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Apr 22, 2019

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Donald D'silva is an advertising professional working with an IT  marketing consultancy firm with global operations. He has been a filmy buff right from childhood and in his early career worked as a cub reporter with filmi glossies, dailies as crime correspondent. Having far reaching network with entertainment industry, of Mumbai, he would like to bring his knowledge and knowhow of filmi happenings, history, the gory details of stars' lives of Bollywood and current happenings of Mumbai in the world of crime to our readers.


Ban 'The Da Vinci Code' And Its Likes!

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By Donald D'Silva, Mumbai [ Published Date: May 15, 2006 ]

There are a number of people who want to fuel  a religious controversy and create trouble among the followers. They will never rest until a calamity is created. They know in their deepest of minds, that they will definitely amass wealth. In this world, anything which is to be avoided will be consumed more! Any negative publicity is also great publicity. Yeah, I am coming to it. The same old issue of 'Dan Brown's 'novel! I did not find it interesting, so I threw it half way. It is sheer blasphemy! The media is the culprit. They over publicize it. So since two years the topic is on every one's lips. But, for the Christian people to protest, it had be made into a  movie! This is surprising..Indeed!

The book could have been banned long ago. It has made a sale of 50 million dollars. Even, in Bombay Times (very surprising, as their another product is named 'Mumbai Mirror' and Bombay Times is still called by its same name!!) many a journalists and ex-editors and columnists like Shobha De and other celebs were discussing "The Da Vinci Code"! But, our catholic religious heads were caught napping at that time. The ban should have been on the book itself right in the beginning. Similar to the  ban, Muslims whole over the world  evoked  on 'Salman Rushdie's' novel 'Satanic Versus'. The Iranian fatwa was recently taken back. Dan Brown has written fiction, as he claims,  but how does the man on the street know that?

It is us, who are to be blamed. We wake up very late. The movie was in the making since a year. Tom Hanks, the lead actor has been taking digs on our  religious heads. He even exclaimed that this movie  will bring Catholics to the church in hordes. As per his words, He said "If one says, lets pray and discuss the bible, very few people  will turn up, but, if one says, let us get together and discuss 'The Da Vinci Code', people will turn up in large numbers! How blasphemous one could get! Tom hanks will become popular, No doubt he is a very good actor. I have seen his 'Saving Private Ryan, and cried in the climax,  which was  of his death scene. He is a great performer. His 'Cast Away' and 'Forrest Gump, Road to Perdition, Bachelor Party, Catch me if you can, Sleepless in Seattle, You Have Got Mail etc are a movie connoisseur's delight! But, that does not give him right to act in a blasphemous movie.

Vatican should have intervened long back! We are a peace loving community. The producers of the movie and the author of the book need to be  punished. The author has made his millions for his dastardly, Satan influenced act and the producers (Sony Corp) are cashing in on the adverse publicity of the book and trying to  make their billions!

The Christian  community has to take to the streets. There  should be a ban on this movie  forever. Also a movie produced by a hitherto unknown small time producer who is trying to cash in on the euphoria and releasing 'Yogendra Konkar' directed English movie" Tickle my funny bone"! The Christians in Mumbai city have succeeded in pulling down the provocative posters at Bandra and else where in the city. But, still the famed Mademoiselle Sharmila Tagore does not have any shame left. She is quoted as she does not see any problems in giving a censor certificate to both the controversial movies! Her husband, Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi and son Saif Ali Khan  are the country's biggest wild life poachers and are currently out on bail. She did not see that as a problem  when the duo were arrested. Mrs. Maneka Gandhi from the 'Animal Welfare Board gave her a mouthful recently. Still, Sharmila has not come to her  senses!! Her position reportedly was given to her by the CPI(M) and  'Budha'  Government of West Bengal, by arbitrarily snatching it  from the ever popular actor 'Anupam Kher'! People have not forgotten that. Harkishen Singh Surjit, the old communist war horse is allegedly the culprit! As per reports the lady is now on a foreign tour.

Asha Parekh, Shakti Samant Saab, Vijay Anand were few among  the  best  Censor Board Chiefs the country had. This irresponsible lady can not be entrusted with a serious and responsible job as that  of a Censor Board Chief in the world's biggest democracy like us. We have many a trusts and programmes from the government's end to protect minority rights and to protect religious beliefs. Mr. Antulay, the central Minister for Minority Affairs need to intervene, and also the Congress Chief Mrs. Sonia Gandhi. It is a matter of serious consequences for Christian faith. All Christians should unite and see that such evil and blasphemous movies do not see the light of the day. Hope every one is listening!

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Joseph Pinto, India :
Anyone who wants to consider banning "Da Vinci Code" should read another novel called "The Last Temptation of Jesus Christ" by Nikos Kazantzakis, the author of Zorba the Greek.
The book was published in the 1950s and the Catholic Church did eventually ban the book. Now the Church itself has misgivings about the entire process of banning.
Gerard Noronha, India :
Dear Donald,

I always used to like your down-to-earth style of writing, and I’m sure many others who have read your earlier contributions would agree. But this one has brought it all to naught.

Have you done anything towards what you so strongly advocate? Its people like you with your irrational thinking and empty rhetoric that have given the book and the movie all the more publicity, adverse or otherwise. And may I tell you, no badly made movie, however much publicity it gets, can be a big success. So if it makes "billions" for Sony, it would only be because it has been made well. If not, it will sink at the box office and be forgotten in a day- unless of course your brood keeps it alive.

