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Through the artistic hands...

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By Reuben Chris Rego, UAE [ Published Date: November 29, 2006 ]

My name is Reuben Chris Rego and I am an Engineer by profession currently doing my tour of duty, offshore, off Abu Dhabi. For starters let me start by saying that I never was or am an artist; neither a fulltime one nor even a part-time one for that matter. No claims on that account whatsoever, folks! With absolutely no training in arts, it's something of an on-and-off (quintessentially 'off' than 'on'; if I may interject) kind of quirk in me that surfaces; unbidden, and there I go giving vent to it.

Riding Hell for Leather

Thirty five summers on earth and for the life of me, I still can't attribute any reason in particular for trying my hand at sketching. Suffice it to say that it just happened & if memory serves me right, I guess I first tried my hand at sketching way back when I was about 8 years old doodling around on any bit of paper that I could lay my hands on. So much so, that I still recall 'defacing' my late aunt's notebooks while she was graduating and boy, did I get a pasting for that!

A Bundle of Joy or a Monster in the Making?

My parents and brothers knowing that I could draw a line or two; albeit a straight one a tad crookedly, gave much needed encouragement. The portals of St. Aloysius, Mangalore, literally being home in my formative years, moods were perpetually upbeat and I did dabble in this fledgling 'passion' of mine. I did try my hand at 'India ink' for a while but later gave it up and stuck to the good old pencil. In fact, all my sketches were drawn on whatever paper I could lay my hands on with the first pencil I could find lying around! With a penchant for sketching curvaceous figures and human expressions, sketching nudes are obviously a favorite theme. There, it's just doing my two-bit something to cater to my eccentricity, you see, but somehow I have yet to seriously get down to it!

Scent of a Woman

Being involved in sports while harboring aspirations to pursue a professional course; and the consequent paucity of time and the vagaries of life; well, sketching obviously had to take a backseat not to say that it was a priority before. The first drawing shown herein; titled – 'Riding Hell for Leather' was drawn in 1989 just after I passed out my P. U. course. Absolutely zilch since then owing to a rather protracted hiatus while I graduated and subsequently sought my 'fortune' overseas and then one fine day in mid 2003, the sketching bug bit me again! The result, – 'Scent of a Woman' and 'A Bundle of Joy or a Monster in the Making?'

Based offshore with 10–12 hours work schedules 7 days a week on a rotation shift of 70/20; well, the story continues - zilch until the bug comes looking for me yet again!

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ceana, UK:
amazing work ....:)well cooooooooooool
Ravalnath Kamath, India :

Nice to get see your post...please get in touch with me on
Sofia D\'souza, India :
Hi Chris,

You are really blessed by god with such a great talent, your sketches are sooooooo beautiful, I thank in advance for sending me your sketches. I have gone through your article and its very nice. I am a fan of yours, its really fantastic. God Bless you always. Bye and take care, Sofia.
Ramesh Menon, UAE:
Well done. I am inviting you to share your talents at TALENT SHARE Fan page.

You may visit and
become a Fan of Team 1 Talent Share Fan page:

Please visit the Discussion topics and photo albums to know more about the activities happening there.

Sincere regards,

Ramesh Menon
Shankar & Rajani, Oman:
hi Reuben
U have a wonderful imagination.great work .
iam very very lucky 2 have fren like u....good arts ...keep updating
Jerry Rasquinha, India :
hey reuben
just started reading your articles. didn't know you could draw. really a surprise.
with regards
jerry rasquinha
Kausher, India :
Hey Reuben!!

Hows u been?? remm me??

Do get in touch.

Eddy, Kuwait:
Hi Chris

It is!
Hope to catch up with you on my next trip to Dubai-Abu Dhabi
Chris Rego, UAE:
Well, it was a pleasure, Eddy, coz with buddies, the sky's the limit; and if memory serves me right that sketch was a nude of Sheetal Mallar. Right sir?
Adrian Pais, Kuwait:
Hi Rueben

Great work mate. I must take this oppurtunity to thank you gifting me one of your sketches.

