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Apr 23, 2019

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Clay Sculpture

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By Judith Serrao, UAE [ Published Date: May 17, 2006 ]

Ashtray – Old Man

Materials Needed:

Sculpture Clay (available at art & craft shops)
Sculpture tool
Butter knife
Black paint spray can (either in matt or gloss)
Light duty sand paper.

First decide on what you are going to make from the clay.   Assemble the clay roughly like the shape you want to create.  Use the butter knife to smoothen the edges.  When done,  use the sculpting tool to sculpt and give the finishing touches.   Sprinkle water on the model that you have made and smoothen all edges.  Dry the sculpture for 24 hours or till completely dry. Take a small sand paper and rub all over the sculpture. Hold the spray can at arms length and spray the sculpture.

I have made a nude reclining old man and made a small hollow in the lap to collect cigarette ash…. Ouch!!!!!.  This is surely an ashtray with a difference :)

Hope you like it as much as all my friends did.

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Tiegan Dakin, Australia :
Does anyone know how to make a clay sculpture of a guinea pig? If you do, please reply to this...
rosemary repal, Philippines:'s so nice, very talented one. It is a part of artistic craftmanship coz it helps to show their talent..Good luck and may God bless you...keep up your talents...congrats....
mel tau, Oman:
Hey Judy...I just love the ashtray you have created out of clay. Feel it’s the ideal gift to give a guy when you want him to give up smoking!

Whenever he uses it, either to tip the ash or stub out the butt...ouchhhhh...kuch assar tho hoga hi! ;)

Btw Judy do you take orders? Kyonki me not too good with moulding...nude man ban jayega kuch aur...and muje tho ‘man’ hi chahiye! Samaj gayi na? ;)
Judith Serrao, UAE:
Hi Amar. Obtained your “heet ka jawab pathar sey’’ from Syl ? Bolthi bandh now ? My dear, there was nothing strategic, calculated, deliberate, premeditated, tactical or planned when sculpting the ash-tray. You also say pure vengeance !!! ha ha..You kidding right ? If vengeance was the motive, would have been sensible enough to try it on a live model instead of a lifeless clay one. Now that you have given me food for thought, would like to ask you if you can volunteer to be a guinea pig for the live model. Syl, can you now picture someone attempting an ‘Olympic Marathon’ in the direction nowhere near UAE ;) ;)
Clara Fernandes, Kuwait:
Judy, you are simbly great yaaarr... Your nude man i mean tos ay Clay Sculpture is really superb.

Among all ladies, only one kanayya has complimented....ah..
Sylvia D'Souza, UAE:
Ha ha Amar, You hit a raw nerve there.

Btw, some of us appreciate beauty without finding any sexual connotation to it. An Ashtray with a bold and beautiful illustration of a nude male body and creative ingenuity.

Judy, your old man looks strapping with all that muscle….
Amarnath Bantwal, Kuwait:
Hi Judy,

Old man with a hole in the lap for an ashtray...hmmmm

Creative ingenuity yes, but beats me why the hole had to be in the lap?

Strategic? Tact? or pure vengeance?

Must be great fun stubbing those burning butts (i meant the cigarette ones) in that.

Why does it not surprise me that all the ladies here found it an extremely pleasing piece of art :)
Carol Martis, Kuwait:
Hi Judith,

Good one, you have a very artistic hand and creative mind, TDH look good. Excellent work...keep going..expect more from you .... God bless you.
Shaly Pereira, Oman:
The 'work of your hands' is simply superb Judy. Hope we get to see much more. Btw why did you prefer an 'old man' for the ashtray???;):)
Sylvia D'Souza, UAE:
Brilliant piece of art Judy...... what's next
Chelli Silvakelli, India :
Hey Judy,

Thats a good one!!! Creativity magnified!!On men!!

Liked it and hope to see more
Dots Rego, USA :
Hi Judy,

Your old man ashtray looks very attractive and is certainly a trendy figurine. Amazing skills and great job. Way to go Judy!!
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