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Apr 22, 2019

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In What Sense India is Shining or Developing?

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By Christofer Pereira [ Published Date: February 15, 2014 ]

As I was going through the newspaper and news on the television regarding, Mangalore Molestation, Assam Molestation, Delhi gang rape etc - a thought came to my mind as to where we are heading by the way and what the Future Holds for the new and younger generation. Although we are living in a Civilized Society, we act as uncivilized people. We donít care for others and are least bothered of our surroundings. Today people have forgotten what is humanity since everyone is busy in their own world. If we see our fellow being suffering or dying in an accident we are least bothered to help them - it is not that we donít want to help but we are afraid of what will be the consequence of helping as there will lot of questioning by the police and probably we will have to make frequent trips to the court and the process will continue till that person dies or it will take ages to provide Justice.

I donít know why our so called Political Representatives who are elected by us donít take their responsibility seriously-they are busy in scams after scams and Corruption. They are busy in filling their own Pockets. The law and reforms which needed to be changed as per present Scenario and generation, but nothing has been changed or Amended and we still follow the same rules and principles which were written ages back. People donít fear for Laws as they know that with the help of money and power and with help of our govt servants like Police and Corrupt Lawyers they can get bail easily.

The roads which were build by British are still being used and are in good condition, but the bridges which our government built and in spite of collecting so much taxes from the citizens lack quality. We call ourselves one of the Superpower and economically developed nation. We live in the Computer age but what is the use of computers when we donít have proper electricity. Most people from top level hierarchy to lower level hierarchy are corrupt. Whether it is Legal Job or Illegal job we have to pay bribe. I donít understand why the government cannot bring a good law where justice can be done quickly and people donít have to suffer for long.

Nowadays people donít think that one day everyone has to leave this World. Nobody can live forever but still people are busy in their world and selfish for money. As it is clearly mentioned in the Bible (Genesis 3.19)-" For you were made from dust, and to dust you will return. "Naked a man comes from his mother's womb, and as he comes, so he departs". He takes nothing from his labor that he can carry in his hand. Even God might be thinking why did I create Human Beings?

So I would like to conclude by asking one question, "In what direction are we Moving and how the future holds for our future generation ?

    Christofer Pereira


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Thanks for all the comments and encouraging words.

A. S. Mathew, USA :
Great article. India is shining like the Mumbai red light district!

Well, according to the 2012 World bank survey, out of the 1.2 billion poorest people in the world, 400 million are in India with their basic earnings of $ 1.25/day. During the last decade, the number of billionaires have increased from less than a dozen to 61 in India, great accomplishment and India is shining.

In the crime rate-rape-murder-suicide-high and low level corruption-increase in diseases like cancer and diabetes-liquor and drug consumption-high level duping crimes and financial rip offs-etc etc, India is shining at the mountain top. The rich are getting richer and the poor and getting poorer, great shining to be very proud off! How many high level criminals are caught and put into jail? Where India stands among the nations for corruption? Who are the main actors in this corruption? High to low level government officials. Indeed India is shining, so design a special spacecraft with the big letter writing \"INDIA IS SHINING\' and send that to different planets and finally to crash that in the Arabian sea or Bay of Bengal.
Lawrance Cedric Pereira, India :
Nice article Bro.

james Lobo, Oman:
Good article.keep on writing .God bless
B. Dinesh, USA :
Mr. Pereira, Hats off to you for being so honest, blunt, and candid about the dysfunctional governments and corruption. Your article not only requires kudos but also needs attention of the masses. Though I do not want to be pessimistic about the future of India, the facts make me think that this is a lost cause. I wonder for how long will the common and poor tolerate this? Sure, there is corruption even in western countries - but the laws are strictly enforced - whether it be the President or a Senator or a Mayor. Recently, many people in City of Detroit (USA) offices including the Mayor, the IT Chief, and others were prosecuted and have been jailed for many years. Millionaires like Raj Rajaratnam, Rajat Gupta, and others have also been jailed for insider trading. Even 1 o2 governors have been jailed. Until this level of law enforcement occurs there will be no hope for India. This was the very reason that made me leave the country. And, should India enforce the laws strictly, more than half the politicians, businessmen, and government officials would be behind bars.

And on top of corruption, the crime rate is increasing at an alarming rate - I am rather disappointed to see how Mangalore has turned out from being a small and safe town to being the crime capital of Karnataka.

Alwyndias, USA :
Good One. Keep writing
Janetdias, UK:
Good article and God bless.
Good and very touching article. Please keep on writing more and inspiration one
Very Good article. keep up the good work. whatever mentioned is really true
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