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Apr 22, 2019

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Beach Clean-up for Marine Conservation

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By Sparsha Shetty [ Published Date: October 24, 2014 ]

As the alarm went on in the morning, I woke up in drowsy mood and confused. I asked myself should I go or remain at home. It was a fine Friday morning, I wished to sleep more. Immediately, I realized my responsibility towards protecting the marine environment. I said ‘I will fulfil my duty to protect mother earth to become a cleaner and healthier planet’. Our planned event was a joint effort to send less trash to landfill and conserve the marine life. I went along with my mother to ‘Jumeira Open Beach’ to join another 15 volunteer children.

Sun was shining bright though we reached the place by 8:00am. As I stood and watched the shore, I realized that there are billions of people in the world. Does our small effort make any difference? Then I thought, we can definitely make a difference by raising awareness. As we pulled our sleeves and get ready for the task, I understood how irresponsible citizens were, to leave such a huge amount of garbage on the shore.

Ocean is the basic element of life, which produces half of the oxygen we need for breathing.  Whether we live close to shore or miles away, we have to be responsible for keeping ocean clean and healthy. Litters such as plastic bottles, food wrappers, cans, balloons left on the shore, can affect the marine life. Big fishes like whales, turtles may eat them accidentally and unfortunately die. Beach is an amazing place for relaxing after a tired day or a week. We have no rights to pollute this public place in return. We have to act little responsible and ensure that the waste is thrown in the designated place.

During the cleanup campaign, surprisingly, we didn’t have to run around to pick the garbage nor had to put an extra effort, just because they were all around the place. Within an hour, we could collect plenty of bags filled with garbage. It was tiring due to the hot sun, yet I felt a great amount of joy and satisfaction. I had a proud feeling within me, having an opportunity to make a difference to marine environment.

I urge beach goers to understand the pollution issues due to ocean trash and act responsible. Remember, "We don’t inherit these natural gifts from our ancestors; rather we borrowed it from our future generations".

           Sparsha Shetty
Grade 3-Indian High School-Dubai

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Raghu dubai, UAE:
Very nice article Ms.Sparsha.its one of the burning issue which we all need to begin from homr and raise our concern and act according to it.
You have very good writing ability Ms.Sparsha. Keep it up.God bless u
Ashwin Kumar, India :
Sparsha, this is very well written. God Bless.
Tapan, India :
This article feels me proud for my next generation. What a splendid thought Sparsha has.
Irrespective of age and maturity lets’ follow this !!!
Kevin, France :

We do have same kind of initiative in France but usually kids are older than you to be able to deeply understand their responsiblites to protect our world. Your green awarness is remarkable and you are acting accordingly.

Vincent D'sa, Oman:
Good work .Keep it up.
Ashma, UAE:
Very nice Sparsha......all the best
Ganesh Rai, UAE:
Excellent vision in your article. Wish you all the best. May God Bless you.
Lucy Rodrigues, India :
Very nice Sparsha. All the best. May God b less you.
Rita, Germany :
Hey you are really a mini future world green activist.Nicely written and done great work for the nature.Keep it up not only on the shores but at home too.It beginns at home and done further our surroundings.sad that many of grown ups dont do it.I read once,a big whale was seen dead on the shores sometime back.As they tried to find out why and how he died,they found tonnes of plastic bags in his stomach,which must have made him to fill up stomach but not enough Food for his organs so he starved and died.This Shows we ,People made him starve due to our negligence of throwing waste into the ocean.How sad.Keep up bieng a good cleaner and teach others too.Never mind,you can Show the grown ups about importance of cleanliness.
Supreetha Vivek Shetty, Kuwait:
Very good Sparsha. keep it up. All the best
Mahesh, UAE:
Nicely written article....I can see shades of a budding writer. Good one , way to go Sparsha :)
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