 (9:51 AM)

from special correspondent

Bengaluru: Opposition parties attempting to embarrass him at every opportunity available, disgruntled partymen playing the Dalit card and rooting for their community, a section of the bureaucracy trying to clip his wings - these are the grouses heard from the supporters of chief minister S Siddaramaiah during recent times.

They say that Siddaramaiah has been getting stronger and stronger with the passing of each day. Contrary to the claims by the opposition that his government was tottering, they firmly say that he would complete the full term of five years. In response to the reported campaign to turn Karnataka into a Congress-free state, he has recently taken it as a challenge to strengthen the party.

He has not only assured that he would complete his term but also lead the party's campaign in the next assembly electons scheduled for 2018. This has unsettled his detractors inside the party as well as those in the opposition, who feel frustrated after being out of power for a few years

The way the political parties conducted themselves even on a sad occasion like the death of IAS officer D K Ravi has strengthened these suspicions, according to them. Observers say that the lower classes who are in the majority in the state have expressed great appreciation for the budget placed by the CM recently. However, the dust raised by the Ravi episode besmeared the plus points gained by the budget.

For the first time ever, Siddaramaih made a heart-to-heart admission on the subject while speaking to mediapersons at Solur in Magadi taluk on Sunday, after attending the inauguration of buildings and mass marriages under the aegis of state Ediga Sangha.

He pointed out that attempts were being made to pick up petty issues and give it a casteist colour. Certain elements were out to unseat him at any cost. Yet, he was understanding everything and delicately handling the administration, he said.

He further said that this attitude was not restricted to his case alone. Even when past chief ministers like Bangarappa and Veerappa Moily were at the helm, the leg-pulling had taken place.

Speaking on other subjects, the CM said that† his government would go ahead with the Mekedatu project in full swing and there was no question of backing out.

AICC general secretary B K Hariprasad, who spoke on the occasion, said that when arrack was banned a few years ago, a few from the Ediga community had committed suicide. Because of the lack of unity in the community, this did not hit the headlines. If persons from other communities had done the same, there would have been a big noise about it.

Hariprasad added that ever since Siddaramaiah became the CM, there had been clamour that he would be brought down. This year too, many people said that he would not be placing the budget. He reminded that those fortune-tellers and other conspirators had not elected the CM, but it was the 6.5 crore people of the state who had opted for him.

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Krishna , India Mar 30, 2015
Dear Mr Siddu,

You donít have to worry about your chair until you complete this term. Basically your high command does not exist anymore. Your Prince has gone on long sabbatical leave. Sometimes he used to take decisions as per the recommendations of his mentor Diggy Baba.

Once in a while your Madam just makes her presence felt by opposing something without even understanding head or tail of it.

Other than 2Gs in your party, rest of them are irrelevant.

Your Prince is enjoying his holidays for the past two months in some undisclosed destination somewhere in a remote Island. For security reasons the destinations is kept as a top secret. His Coronation ceremony has been postponed from April 1st to sometime in the month of May. You are all must eagerly waiting to participate in that grand occasion. I am sure you will enjoy a royal meal on that day.

Relax and enjoy till 2016. You donít have do anything to remain in power.

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