Take care

Chris Rego, UAE:
Thanks a million all you wonderful people:

Sarita: Those few lines said it all and it was so touching.

Roshan: I owe you a big one when you are down in town.

Priya: Thanks; you set the ball rolling by being the first one to comment. Honestly, there was nothing much to tell you about my 2 bit sketches and hence mum was the word.

Savitha: For a SIL, you sure are cool, but, do you think it’s wise to keep me that high up on a pedestal? ;) Nonetheless, thanks indeed!

Mel, Shaly, Dots & Carol Martis: Being the effervescent & kind-hearted-soul types, you’ll are too kind with words and although I’m not the searching kind & I’ll try ‘looking’ for that bug to have a go at me sometime soon. ;)

Newton: Words of encouragement coming from a painter as accomplished as you (I had to dig up the archives coz your name did ring a bell), well, that sure is a morale booster! Thanks mate.

Carol Fernandes: Ooooomph indeed! ;)

Rupert & Amar: A bro & acquaintance respectively; & both writers par excellence – I’ve thanked you fellas already. Need I say more?

Austin, Elvis & Jeevan: Thanks guys for making my day.
Sarita Rego, India :
You are my greatest source of Joy.... How I wish you were here to give you a good hug....

They say that when you Love someone, everything that you do, it becomes a part of you....and I think thats true because so many times I have caught myself thinking of you and your wonderful talents throughout the busy day.......

When suddenly you exhibit them, it becomes a very special moment in my life...Congratulations!!!! and good luck....Your ever loving WIFE
mel tau, Oman:
Wow Chris...those are beautiful pencil sketches and a well written write up. You sure are talented. Hope to see more of you n your art work/write-ups here on

So please don’t wait for the bug...paper pencil utao and just sketch! ;)
Dots Rego, USA :
Hi Chris,

Your very first sketch of “Riding Hell for Leather” is absolutely stunning.
You’ve got grand artistic imaginary skills and you do write very well.

Way to go Chris! Keep drawing/writing!!
Shaly Pereira, Oman:
Fantastic sketches Chris and a beautifully worded write up. A very unique mind you have there.
Analytical, artistic, imaginative and I'm sure there's lots more where that came from ;)

All I can say is - Don't keep us waiting for the next one (write-up or piece of art).
george alexander, Indian Ocean :
Dear Reuben,

Great piece of art. keep it up

Chris Rego, UAE:
Hey Rupert n Amar,

Compliments coming from THE Wordsmith on Mcom - Amar; & Rupert (another wordsmith from yesteryears; who's hung up his pen and shelved his thoughts rather prematurely)...well, it sure is flattering, you know!

Yes; I am Rupert's bro and both of you'll have been kind enough although I'm way out of your league when it comes to putting thoughts on paper.

Nonetheless, thanks indeed!
Carol Fernandes, UAE:
Reuben Rego from St. Aloysius & Nitte..., is that really you????? I knew that you were setting us poor girls (from Agnes, Aloysius, Roshini et al) hearts on fire by some mind blowing basketball and football (Not to mention your cute boyish looks/charm and that well modulated speech!)

But then, I didn't know that you could sketch so beautifully too! WOW! If only we knew you could sketch & so write so well, your fan following would have been oooomph..... endless!!! Wouldn't have helped us much because you were always the strong, silent & loner kind with a wistful look in your eyes and nobody could get through to you. Probably some of that is mirrored in your sketches?

All said & done, you've done a great job, Reuben & the write-up is simply too good! Any more talents that we have to yet to hear of?

Mcom team, thank you so much for putting up these lovely pictures. I don't know where you'll found Reuben to post these as he always preferred to stay out of the glare.
Carol Martis, Kuwait:
Hi Reuben,

Well done!! Fantastic art. keep it up.
Amarnath Bantwal, Kuwait:
Pretty impressive pencil work! If your "Riding Hell with Leather' was picture perfect, your 'scent of a woman' would have Al Pacino sniffing for more.

I must add, you have a way with words too Rueben..and hey arent u Rupert's brother?
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