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Apr 25, 2019

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Ruth Quadros - A child prodigy musician

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By Elreena Maria Pinto, Doha [ Published Date: March 3, 2010 ]

Elreena Maria Pinto, the only daughter of Eric and Lona Pinto., and niece of the yodeling king Melwyn Peris. She is 12 and studying in the 7th standard at MES Indian School, Doha. Brilliant in her studies, an exceptionally good dancer, drawing artist, well trained singer (English, Konkani and Latin) and musician (already in the 3rd grade piano having passed the 2nd grade with 100% marks), Elreena started playing the organ in the church when she was just seven. A very humble and simple yet well disciplined young girl, Elreena  single-handedly trained a group of more than 40 children to sing nearly 25 hymns for the 2008 Monti Fest Novena masses, demonstrating her immense leadership qualities at a young age. Elreena sings and even plays for Mando songs so well that she has already become the darling of the Mangalorean community of Doha, and is  indeed emerging as a future star which will grace the horizons of Mangalorean Cultural Heritage. Currently preparing for her final exams, she wrote this short article exclusively for her favourite children friendly portal - Mangalorean.Com wherein she is introducing a talented younger member of the English/Konkany Children's Choir whom she spotted first during the practices of Konkany Montifest Choir of 2008!

Entreat me not to leave you, or to turn back from following you; For wherever you go, I will go; And wherever you lodge, I will lodge; Your people shall be my people, and your God, my Godů" (Ruth 1:16-17 )

The Mangalorean Community of Doha, Qatar over the last couple of years has witnessed quite a few emerging child prodigies in the field of Music, Singing, Dancing, writing and even Public Speaking and active participation in school or public debates. Mangalorean.Com readers by now are already familiar with the likes of  the multi-talented Sana Britto (whose created a sensation with her touching article on Child labourů), Rupal Aroza (whose two articles like "Smoking Kills" and "Greed for Money" were very well appreciated by Mangalorean.Com readers) and the child organist Amelita Martis.

Perhaps mesmerized and inspired by all her seniors accomplishing with ease what otherwise appear to be difficult tasks, a new child prodigy has started to capture everyone's imagination here in Qatar. A little 8 year old IV standard student of Ideal Indian School, who in 2009 won everyone's heart (and of course a prize) by rendering the legendary song "Zol Moje Bai" from  the great Konkany film of the 60s "Nirmon". She was the only competitor who accompanied herself on the Keyboard and  also participated in the Konkany live sing and dance Mando item during India's Independence day function held in 2008. This child prodigy is none other than Ruth Andrea Quadros, well brought up daughter of  Rony Quadros and  Asha Quadros (from Shankarpur), now settled in Borivili, Mumbai.

With an attitude of dedication and determination, Ruth, guided by our popular Choir Director Uncle Dony, (Mr.Dony Lobo) and helped and encouraged by all her seniors who are very fond of herůmastered the basics of playing the Keyboard and reading Music in a very short time. She learnt  to play many hymns with St.Don Bosco Children's Choir of Doha and also played many  Konkany hymns during the last Montifest Novenas in 2009 at the age of Seven. Ruth is also fond of traditional Konkany Folk songs and has already learnt and sung many songs in the public.


Singing "Zol Moje Bai"

Performing Mando--Bara sorn tera laglin  

With parents Rony and Asha Quadros and little sister Anica  

Ruth receiving her Award for 98% Attendance from Fr.Anand (L); Ruth on the keyboard accompanying the Children's choir(R) 


Often the attention of  many people in the congregation is drawn to the beautiful sight of this little angel presiding on the organ like any senior professional Musician, who seem to get spiritual satisfaction and thank the Good Lord for blessing them with the pleasure of offering the Mass with this beautiful little angelic face amidst them.

Ruth also won the 2nd  prize Gold Cross award for achieving 98% attendance for the choir for the year 2009. This is the 2nd year in succession she wins the 2nd prize with 98% attendance.

She is also brilliant in her studies and is a regular topper in all the subjects and also a good sportsperson. A unique trait of this child is that she loves to cheer up anyone who is sad or in a somber mood. Ruth  has a younger sister Annica, who is just four  who has already started emulating her playing at home with her toy organ and singing away to glory.

Fr.Anand hailing from Mangalore taking great interest in the children's choir, was full of praise for all the children of the choir especially Ruth, and assured to specially pray for the children and assured them that for all the time they dedicate for the greater glory of the Lord, they and their families will be certainly rewarded with His immense blessings all their life through.

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Della Rego, Mangalore, Doha, Qatar:
Congratulations to Ruth and all the best. Thanks to Elreena for introducing Ruth to
Ajay & Jyothi Barboza, Oman:
Congratulations Ruth!
We are proud of you. May God bless you and keep you happy always.
Congrats Rony and Asha for your encouragement and support.
Dr.Claudius Saldanha, India :
Well done Ruth, continue ur good work., in learning and propegating music. nice to know that our children still enjoy our konkani culture. congrats to ur parents Rony and Asha for encouraging ur talent.
may God bless u.
A.S.Mathew, USA :
May I congratulate Maria Pinto for such an excellent article. You are a very gifted author, and every day develop this skill by reading more to build up the vocabulary and in due time, you will be a famous person
in your talent.

Ruth, you are greatly talented in music
and your talents in music must be
developed, and your parents will have to give all the support to make it grow.

Every good gift is from God, if used
properly, they can be champions in that field.

When I was 10 years, without any help, I learned to play harmonium (55 years back) but I never could focus in that talent, went into another direction, and every day I regret for the wrong route I took. I loved music and playing musical instruments but missed the boat for ever.

God given gifts must be used and developed and they can be greatly successful in that gift. Many of our relatives and elders, also the society will discourage and misguide us, and we are missing the boat of blessings.

Hearty congratulations to both of you, and God may richly bless you both with heavenly blessings.
Austin Prabhu, USA :
Nice to read about Ruth's young talents. Parents should encourage their kids talents so that they can shine in their schools, colleges and in their communities and get involved in extra carricular activities. Talented kids will stay away from bad things in their life as they do not find time for such activities. Good job Rony and Asha. Wish you all the best in your mission; never quit.
Roshan P, India :
It is wonderful to note that encouragement by parents of Ruth . I wish her all the success and hope she achieves much more.

I am glad that encouragement and exposure to budding talents given Via MCOM.

It would be nice to post video or links of performances of young talents so they can be appreciated by one and all.
Kudpi Rajanikanth Shenoy, India :
Ruth Quadros,

Your talent seems to be boundless, looking at your family connections!

Make the best use of your talents, switch over to grand piano rather than getting stuck with keyboard, and you will be a successful musician as well as composer one day!

Bless you putha! :-)

Thanks Elreena for introducing Ruth to! :-)
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