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Apr 25, 2019

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Metal Embossing - Horse face

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By Judith Serrao, UAE [ Published Date: June 12, 2006 ]

Materials needed
A metal sheet- 3mm
Carving tools- 2 (or alternatively you could use a sharp screw driver set –small)
Anti-rust paint
Plywood – the size of your picture
Paint brush
Paint thinner

Keep ready a  picture that you want to emboss.   Cut the plywood to the size of the picture giving 5-10 inches on all sides to centre it.  Cut the metal sheet 2-3 inches larger than the plywood so that it can be wrapped around the plywood when done.
Tape the picture to the metal sheet and applying force draw with a ball point pen over the trace so that the impression of the design comes out on the metal sheet prominently. Remove the picture when done. 

With the carving designer tool, carve all the outlines of the picture.  (The tool is to be held in the palm,  the thumb and the index finger is to be kept on the carving stick as though you are holding a pencil, and press over the traced line,  turning the wrist to the right and left during each press, so that a designed zig zag kind of a border is drawn. This needs a little practice, so you could practice on a small piece of metal earlier before proceeding with the final carving).

Carving tools

When the outlines have been carved, turn the metal sheet upside down and press the sheet inside of the outline in an outward motion with the wooden ball of the carving tool. (Alternatively a wooden spoon can be used).  This will ensure that the picture is slightly projecting forward (embossed) on the sheet.
Now wrap the sheet around the plywood so that the metal sheet is tightly fixed. With the hammer edge, gently hammer dents in the sheet all around the carved picture.  Take care that no dents are made on the embossed carved picture.    When done – the hammered dents will firm with the plywood and the picture stays embossed or projected giving it an embossed look.

Screw driver set (alternative carving tools)

The shading of the horse is done completely with anti-rust paint; which you can get from any garage or hardware store.   To get a dark brown hue use undiluted anti rust and to get a lighter shade dilute it with thinner.  When lightened the anti-rust takes a golden hue.    Shade the hammered area with dark and light shades to enhance the embossing. 
If desired the picture can be framed.

Metal Sheet

Anti-rust paint, hammer and carving tools


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Raji, USA :
What is the paint color you used? Or could you specify the brand name?
kala, Bahrain :
what is the actual name for anti rust oil
dipu v p, India :
Great work.
Shaly Pereira, Oman:
Simply amazing have explained everything so of the tools too....thanks for sharing ur talent with all of us.

What's up that creative sleeve next??:)
Cyril Vas, India :
Hi Judith, I just admire your wonderful creativity, great effort and patience and your spirit of sharing it with us on God bless you Judith.
mel tau, Oman:
Beautiful metal embossing Judy...the horse looks majestic!

Gr8 work...keep going!
Gerard Noronha, India :
After "Materials needed", you forgot to add "Humans necessary" ....just one...Judith !

Fantastic work. Highly commendable.
Carol Martis, Kuwait:
Hi Judith,
As usual you are very creative and artistic. Beautiful piece. keep it up. I admire your patient to do this piece. Good work...but it is hard work too.
Amarnath Bantwal, Kuwait:
Hi Judy,

If wishes were horses, I would have dropped a coin and asked for this one to come alive. Having seen this work of art in person, I can very well vouch that your ghoda looks amazingly real....When I asked you how you managed this, all you said was "very easy". And now you come up with this how-to-carve-the-horse gyaan?

Jenni, not so fast- I have booked this one :)Judy, any more horses in your stable?
Sylvia D'Souza, UAE:
Amazing! Simply amazing. The blend of various tints, makes your horse look absolutely proud.

Your talent is commendable and even more admirable is your readiness to teach the rest of us how to make it.

Can’t wait to see what you have next……
Gration Crasta, USA :
The Horse looks great on metal, specially the grease layer goes with the Horse skin! Really amazing work. How long this took to finish the work?
Keep it up!
Dots Rego, USA :
Hi Judy,

Very creative work!! Way to go Judy.
Jennifer Lobo, USA :
Hey Judith

This is awesome piece of work! You for sure have unique set of talents and interests. Do you give these items as Birthday gifts by any chance ;) :-p
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