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Apr 25, 2019

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Myself and You......

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By Prithvi S. J Monteiro [ Published Date: July 9, 2012 ]

I was born with crashing and thrashing,
Rocks here, rocks there and everywhere.
Wild volcanoes erupting and the lava splashing
This is how I was formed by God with great care.

It was time for creatures to come,
Peacocks to dance, lions to roar.
Snakes to hiss and birds to hum,
But wait there is something more?

Time has come for humanís birth
For man to rule and wander.
Hey I introduce that I am Earth,
Oh! The creation, what a splendor.

Time passes as the brook flows
Advanced men have started their chores
By building factories like foes
But wait  there is something more?

It was ok with a little black ash
It was ok with a little kill,
Ok until there would be no human clash
More the ash, more the bill.

Time has again moved on
Itís getting worse in the mine ore
It hurts me when you dig on and on
But wait there is something more?

Past is past, I have forgotten it
Itís time to have a change,
Let the twenty first century candle lit
Before disaster and time behaves strange.

Plant the plants and plant more trees
Let my dream come true,
Let us win the race and pass the crease
For a lovely bond between Myself and You.

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Austin Correia MSFS., India :
I enjoyed the poem. The first verse... here I thought he was describing my own conception, formation and birth...

In the second verse I could think of what is happening in me presently...

The Earth introducing itself to Man.. wow! what a theme!!!

The Fourth Verse: Yes, when "advanced men" forsook householding chores, they began to build factories like foes... Industrialization is like a wild animal on rampage that has to be tamed!

The expression 'building factories like foes' has more than one meaning, they were building factories which were like foes, and their were competing with each other like foes to build factories... beautiful depiction!

The triple recitation of the rhetorical question, "is there something more" rebounds with dual meanings: natural healthy curiosity, and greed...

Yes, they thought that the "black ash" of colonialisation, slavery and apartheid would manure their fields... they thought a "little kill" in what they called the americas would provide them edible meat...

And then came the wars tumbling on each other... and the bills... which are the costs of human lives and combating and non-combating survivors of the wars... horrible, terrorising memories which now therapist would endeavour to heal...

Dr. Cajetan Coelho, India :
Hearty congratulations to Prithvi SJ.
Kenny,Kate, India :
Dear Prithvi

Your poem is exelent,Lot of creativity is seen.Itis very thought provoking.You are a blossoming poet.
Keep it up.Do continue this good work

All the best
Kenny and Kate
Grace Noronha, Bijai, Mangalore, India :
Beautifully written Prithvi. The poem cautions us to rise from the deep slumber and put an end to all the plundering the mankind has made in exploiting mother earth to satiate its greed. A wake up call for all of us to take note of the warnings and heed to your advice to save the earth. Here I remember the words of the greatest Physicist Albert Einstein "In the children lies the hope of the world. Let us hope that your generation will put mine to shame".
Keep writing......!
Julie Lobo, Qatar:
Prithvi Great Poem indeed, we as a family enjoyed reading. Keep up your good spirit in composing more and more. All the best and God Bless.
Arvind Adiga K, UK:
Congrats Prithvi! Hats off to you.The best poem I have ever read. It shows the danger to the planet earth. Prithvi U are awesome and keep writing beautiful poems. This poem shows the talent in children. I also take this oppurtunity to compliment the school and the parents for bringing out the best in Prithvi.
Thank u for the encouragement you give to young budding talents. U are doing a Marvelous job in publishing such articles. Other emedia and publishers should take a cue from you. Today We require motivation to be given to young talent so that they become powerful leaders tommorrow.
Jasmine DSouza, India :
Good one Prithvi! Keep it up!!
Melvin D' Souza , India :
Superb...! What a talent...! Mind blowing..
cylma menezes, bajpe, India :
well written prithvi,god bless u.

best wishes from godseth, cylma, hershel and hansel.
Dr Anand Dsouza, Germany :
Congrats Prithvi! Wov that's a great Poem. Keep up the good work. All the best for your future.........
Fr. Juze Vas svd, India :
well done Prithvi your name sounds like earth you have the wisdom of heaven.
keep up it is good work.
very sensible for a child of 14
for a student of 14 years in class??? school Lourdes
God bless you.
fr. Juze vas svd
Tony Crasta, Australia :
Great poem which makes a lot of sense. Well done, keep going, and you have a great future Prithvi! God Bless!
leslie d souza, India :
Good one indeed for your age .You have shown your concern towards Prathvi dear Prathvi .God bless you . Keep it up your good work towards Prathvi. Thank u Mangalorean .Com for Your efforts
Jerry Rasquinha, India :
Very good. Keep it up.
Victor Tauro Permude, India :
Prithvi you are in love with Prithvi.
You have expanded your name in this poem.

Very good work.
k.vasanth kamath, India :
thats excellent prithvi,children of present generation denied the opportunity of playing in mud ,climbing on top of trees,swimming in rivrside,moving alongwith shepherds which are all that i did during my childhood.
Christopher Mascarenhas, Kuwait:
Dear Prithvi,

It's wonderful! Beautiful poem. You have great talent. May God bless you. Wish you all the best in your endeavours.

Congratulations to you Ivan and Fatima as proud parents!
Love, Christy & family
Deepak Rupani, India :
Shows the benevalance nature has showered on us uncondtional , and how "Human" has become barbaric.

Wonderful Prithvi --- Keep Going...
Best Wishes,
Deepak Rupani & Fly, Mumbai.
Edward D Souza, Mangalore, India :
Great Prithvi! Hope your concern of mother earth will be the concern of all people.

Congrats! keep it up the good work!!
Sabitha Nayak, India :
Good thoughts Keep going :)
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