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Apr 25, 2019

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Rendezvous with Waterfalls in Four Continents

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By Cdr GP Mallya(Retd), South Korea [ Published Date: October 10, 2011 ]

Water has always fascinated mankind. Most of the civilizations have been built on the river banks since water which is one of the most essential ingredients for human life, is available in plenty. No wonder that the water falling off from a height has been even more fascinating for us and such waterfalls have mesmerized the visitors due to their sheer beauty, elegance and feel of power. Our own Jog falls and Shinvanasamudra falls are a huge draw in the state as well as in the country. Such a large amount of water gushing down a deep precipice or a gorge makes you numb with fear sometimes, pumps up adrenalin for adventure some other time. During the course of my tours, I have been fortunate to enough to visit  different waterfalls in four different continents of the world(Asia, N.America, Australia and Europe). I would like to share these first hand encounters with the readers of

Niagara Falls

Of course any travelogue on waterfalls is incomplete without the Niagara Falls. Shared by the two countries USA and Canada, this wide swathe of water falling over a great height makes for a spectacular sight. The Canadian falls are supposed to be better looking than the Americal ones. Once they light of the falls in the night , it makes a stunning impression as the accompanying picture shows.





Git Git Waterfalls

Located in the northern part of Bali Island, this waterfall is one of the major attractions of Bali. Though the quantity of water falling down is small, it makes a spectacular jump from a height of about 40 meters surrounded by tropical forest. One has to follow a pathway leading into the deep jungle to reach the fall. The roar made by the fall against the eerie silence of the jungle punctuated only by the noises made by the jungle creatures makes for an exhilarating experience.

Git Git Waterfall, Bali Indonesia

Rhine fall

The Rhine Falls (Rheinfall in German) is the largest plain waterfall in Europe.

The falls are located on the Upper Rhine , the main river of Germany near the town of Schaffhausen  in northern Switzerland. They are 150 m (450 ft) wide and 23 m (75 ft) high. In the winter months, the average water flow is 250 m/s, while in the summer, the average water flow is 700 m/s. The highest flow ever measured was 1,250 m/s in 1965; and the lowest, 95 m/s in 1921. Though not as spectacular as Niagara falls by any stretch of imagination, the fact that it is Europe's largest waterfall makes it a good candidate for a visit. One can approach the falls by boats and also climb the island in the centre of the river downstream for getting better shot of the fall.

Rhine Falls , Switzerland 

Rhine falls, Switzerland 

Stoney Creek Falls, Kuranda tropical forest, Cairns, Australia:

Stoney Creek Falls are found in the Barron Gorge National Park  north-east of Cairns, in Queensland, Australia. The falls are formed where Stoney Creek starts to descend in steps from the shoulders of the gorge. The falls are best known for the curved lattice railway bridge that passes in front of them.] This gives passengers aboard the Kuranada Scenic Raliway an excellent view of the falls as their train crosses the creek. There is a cable car running to the viewing point for the tourists...It is quite steep on the way up..with a change of cable cars in between. The view from the cable car of the tropical jungle is simply awesome and one can walk for about a mile through the thick jungle trail where sunlight harldy penetrates due to the thick forest canopy and tall trees. A once in a life time experience.


Stoney Creek Waterfalls, Australia-Cable car 

Stoney Creek Waterfall Australia-Kuranda tropical forest 

Stoney Creek Waterfalls, Australia -view from the cable car 

Jeongbang falls, Jeju, South Korea 

Jeongbang Falls, Jeju Island, South Korea: Jeju Island is the favorite tourism destination of the Koreans due to its temperate weather and beautiful weather. It is also the orange capital of Korea. Many Koreans have had their honeymoon there and recall it with nostalgian. The speicality of Jeongbang falls which is about 22 meters tall is that it is the only waterfall in Asia which empties directly into the sea..!

Cdr GP Mallya (retd) is a native of Kinnigoli, now working as General Manager in Samsung Heavy Industries in South Korea for the last 4 years. He is an alumni of Pompeii Junior College, Talipady, Aikala, National Institute of Engineering Mysore and Pune University. After graduation from NIE Mysore with a mechanical engineering degree in 1985, he served in the Indian Navy in various capacities till retirement in 2007 as a Commander, after which he joined his present assignment. He is married with a son. His hobbies include GK, Quiz, blogging, travelogues, travelling, music , volunteering etc. He has travelled extensively all over the world visiting over 26 countries during his Naval career and subsequently. He can be reached at

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J M Bhandary, USA :
Cdr. Mallya,

Fabulous pictures of waterfalls from four continents of the world. Location descriptions and travel highlights are very interesting. Nice article.
Steve, Kuwait:
Thank you Sir.
What a way to portrait the waterfalls. Awesome pics. One should visit these places once in lifetime.
vasanth pai, India :
Wonderful narrative, stunning pictures. We look forward to more travelogues from you maybe interspersed with some personal experiences during your travels.
Rajanikanth Shenoy, Kudpi, India :
Wonderful pictures and good article Cdr. Mallya. Looking forward to many more travelogue from you, since you are a globe trotter par excellence!
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