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Apr 25, 2019

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Artistic Impressions!

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By Roshan Glaston D'Souza, Oman [ Published Date: October 9, 2009 ]

I started sketching and painting at the age of 8 to 9 yrs and now at 27 yrs I consider myself as an artist who still has a long way to go.  I consider art as a vast Ocean and myself as just an ordinary man with a tiny spoon.  Though I realize I still have to grow as an artist, my drawings have always given me immense pleasure and satisfaction. An accountant by profession, I am currently employed in Muscat.  I do feel at times that a sedate and lethargic life in the Gulf does not provide me much inspiration, yet I am not averse to seeking inspiration wherever I can find it.

Speaking of inspiration, my first tryst with art began at a young age, when my brother supplied me with paper and colors and enabled me to realize that there was an artist inside me. Prizes in school competitions provided the impetus to keep painting and sketching.  The real big inspiration however came from the movie ‘Titanic’ where the hero, Jack, carried his sketch pad all the time, scribbling in his idle time. The very day I saw that movie, during my degree years, I bought a sketch pad and started doodling.  Ever since then, I am sketching more than painting or perhaps I never painted after that movie.















As I began to share my initial sketches with classmates, girls use to come up to me with requests for either their own pictures or the pictures of Bollywood heroes and ask “can you draw this one for me?” Unable to resist doing them that favor, I started sketching all night, sometimes upto 3 a.m., listening to old country songs on my small cassette player.

Among the artists, I like Van Gogh much, may be because of “his complicated and gloomy life.”  Seeing paintings/carvings of great people often reminds me, how beautiful the world is and what a vast source of happiness lies in those works.  Isn’t it strange that with all this beauty around him, man is foolish enough to fight over unimportant things and lives his life in misery?

After finishing a sketch, I sometimes watche it for another hour burning my last cigarette.  My skill is good enough to make at least myself happy and proud.  My last sketch was about 1˝ yrs back and I never found the time or interest after that.  I will probably pursue this passion in my retired life.  Unless of course a fresh breath of inspiration comes calling by!

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yugendar, India :

nice picssss........
joswin mascarenhas, India :
its awseome buddy i & my frnz like dis.........i rqst 2 upld dis 2 fb
paul, UK:
very nice sketches...would love to see more ;)
shanmugamkasa, India :
Roshan your sketches are very beautiful, keep it up, Pl continue.

I want to send some photoes for sketching Are you willing to do. Please inform me the price for each sketch.
A2 #100/2, Ashraya,
Bull Temple Road (Behind ICICI Bank)
Bangalore – 560 019 Karnataka, India
Ph: 080 – 2242 9955, Mob:+91 9686201680 +91 9448682903
nice sketches.....but i think u could've done better if u would've consulted me.......
anyways.... gud job...

ur lovin bro,
chandra shekar, India :
Roshan your sketches are very beautiful, keep it up, Pl continue.
Sarah Pinto, India :
Rosh, I still remember the childhood days when u used to draw some funny pictures on my slate... But now am suprised to see these beautiful sketches... Awesome... Keep Going dear... Great work...
K.B.Jagdish,Kinnigoli/Bahrain, Bahrain :
Wow....its fantastic!!! Mr. Roshan...dont stop this great skill; a godgift talent.
Continue sketchng & painting too and I sincerely wish u all the best in the years to come.
Goodluck n God Bless.
Ponraj, Oman:
HI Roshan,

Good job Nice Pictures
All the Best
prasanna, Oman:
great work, nice picture selection. carry onn with the same spirit. best wishes with Muscat (KO) sangah.
cucci, Oman:
Helllo Roshan uncle,

I liked your paintings man.
Alphonse Mendonsa, India :
Dear Roshan,

Excellent Work, Great job. As Remould says, keep it up buddy, don't hide them under yr pillow, bring them out and show the world yr talent be recognized.

Good Luck and All the best for yr future works. Also try some polictical humour figures and most importantly nature.

Alphonse, Pangla
Denzil, Saudi Arabia:
Great work roshan. Keep up the good work. Really nice paintings.
Ginka Phadro, Bangladesh :
nice work roshan.
Shaly Pereira, Oman:
Good talent there Roshan....keep are in Oman...a place that has inspired poets and artists for ages...make the most of it:)
Dots Rego, Chicago, USA :
Hi Roshan,

Your work is truly inspiring.
Keep working at it and soon your name and work will be known throughout the world.

Good job and God Bless!!
Precilla, Israel :
Hello Roshan
nice pictures
i hope u will be drawing soon mother mary & jeaus christ pictures too
all the best
Clody Pius D'souza, India :
HI Roshan,

Good job Nice Pictures
All the Best
Damodara P Kajekar , India :
Nice pictures Roshan, keep it up.....
Kotori, Bangladesh :
nice work roshan
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