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Apr 22, 2019

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By Judith Serrao, UAE [ Published Date: August 4, 2006 ]

I found a lot of spare tiles during a recent renovation at the work-place;  and decided to make good use of them.  Got some paints, cardboard and glue together and got started on making a card out of the tiles.  You can surprise your family, friends and loved ones with this special hand-made Tile-O-Card. This will surely remind your loved ones that they are special and someone loves and cares for them.  You could also use it as a decorative piece on your bedside-table or affix a hook and put it on the wall.

Materials needed:

Acrylic or glass paint tubes
Glass paint outliner
Cardboard HD type
Glue gun with glue

Clean the tile and draw the picture on the tile   With the outliner tool,  draw
all the outlines of the picture.  Dry for 3-4 hours.   Take the colour tubes and fill inside the outlines with the colours you desire.  If any bubbles are formed when filling in paint,  gently break the bubbles with a toothpick.  If you need to shade, put two different colours on the tile and gently mix them with a toothpick and spread them out with the toothpick quickly.

Allow to dry and do not touch when wet or you will ruin the picture.

Outline the size of the tile on the cardboard.  Cut about 3-4 cm larger than the tile on one side only.  Write  or print the message on the card.  Affix the cardboard to the side of the tile with glue so that it resembles a card.   Decorate with ribbon or flowers at the top left-hand side, if desired.


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Carol Martis, Kuwait:
Hi Judy,

Good one!! U R gifted with many talents, keep it up and go on..... all the best...
mel tau, Oman:
Hey Judy...tereh haathon mein kya jadooo hai? Pls humme bhi tum bathao...;)
Those tiles look lovely. Gr8 work Judy...keep going!
Shaly Pereira, Oman:
Wonderful work Judy. Innovation and Talent - an unbeatable combination and you have it:)

What next?? Until you get the skeletons from Amar that is;)
Vincent Rego, Kuwait:
Really fantastic idea and a beautiful piece of artwork, great of you to share it with others, "All the best" for your future projects.

Amarnath Bantwal, Kuwait:

Brilliant stuff! Too many hidden in the closet...what do we have next, tattoo on skeletons?

God bless you Judy and may you keep churning out one art work after another!
Dots Rego, USA :
Wow Judy, absolutely beautiful! Way to go gal!! You are without doubt a very gifted person and make the best use of your time. What impresses me most is your bigheartedness in sharing your talents with others. Good job Judy!
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