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Apr 22, 2019

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Patch-work: Sofa Headrest Covers

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By Judith Serrao, UAE [ Published Date: July 11, 2006 ]

The summer holidays for kids in the Gulf have already begun.  The kids have a lot of time on their hands and instead of wasting time watching TV or playing games on the computer, here is an easy-to-do activity, which is guaranteed to keep them occupied and engrossed for 3-4 days.  It will also give them a sense of pride at having their work displayed prominently on the Sofa or Baitak,  where they lounge most of the time.

In order to compliment the ethnic wall hanging that I had,  have made headrest covers for our Majlees/Baitak  with a motif of red elephants.  Affixed the motif of the elephant  to the headrest covers with a chain stitch with white thread. 

For the how-to-do it, refer instructions below.

Materials needed :

Cotton, silk or jute cloth, preferably in beige or light pastel colours 
Cloth – dark shade  (to contrast with the beige cloth) – ˝ Meter
Outliner tube  (made of glue and glitter, available in art and craft shops. You get this in  black, gold, silver or brown)
Needle and thread

Cut the cardboard in the shape of the Headrest cover that you need.   Instead of making it a plain rectangle, square or circle, have three scallops at the bottom end.  Keep the cardboard on the cotton/jute cloth and trace the outline with pencil.  Decide how many Headrest covers you need and trace that many numbers accordingly.

Put a thick coating of the glue outliner on all the outlines drawn  and let it dry for 24 hours.  When completely dry,  cut just outside the glue outlines.  The glue outliner ensures that the cloth threads do not jut out after cutting the shapes of the headrests.

Starch the darker shade cloth.  Draw the shape of the  motif/pattern on the cloth and cut it out.   Affix to the headrest cover either with a running stitch or a chain stitch.  First stitch up the outer side of the motif and then do the lines inside the motif. 

When complete,  iron the opposite side with a hot iron...and your Patchwork –Sofa Head Rest Covers are ready!

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Amarnath Bantwal, Kuwait:
First a Omar Khayyam, now a headrest cover for the majlis? Must be just the sort of inspiration for a shaayari mehfil.

Ek aisa ghar chaahiye mujhko jiski fiza mastaana ho,
Ek koney mein ghazal ki mehfil, ek koney mein maikhaana ho.

Judy, you are truly gifted! salaam!
Chelli Silvakelli, India :
Another skill? My God, I wonder how God to give 1 person so much talent!!! But I must say, he's given it to the right one!!

Beautiful work Judy, really good...Speaks about you too and your tastes!!
Sylvia D'Souza, UAE:
That's really lovely. I love it's simplicity. Quite nice and easy to make too! You are an inspiration Judy, Thanks for this cool idea!
Dots Rego, USA :
Hey Judy,

Way to go girl!! The sofa headreast covers that you have made for your majlees looks superb. Great skills. Did Darren help you out in this??
Shaly Pereira, Oman:
Simply beautiful Judy. I like the colour coordination in your cosy majlis area. Black, cream and red. Very dramatic and eye-catching. We readers are lucky to have these glimpses of your admirable talents. Waiting to see more (and more)....;)
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