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Apr 19, 2019
M'lore: Raeesa makes her alma mater proud!
Published Date: 17 May, 2011 (4:44 PM)

BY Iqbal Manna - Team Mangalorean Qatar

Mangalore/Doha May 11: Fathima Raeesa of Mangalore has yet another reason to celebrate. She has secured third rank in Science in Karnataka State II PUC examinations held in March 2011. For those who knew Raeesa from her childhood, it didn’t come as a surprise, as she has been receiving academic accolades right from elementary school.

Raeesa has scored 95.50% in Science stream with 97 in Chemistry, 95 each in Physics, Biology and Mathematics, and in English and Hindi she has scored 92 and 93 respectively.

Raeesa was a student of St. Annes PU College in Mangalore where she had also served as college pupil leader. She is the ex-student of Ideal and MES Indian schools in Doha - Qatar where she studied Urdu as a second language. It is interesting to note that although Raeesa was an Urdu language student she has scored high marks in Hindi.

It can be also recalled here that Raeesa had topped the list in Urdu language in Doha - Qatar among the students appeared from Indian schools for all India Secondary School Examination of the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) New Delhi in 2009. Fathima has interest in literature and while in Qatar, she had participated in debate and elocution competitions of Urdu and English languages.  Born in Qatar Raeesa is the daughter of Mr. Mumtaz Hussain, an entrepreneur and Mrs. Ishrath Jahan, both hailing from Mangalore.

Speaking to Mangalorean.Com, Mr Hussain said “Raeesa has done us proud by securing third rank and we are very happy with her results. We cannot express our joy in words.” When asked about her future plan for higher education, Raeesa had no second thought; she said “it is already decided; I want to pursue my higher studies in medicines.”

The President of Tulu Koota Qatar Mr. Ramachandra Shetty, The President of Karnataka Muslim Cultural Association (KMCA) Mr. Saquib Raza Khan, Mr. Prakash Chandra Ajila, the vice President of Bunts Qatar, Mr. Abdulla Mono, President of South Kanara Muslim Welfare Association (SKMWA), Mr. Mannangi, The President of Karnataka Sangha Qatar, and Prominent members from Karnataka Expatriate Community at Qatar Mr. Syed Abdul Hye, Mr. M. Iqbal Manna, Mr. Divakar Poojary, Mr. Rehman Saab and several senior members of Karnataka Expatriate Community in Qatar have congratulated the proud daughter of Tulu Nadu  Ms Fathima Raeesa for earning accolades for the entire community. 

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shareefbantwal, India May 15, 2011
Congratulations to you Raeesa..
NAZIM/ARFATH, Saudi Arabia May 15, 2011
Hearty congratulations to you Raeesa. Hats off to you. You make us proud once again.
NAYAZARAFATH, India May 14, 2011
Naseem banu, India May 14, 2011
Congratulations to you my sis, all the best for your career. i wish you blessing of allaha will allways be there with you on all your future endeavors.
Adil, Qatar May 14, 2011
Congratulations to you Raeesa..
Aysha, Qatar May 13, 2011
Mubarak ho!! Raeesa
M Hussain - Bhatkal/Dubai., UAE May 13, 2011
Hearty congratualions to Ms. Raeesa Fatima for continuing her journey of sucess and may Allah help you repeat it again and again in the future. For those who know Mr. Mumtaz and his kids this is definetely not a surprise. Both the sisters have been gifted by god with extraordinary talent in not just academics but all other extra curricular activities too. Its all with Allahs blessings and unrelenting support from both the parents Mr. Mumtaz and Mrs. Ishart Jahan these kids have made a sort of habit of repeating the extrordinary. May Allah help her in helping the humanity with the new career she has chosen for herself.
First on 12th morning a St. Annes college student; my neighbor, told me that Fathima Raeesa is our college pupil leader and she topper in college.

My happiness was doubled when i read in mcom that she is topper in Managlore city and 3rd rank in karnataka.

I know the parents of Raeesa and they have very well taken care of their chidrens education & also they cotribute poor childrens education in Managlore.

Best Wishes for Raeesa

MESCOM (Mangalore Elect. supply company)
Arshad, Mangalore, Qatar May 13, 2011
Firstly congratulation to Raeesa for her academic acheivement as Science stream topper. Since she has declared her ambition to go for medicince Hopefully prestigious college in Mangalore KMC would offer her seat.

