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Apr 22, 2019

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Frosted & Flower Candles

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By Sylvia D'Souza, UAE [ Published Date: September 1, 2006 ]

Candle making is an art that offers creative opportunities for anybody, even those who are not inclined to art. There are several ways of decorating candles aesthetically using dyes, paints and decorations such as flowers, leaves, beads, buttons,  etc. You can give unique effects by adding ice pieces, chunks of wax etc and a snowy effect by whisking up wax a bit. Here below, have given the materials needed and basic method for making a frosted candle. A ready made candle decorated with beaten wax gives a snowy effect. You can also try out the various ways in which a plain candle can be made to look spectacular.

Wax are of two types. Paraffin (a by product of oil refining) and Bee Wax (a natural product). They are usually available as blocks. Paraffin wax is also available as Cylinders or flakes. Apart from blocks, Bee wax is available in thin sheets. These sheets can be rolled with a wick inserted to make hand made candles.

Rigid and flexible candle moulds are available in craft shops or else we can use any heat resistant materials like steel, tin or aluminum as moulds for making candle. Pots, cake moulds, egg shells, cans or tins with their top part removed make good moulds.

Wax soluble dyes are available from shops to give colour to the candles. They are also available in powder form. But we can use Poster paints and wax crayons instead of Readymade wax dyes.


  • A broad candle
  • Wax - Paraffin wax or Bee wax  (or about 15 tealites)
  • Double boiler
  • Dry Flower sprays
  • Dry leaves
  • Silver Glitter

Procedure to make a Frosted Candle :

  • Melt the wax in a double boiler or a bowl over a pan of simmering water, and leave it for setting. When the wax starts solidifying and looks cloudy, start whisking it with a fork. Keep whisking until it froths up into a foam, which looks like frost and it is pure white.
  • Take your candle and start applying the foam on it immediately, before it hardens.  Try not to press it with the fork too much or you could get  its impression. You can design to make it look like a snow slope or just keep it even.
  • Stick in a few dry flower sprays and leaves while the frost is still warm and soft, so that when the wax hardens these sprays are held firm.
  • Sprinkle Silver glitter over it and lo you have a Frosted Candle ready for a party table.

Procedure to make a Flower Candle :

  • You can make beautiful flowers with thin layers of wax. Take a flat plate, grease it and pour melted wax on the plate approximately, a layer 5mm thin. When it is half set, take a knife and cut small pieces in the shape of semi circles. Roll this pieces from one end to make a small rose flower.
  • Place a primed wick in the middle. Make many such roses and decorate it under any other finished candle. Light shades will give the flower candles a beautiful look.
  • We can also make green leaves with green colour wax, following the same method as the flower. Leaf shapes should be cut out from the thin layer of wax. If required, you can press veins on it with a knife and even shape the sides of the leaves by cutting it.
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Margaret , USA :
I looked everywhere to get someone to set my daughter's wedding invitation and the prices were outrageous. I make candles but never thought of making my own "frosted" one. Thank you for sharing - the instructions are very simple. Will be giving it a try.
shona, India :
so simple and sweet.
Chelli Silvakelli, India :
Hey Syl,

Thats a fine one!! Looks so beautiful!!! Hope to see more of you on this section!!!
Carol Martis, Kuwait:
Lovely candle Syl!! looks very beautiful, keep it up!!!
mel tau, Oman:
Gr8 talent Syl! That frosted candle looks beautiful. I wonít say the method is easy but still worth a try! ;) Thank you

Amar n Judy say there is lotís whatís next Syl? :)
Judith Serrao, UAE:
Hey, your frosted candle looks real beautiful. Always wanted to learn candle making..and you have made it so simple for us. Thank you. Look forward to your satin flowers, paintings, sculptures, carvings etc etc.
Clara Fernandes, Kuwait:
Sylvia, amazing...

I always though candle making is tedious job but seem to be simple. Still I would not try unless I see someone doing it.

You candle looks greatÖ.
Amarnath Bantwal, Kuwait:
Great stuff Syl- ur frost laden candles!

Shaly, wait till you get to see those lovely paintings that adorn her house walls :)
Reshma Fareed, UAE:
Sylvia......I thought candle making was a pain, but you made it look so easy. Thank you and will wait for more arts and crafts from you......Have a nice day.
Shaly Pereira, Oman:
Hey Syl...u turned out to be a real chuppa rustom:) Didn't know you had this wonderful talent. Your frosted candles are simply beautiful:)
Dots Rego, USA :
Hi Syl,

Thatís a very pretty candle. Absolutely beautiful! Hope to see many more arts and crafts from you.
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