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Apr 25, 2019
Mangaluru: 3-day Shri Ramotsava Culminates in Burning of the Ravana Effigy
Published Date: 30 Mar, 2015 (12:16 AM)

by RAJ, Pics by JP, Team Mangalorean

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Mangaluru: Thousands of people witnessed the burning and bursting of the effigy of Ravana at the Nehru Maidan here, on March 29.

To mark Rama Navami, the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Bajrang Dal and Shri Ramotsava Samiti, Mangaluru had jointly organized a three-day programme of "Shri Ramotsava and Shri Srinivasa Kalyanotsava".

It was followed by a stage programme. Shri Rajashekharananda Swamiji of Vajradehi Math said, "We need to make a Rama Rajya. People discuss about banning Vishwa Hindu Parishat and Bajrang Dal, but they do not discuss about the good deeds that these organisations do. Our Home Minister George is not banning the PFI because he does not have the charge. Till now, the Hindu Dharma has not ruled the country. What is Ghar Wapsi? It is a home coming. Those who had left the Hindu community return back willingly to their homes." He appealed to the gathering to work hard to "build Ram Mandir in Ayodhya because Ayodhya is the birth place of Sri Rama".

He also said, "We have to fight for our rights. The VHP is working hard to spread Hinduism in the country." He further said that the PFI is trying to merge India with Pakistan. "We have urged the Home Minister to ban the PFI, but instead of banning the organization, our ministers are attending their programmes and praising them".

"Ramanavami does not mean that we only chant Ram mantra. We need to be united to build the Ram Mandir in Ayodhya." The President of the organizing committee Harishchandra delivered the presidential address.

This was followed by Shri Srinivasa Kalyanotsava rituals which were led by Shri Yogananda Saraswati Swamiji. Finally, the arrow from Lord Rama's bow was shot at Ravana, who then burnt in a huge fire. Thousands of people witnessed the destruction of Ravana.

Various cultural activities were held over 3 days to mark Rama Navami and Shri Srinivasa Kalyanotsava. A temporary Rama Mandir and Ayodhya Nagari had been erected on the maidan.

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