Look inwards Donald and tell me....has the book changed your beliefs in any way? Will the movie do so? If not, then whom are you trying to save? Me? No thanks, friend. There are many of us too who are unshakeable in our faith. A fictional book here or an imaginative movie there doesn’t make a diff.
Jennifer D'Mello, India :
I Completely agree with Donald. What would be the result in India if any other religion was portrayed like the one in Da Vinci? We Christians are peace loving community and hence been taken for ride. India would burn if Rama or Allah was shown in this manner in any movies. It is time that we support the movement because faith can not be insulted although it is called fiction.
Shanthy Menezes, USA :
Wow!! Lot of noise over a work of fiction. Where were all these protesters when our priests and our church leaders abused and exploited the innocent children? Didn't that shake anyone's faith in the church?

Shanthy Menezes, USA :
Wow!! Lot of noise over a work of fiction. Where were all these protesters when our priests and our church leaders abused and exploited the innocent children? Didn't that shake anyone's faith in the church?
Ajit Zac, India :
I have to agree with Rupert. Even if Christ did get married , it does NOT make him less a Savior then he is. My personal belief in Christ will NOT change as we all believe that He was as Human as we are.

The only issue here is we as Christians hate to question our beliefs. Anything against the belief and we call it "Herecy". How different are we from the early christians when they burned Joan of Arc to death claiming her to be a witch. Did'nt people like us look the other way and approve when Galileo was blinded and put to death for this scientific truths that went against the Bible ???

A novel or movie should not shake our faith. I am still a Christian and I will continue to believe in him whether he was married or NOT.
Being a catholic from India, we are proud of you Mr.Donald D'silva, Our community badly needs people like you to come forward and discuss about the truth on open ground.

Forget about negetive people who comment negetively, they don't know meaning of unity, thier job is just to critizes others wherever possible either directly or in-directly.they wake-up at last moment where there is no way-out.
Rupert Rego, Kuwait:
Looks like w'ere going to be good friends after all, Mr.D'Silva..Well, i thought I'd share this newspaper excerpt with you..

Here's what Rev.Myron Periera has to say. He was a member of the Central Board of Film Certification panel that found no reason to ban the movie and cleared it with one proviso.

"The contention that Christ married is fictional and does not portray anything in an obscene fashion.People can protest about anything since we live in a democracy"

Rupert Rego
Rupert Rego, Kuwait:
Mr. D'Silva,
The Da Vinci Code contends that Jesus married Mary Magdalene and fathered children and implies that Opus Dei & the catholic church were at the center of covering it up. Could it be true? Or is it just fiction? I really DONT know. But i wonder how YOU are so sure that it could NOT have been true?
Even if Jesus who was born a MAN in flesh & blood probably did marry-would that be WRONG? Would fathering chilren be a SIN? Would it, in your perspective make Him less of a SAVIOR?Less of a FATHER? I know they dont teach you that in catechism classes, but if you have to get to the truth you have to QUESTION. If you want answers, you have to ASK. The church has its own its own vested interests to look after...
Vijay Nazareth, USA :
In a free society, producers have the right to make movies we may not like or that make us uncomfortable...just as people have the right to protest these movies. Banning the movie is not the answer...expressing your views is!
Sally Solomon, USA :
I agree with Mr.Donald D'Silva. What I observe is that there is no unity among us and that is why so far we have been only passing the word on without doing anything. Why should one disturb the faith of the other? It is only a commercial interest of making money. We are marching towards the end of the world as we see from the events taking place one by one. Lord Jesus Christ Himself has alerted us about the people who will try to deceive our faith and warned us to be strong in our faith. Let us be strong in our faith no matter who tries to deceive.
Donald D Silva, India :
Well, Thanks Mr.Serrao, UAE and Mr.Rego, Kuwait for your comments.

First of all, I wil not be interested in reading a blasphemous and religion disrespecting novel.I only know the excerpts.The story line on which it is based to scandalize Jesus and his followers.

I have only one question for you both.

Do you believe that Jesus,son of God who was born on this earth for our salvation and washed our sins with his blood had got married to Mary Magdalene, as Dan Brown has depicted in his novel and based on that Ron Howard has directed your sacred movie.It even says He also fathered children.
Answer this question and then i will get into a debate with you guys?

We need to oppose this herecy! WHAT's wrong in that?
C,mon, Just to make money, some one in some part of this world will distort facts and your religious beliefs.How can you sit quietly? If you do not agitate , then who will?


Donald D'Silva
Rupert Rego, Kuwait:
I'm reminded of how some fanatics retaliated the world over against some silly cartoons published in a Danish daily recently.They would probably remain to be the most publicised set of cartoons in history.If that is what you want- to make the movie a superhit, Mr.D'Silva, please continue exhorting people to take to the streets demanding a ban. By citing examples of the fatwa issued on writer Salman Rushdie, are you not stifling the very spirit of Christianity-that of FORGIVENESS? Why not let people decide themselves if the movie is worth watching or not? And Mr. D'silva, when you HAVE read the book what's the harm in watching the movie? Well, i havent read it... but now i will. And watch the movie as well.
Sheldon Serrao, UAE:
Whatever happened to tolerance Mr. D'Silva?
Are we to retaliate like Shiv Sainiks?
Do you believe that the contents of the book are true?
If not, why should we be running around like headless chickens?
By engaging in shenanigans like this,
it seems like we're only try to cover up what the church has been covering up all this years.
Why can't we let things be.
The book and the movie are works of fiction.
Would you mind leaving the choice of viewing it or not to the discretion of the movie goer?
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