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Apr 22, 2019

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Nature on canvas

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By Jeevan Acharya [ Published Date: October 2, 2009 ]

Name: Jeevan Acharya
Date of Birth: 25th April 1995
Father's name: P. Narayana Acharya
Mother's name: Mrs. Savitha N. Acharya
School: 10th standard, St. Aloysius High School, Mangalore

Jeevan says that his only hobby is Painting and he uses both oil and acrylic based paints to create his artworks. Jeevan draws inspiration from nature’s beauty and tries to emulate on canvas anything that captures his attention.

Hello readers,

I have painted three canvases which I thought would fit on this page to share with you all.

In the first picture I have painted homes built using natural mud. I was fascinated with this scene of houses built using mud in a village near Mangalore while I was traveling in the bus.

In the second picture, I have painted boats. When I was visiting a temple in the outskirts of Mangalore, I saw people were being  transported on these country made boats from one side to the another side of the Nethravathi River and this captured my attention which I tried to paint on the canvas.

I always admired the natural beauty of snow clad Himalayan mountains and attempted to create a painting of it, which you can see in the third picture. Hope you will like them!


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K.B.Jagdish,Kinnigoli/Bahrain, Bahrain :
Hi Jeevan,

Really you are a gifted artist and you have a bright future. All my good wishes to reach the "artistic peak" by the grace of Lord Vishwakarma and Jaganmatha Kalikamba.
Stanley D Souza, New York, USA :
You are very talented and creative Jeevan. You are a keen observer that is what creates imagination and brush strokes on the canvas. Keep doing it once it has gone to your mind and will follow as you go..good luck to you.
Shridhara Achar Bangalore, India :
Lovely paintings, Jeevan. I liked especially the first two paintings which are so natural. May God bless you with a bright future as an artiste.
Prakash Mallegowda, Japan:
Dear Jeevan,

I love your 1st painting. The contrast and color is very nice! Keep it up!! Just remember that M.F. Husain became an artist of international fame at his old age. You have decades ahead of you. Read art books. Please send me your home address. I will send you some books about Art History. When you read such books you can develop your artistic skills and create your own artistic style.

A talented and original artist can be very successful professionally and financially, so do not give up until you have completely lost your passion for art.
All the best!!
Prakash Mallegowda
Tokyo, Japan
Rizwan Dubai, UAE:
Dear Jeevan, really nice painting..keep painting, you have bright future...wish you all the best brother.
Reshma Dsouza (Dubai), India :
Hi Jeevan

Well Done nice picture. Keep it up. You have a bright future. do continue god bless you.
jeevan a, India :
thank yu everybody....
and the drawing class which teach canvas paintings ar B.G.M school of arts at kadri temple road and prasad art gallery ballalbagh
naveen holla, India :
Nice Painting, Good work Keep it up
Manjunatha Bangera, India :
HI Jeevan, the paintings are superb. keep it up. Keep on painting and become a world class painter. Good luck. God bless. Happy deepawali.
Maya, India :
Hi Jeevan

your paintings are beautiful. I am also a huge fan of oil painting, Can you suggest some good masters who teach painting on canvas in mangalore?
wilfred, UAE:
very good.
bibin thomas, India :
very have a bright future jeevan,god bless you
A.S.Mathew, USA :
All the paintings, especially the middle one
is a classic painting. You have a great
future in this art, so keep on working
and your paintings will get international
fame one day. May God bless you.
Sunitha Pais, India :
Well done Jeevan, may god bless u in your future work.
Linet Mathias, India :
very good painting. paint, paint and paint. and one day you will have success in painting.

wish u all the best.
Vandana Menezes, UAE:
Hi Jeevan,

There is so much depth in your wonderful paintings. You have captured some of nature's finest moments. Keep painting and posting them on

Vandana Menezes
Nelson Sequeira, Kuwait:
Thank god for the inborn talent in you and make the best use of it.
Shaly Pereira, Oman:
Simply have such awesome talent Jeevan....keep painting. Wishing you all the best.
chethan dantis, India :
hi jeevan your paintings very nice, good luck for future.
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