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Apr 22, 2019

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‘M’ Is For My Mother!

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By Fr Cedric Prakash sj [ Published Date: May 11, 2014 ]

Mum dearest,

Since ‘Mother’s Day’ is on Sunday 11 May, there are several emotions and thoughts that fill my heart and mind and though you are not around, I thought it would be good to put these down in writing.

As I bask in the many qualities which you radiated, I would like to highlight some of them:


You have always been a magnanimous person – generous to a fault. You gave and did not count the cost like the woman of the Bible. Your children always knew you were there for them.  Besides, your circle of friends was very large and they all knew that you were there, when they needed someone.


In the context of the above, you consistently exemplified kindness and compassion to all.  Quite often, in this journey of life, you were at the receiving end, but we all knew you held no grudge towards anybody.  You always overlooked our shortcoming and also the faults of others.  Being merciful was surely one of your many strong points.


Like most mothers, you were always a multi-tasker. You taught in a school, gave tuitions to make both ends meet, you made our chapattis early in the morning, cooked for us, bathed us, ironed our clothes, taught us our lessons, cleaned the house, kept home and family, presided over the family prayers and did a million more things at the same time. And we always wondered where the energy came from. Multi-tasking seems to be the “in”-thing today, but you did it many years earlier.


You always paid great attention to detail whether it was dressing us up for school or sending us to Church, keeping the house neat and tidy and even providing for us your delicious food, which was legendary. You always showed great sensitivity to the needs and wants, the likes and dislikes of each one – knowing fully well it was always so hard to please everyone all the time; but you did so in your typical style.


Above all mum, you were a marvellous woman! As I said in the oration I gave at your funeral, you were a woman who was sincere, sympathetic, who struggled, who was strong and above all because of your faith, you were truly a woman of substance. A marvel indeed!

Thank you for being my mother, O mother of mine!

Your loving son,


(On Mother’s Day (May 11th, 2014) – a tribute to my Mother who passed away on Children’s Day - November 14th, 2010)

(* Fr. Cedric Prakash SJ is the Director of PRASHANT, the Ahmedabad based Jesuit Centre for Human Rights, Justice and Peace)

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