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Apr 25, 2019

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Glass Carving

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By Judith Serrao, UAE [ Published Date: January 6, 2007 ]

Materials required

Glass – (size to be proportionate to picture you need to carve)
Glossy- black coloured adhesive paper
Art knife
White & silver sparkle glue
White carbon paper


Draw the outline of the glass on the black adhesive paper.   Cut the black adhesive paper and affix to the glass.   Draw or trace the picture with white carbon on the adhesive paper-  the outlines will be marked with white (as the carbon paper is white).

With the carving knife remove all the black adhesive paper inside the outlines.  The white outlines only should remain.  After the full picture has been carved,  fill up the picture with the silver sparkle glue and let it dry for 24 hours.

The picture can then be framed.

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Stany D'Souza, USA :
Wonderful and artistic work Judith. You have made it so simple. This requires lot patience and skill. The art you have presented is very symmetrical and is of fine artistic quality. Keep your arts alive and let us enjoy them!
Judith Serrao, UAE:
Merci, danke, sukria, dev boren karoon, mast upakara, thumba danyavaadagalu, terima kasih, arigato, kamsa hamnida, takk, salamat po, spasibo, gracias, kawp-kun krap, tesekkur ederim {:):)..Dots, Shaly, Raj, Syl, Mel, Carol & Amar… if you guys assumed I’m using foul language…. relax !!!! I only meant thanks..and I speaketh only two of them ;) }
Amarnath Bantwal, Kuwait:
Brilliant! Judy, way to go!
Carol Martis, Kuwait:
Hi Judy,

Beautiful carving Judy.... keep going... No doubt u r multi-talanted women. Good luck and God bless you.

mel tau, Oman:
Hey Judy...Happy New Year! Beautiful piece of glass carving. Just one do you find the time?

Raj, I second what you said to Judy...of course with a lil addition! May she indeed inspire both the women and ‘MEN’ on Mcom with her art!
Shall we say Cheers to that Raj? ;)
Sylvia D'Souza, UAE:
Hey Judy,

Brilliant and neat piece of art. I am impressed by your various talents. Keep Arting!"
Rajanikanth Shenoy, India :
Lovely piece of art with perfect symmetry, Judith!

You are a multi-faceted talented woman, as I observe in

Keep up the good work, Judith.

May you inspire more women in with your art!
Shaly Pereira, Oman:
Beautiful piece of work Judy. Nothing like black and white colours for that dramatic effect on your glass carving.

Looking forward to seeing many more.
Dots Rego, USA :
Hey Judy,

That is an awesome carving. Way to go Judy.

Looking forward to see many more arts and crafts from you gal.
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