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Mar 19, 2019
Mangaluru: SAC Journalism Department Holds Street Play 'Nirbhayatva'
Published Date: 26 Mar, 2015 (5:05 PM)

Press Release
Pics by JP, Team Mangalorean

Mangaluru: The Journalism Department of St Aloysius College, staged a protest against the rising atrocities on women at the college campus here on March 26.

Being a woman in India is the biggest punishment an individual can get! It is not because females hate their womanhood but because of the surroundings that make their life shoddier. Every second an Indian female is a victim of some or the other torments - male gaze, misbehavior, teasing and other harassment are the least in the list that extend to rape and murder. The socio-political and legal systems in the country never conferred much attention to these better half populations. For centuries, they scuffled for equal status and opportunities but now plead for safety. Mangaluru, the educational hub is not an exception.

The Mass Communication students of St Aloysius College enacted a street play 'Nirbhayatva' to protest against the atrocities on women. The street play highlighted Mangaloreans' silence over a recent chain of rape cases in the region. It depicted the male mentality towards women as mere objects of sexual satisfaction and household work. 'India's Daughter', the controversial documentary which portrayed the thinking of educated men towards women, was also highlighted in this play. It also emphasized on the need for a friendly legal support system in the city and also the inconvenience caused to female students.

Students motivated the people to think and ponder upon, and raised their voices against issues on women safety. They demanded a shift in people's mentality and a comprehensive legal support system across the country.

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