Secondly congratulations to mcom team from Mangalore & Doha for as first online reporting from coastal karnataka. its great Job.EXCELLENT. keep the sprit.
Fayaz Ahmed KMCA, Qatar May 13, 2011
Dear Raeesa,

Hearty congratulations for your success. You are role model for all our young sisters. Being a mangalorean, we are really proud of your acheivment. Mmay Almighty Allah bless you in your future goals and all your dreams come true. Iqbal bhai, good job of covering this article. Keep it up.
Naushad, UAE May 12, 2011
Congratulations Raeesa Well Done.
People should commend her on her achievements rather than sensationalize on burkha.
Drona, India May 12, 2011
“it is already decided; I want to pursue my higher studies in medicines.”-Raeesa

Congratulations to this brilliant young lady for achieving very high marks.I take it that she will study medicine at the prestigious KMC Mangalore/Manipal. In fact any medical college will be proud to have her as a student. May she learn the art of healing and make our people happy and healthy.
M.DS.Navas, Alkhobar, Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia May 12, 2011
Congratulations Raeesa... well done.
Wish you all the best and do hope that you will score the best in your chosen career Medicine also.
once again congratulate you and your beloved parents whose guidance and support made you to achieve this commendable result.

king regard
RICHARD D SOUZA, Qatar May 12, 2011

Dr k C Chacko, Qatar May 12, 2011
Dear Miss Raeesa,
all the best in ur future career and congratulations for the acheivements.
please keep it up.
dr k c chacko
Suresh, India May 12, 2011
Mohammed Mazhar, USA May 12, 2011
Hi Austin, All,

Let us congratulate Raeesa on her achievement rather than commenting on religious beliefs and ethics.


Congratulations. Hope to see you climb the ladder of success and achieve many more.
Mohammed Hanif, India May 12, 2011
Dear Austin Prabhu,
I appreciate your response.
When we discuss things, like what we are doing here right now, we understand each others point of view better. And we should do that because we are brothers in Humanity. We all are creations of one alimighty god.

Admist all this , i forgot to wish Raeesa on her achievements. Congrats Raeesa. I am sure this is just the beginning and we will hear many more success stories of yours, in future.
Incidently the first verse revealed in the holy Quran is "LEARN". So its compulsory for every muslim, men and women to Learn.
Austin Prabhu, USA May 12, 2011
Thanks Mohammed Haneef for your sincere opinion. I respect your views.
Basker, Mangalore, India May 12, 2011
Hello Fathima

You are sceince stream topper in Managlore and DK and Udupi district. CONGRATULATIONS
Nehmath, India May 12, 2011
Mind blowing
Keep it up
God Bless U
Mohammed Hanif, India May 12, 2011
Dear Austin Prabhu,

I respect your point of view, but i don't quite agree with it.
From your perspective wearing Burkha is a sign of supression by muslim men, which might be true in few cases.But a large majority of muslim women wear burkha by their free will.They take pride in wearing that.I can tell you from what i see in my house.we have 4 working women in my house, 3 engineers employeed in CMM Level 5 Companies and one medical docter.We never forced them to wear Burkka.Never.But they wear it by their own will.They take pride when people identify them as muslims.I think you sould interospect a little before making a weak statement like this.
I know that your intention is not wrong, but saying that burka is only a sign of opression is a very narrow minded thinking.1.5 billion muslims cant be wrong.There is more to wearing Burkha than what you think sir.

If i have to say that wearing saree is a sign of degrading women and women wear saree because men force them to wear it, dont you find it funny? Thats exactly what i felt when i read your comments.

Ji, India May 12, 2011
Mashallah..!!! Hearty Congratulations to you Raeesa..
Mohamed Ali Uchil, UAE May 12, 2011
Heartily Congratulations Raeesa for bagging 3rd Rank in science PUC exams,which is really an outstanding acadamic performance . I take this opportunity to express my compliments and wishing you a bright Academic future. Let Allah bless you .

Francis, Saudi Arabia May 12, 2011
Congratulations to Fathima Raeesa on securing 3rd rank. Your performance & your hard work for your future really great.

Almighty GOD blesses your future.
Shafi. Sheikh, UAE May 12, 2011
Well done ma sister. Keep it up. God bless u. N u wil succeed every way of ur lyf
Syed Abdul Basit, Qatar May 12, 2011
Being from Mangalore ,I feel so happy and proud about Fathima Raeesa who excelled with top rank in Science in Karnataka !

Wishing her a very bright future !

Syed Abdul Basit
Doha Qatar
Francis, Qatar May 11, 2011
Excellent performance by our Doha born girl Raeesa. Congratulations to Raeesa and proud parents and mangaloreans.

There were more than 600,000.00 students appeared for II PUC examination in the state of Karnataka in March 2011 and Miss. Raeesa has performed well.
majeed, Qatar May 11, 2011
Congratulations to Fathima Raeesa on securing III Rank in Science in Karnataka. keep it up
Austin Prabhu, USA May 11, 2011
Congratulations to Fathima Raeesa on securing III Rank in Science in Karnataka. You have shown your community that nothing is impossible in this world. If there were not so many controls in Muslim world by men on women there would have been many more climbed the ladder of success.

It is time for Muslim women to come out of the box (Burqa)and see the real world of 21st century. Stay away from fanaticism and worship true Allah. No religion including Christianity in this world should control our freedom of life. It may taste sour to many; however, there is nothing wrong in expressing the truth. Gone are the days, we cannot still keep on typing on the typewriter; there are computers, I phones, etc. It is time to change for the better.
Puttur Dinesh, USA May 11, 2011
She is a role model for many women in the Muslim community. Education of women is the key to uplift any community. The catholic diocese in mangalore should partner with Muslim associations to educate more women.

May be some day when I have some money I will start a foundation for provide scholarship.

Also this reminds me of Hajabba from mangalore who is educating the children in his village.

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