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Apr 25, 2019

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Glass Paintings: Straight From The Heart

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By Dr. Jason Furtado M.P.T(Aus) [ Published Date: October 28, 2006 ]

I believe that Art is the voice of the soul. I worship my God through my art. Inspired by traditional Christian art and the fading majesty of catholic icons, I was drown to rediscover the love and reverence that goes behind making such religious icons. I have received no formal training, but this is the work of pure divine inspiration, religious love and self-development.

Materials Required:

  • Glass-pane (2 4mm) (available at any frame shop)
  • Glass liner (Black, Transparent, Gold , Silver, Bronze)
  • Glass Paints (solvent based)
  • Turpentine
  • Paintbrush
  • Small glass bowl (to clean brush)
  • Colour Palette
  • A sketch for outline
  • Clipboard

Step 1: Selection of drawing:

  • You can either draw a sketch or used any picture from a postcard or religious books.
  • Photocopy the picture with appropriate enlargements to the desired size. (Note: once the pictures are in black&white, the images can be easily outlined)

Step 2: Selection of glass

  • Get an appropriately cut glass piece and use transparent cellotapes to cover the edges (to prevent cutting you fingers on the glass). The tape can be painted over.
  • Using a clipboard adjust the picture under the glass. You can also tape it into place.  

Step 3: Outlining

  • Using the desired outliners, you can outline the shapes. Please do remember that you are trying to re-create a stained glass look, so try to keep the logic of glass shapes (geometric) in mind when you outline.

Step 4: Filling in paints

  • Using a paintbrush, fill in the desired paints in layers.
  • Leave to dry

Step 5: Optional Accessories

  • Jewellery Stones, Glitter, silver foil.

Step 6: Framing

  • Double frame the glass template with a background of your choice.
  • Use Silver foil behind the glass to reflect light and enhance the colours.

Dr. Jason Furtado M.P.T(Aus), Bangalore

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Leichombam Govind Singh, India :
Jst awesome dude !
You really have the hands of GOD !
Vishal, India :
Its marvellous ! i wish i could have one with me.
Subhodini Joseph, India :
Wow...your paintings are superb. I have made a couple of glass paintings myself but I can never get the shading of colours right. You make it seem so easy.
Thank you for the nice article.
Chelli Silvakelli, India :
Hey Jason,

Those paintings on glass look so live and real!! Very nice keep up the good work and keep them coming!
mel tau, Oman:
Beautiful paintings Dr.Jason. I hope we get to see a lot more of your other art work/creations out here.
Jennifer Lobo, USA :
Hi Dr Jason

Those were wonderfil paintings on glass. "Straight from the heart" as they are painted so brilliantly. Keep up the good work and keep paining more for us.


Iris D'Silva, Kuwait:
Dear jason, this is Iris. Im really pleased to see your paintings online...i always knew you had a brilliant heart. Continue to dazzle us with your devotion to our Lord
Pratibha Monteiro, USA :
Jason, Those paintings are very beautiful, you are such a multi-talented person, when are you going to have a publication of your poems?
Dots Rego, USA :
Dr. Jason,

Absolutely beautiful!! Indeed straight from the heart! Liked your glass paintings very much. Keep drawing more and share them with us.
Shaly Pereira, Oman:
Definitely straight from your heart Dr. Furtado. Your talent is awesome. Thanks for sharing your glass paintings with us.
Austin Prabhu, USA :
Wow Dr. Jason, that was wonderful art on glass! What a talent, keep up your good work. All the best in your future endeavors.
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