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Apr 23, 2019

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My Dream Of Heaven

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By Elreena Maria Pinto, Doha [ Published Date: June 17, 2009 ]

ELREENA MARIA PINTO, is the only daughter of Eric and Lona Pinto. She is 11 and studying in the Seventh Standard at MES Indian School, Doha. Brilliant in her studies, an exceptionally good dancer, drawing artist, well trained singer (English, Konkani and Latin) and musician (already in the 3rd grade piano having passed the 2nd grade with 100% marks), Elreena started playing the organ in the church when she was just seven. A very humble and simple yet well disciplined young girl, Elreena  single-handedly trained a group of more than 40 children to sing nearly 25 hymns for the 2008 Monti Fest Novena masses, demonstrating her immense leadership qualities. Elreena sings and even plays for Mando songs so well that she has already become the darling of the Mangalorean community of Doha, and is  indeed emerging as a future star which will grace the horizons of Mangalorean Cultural Heritage.

My Dream Of Heaven

I joined nursery school when I was just three, we started learning a, b, c, d and 1, 2, 3, 4  and a few songs (which later on I came to know - were nursery rhymes.) I had an adorable teacher known as Patsy Teacher (Mrs. Patsy Lewis, now settled in Bandra, Bombay) for those memorable years which I now understand were supposed to be my unforgettable Nursery School days.

Apart from whatever I used to learn from Patsy Teacher, a few years later, I was admitted to the Sunday School for what was called Catechism Classes which had just started in the newly opened Parish Church of Doha. Here I had some nice teachers teaching me so many things about God, Mother Mary, Prayers, Rosary Mysteries and all religious subjects.  Among all the teachers was one -Mable Teacher. (I came to know later that Mable teacher was none other than a one time beauty of the Bombay's Konkani Drama Stage in the late sixties and early seventies.  At that time she was well known as Mable Baretto the very mention of whose name used to ensure "Sold Out" tickets well in advance of the date  for whatever the drama she was acting was announced.).

From Mable teacher I came to hear and learn a lot more about a word which I used to so often hear from my Mummy and Daddy and that is "Heaven" because every time Mummy used to teach me prayers, or scold me for wasting my food or for being a little bit naughty, she used to often say "Jesus in heaven will get angry with you" and I used to always keep wondering within myself as to after all what is this great Heavenly place all about.

It was one of those Friday Classes when Mable teacher started teaching us the prayer "Our Father Who art in Heaven" slowly I felt I was entering into a trance (actually I later realized that I had  fallen asleep in the back bench where I was sitting), I felt Mable teacher was holding my hand and walking in a garden, a garden so beautiful and exquisite, with beautiful flowers I’ve never seen anywhere before and with an aroma which was certainly more aromatic than even the most beautiful perfume, somewhat like the cute miniature bottles Uncle Dony used to gift me each time I learnt to play a new hymn on the organ for the Mass (when I was just seven years old.)

Further, as we went I could hear the voices of angels and saints who kept on singing in their heavenly voices "Glory to God in the Highest" so much so that when I play and sing Hosanna in the Highest, I am trying my best to be as good as the choirs of angels and luckily God has blessed me with a beautiful Choir of angels in this world itself who sing along with me week after week in Doha’s Rosary Church.

As we went further and further, I could see springs of living waters all around me, colourful, even more colourful than those seen in the Brindavan gardens of Mysore. With cool and soothing breeze blowing all around us, there  were so many beautiful butterflies  and little birds chirping in a divine melody as though they were lending a musical background to the choirs of the angels and saints.

Soon we were cheered by wordly but peaceful, blissful smiling  faces greeting us all along the way, and I felt Mable teacher was telling me that they are all our ancestors who once upon a time lived in this world and are now in heaven enjoying their eternal happiness in a  peaceful  way.

When I just looked back, I was amazed to see the looooong  way we have been walking so long yet I never ever felt tired but more and more energetic full of some powerful energy as though I was just floating in the air which itself was holy, as though the Holy Spirit Himself has engulfed me and we still just kept on walking and walking and walking and soon we saw a new vast group of angels, looking like snow-white dolls  sporting  beautiful smiles across their faces singing Halleluia, Halleluia with Mother Teresa leading all of them.  Mable teacher explained to me that they are all the souls turned into angels, souls of all the little innocent "unborn babies" boys and girls  who were not allowed to be born into the world by their parents. (I later came to know that they were the victims of what they call as "abortions" in this world).  Heart of hearts I thanked God for giving me such good parents who are really so loving and affectionate to me).  My thoughts went a little further as to how the parents of these very souls will feel when they too will one day enter the heaven and will be greeted by the soul of the very children they "did not want".

As we went further and further we saw a huge man sleeping near a big tree and Mable teacher said that is St. Peter and he normally checks everyone before he allows them inside and when I asked her why he is not checking us she said that since "He  knows  Jesus is in your heart  he will not stop you" and heart of hearts I felt Jesus must be in Mable teachers heart too.

Then as we went further and further, we saw the faces of  all the Apostles like Mathew, Mark, Luke and John,  St. Thomas, Peter and Paul and all the rest - twelve of them as well as  Mary and Martha, Veronica  and also faces which looked like Moses, David and Abraham. And suddenly I was about to ask Mable teacher as to where is Mother Mary, I suddenly realized and felt my hand was now being held by a very very beautiful lady, so beautiful that I have never ever seen such a beautiful and dazzling face anywhere in the world or any TV show or Fashion or beauty show or magazine, so beautiful whose beauty can only be felt and admired but cannot be described in words and she held me close to her with her arms around me, playing with my long hair and I was so stunned with her affection that I almost fell down at her feet………and alas…. she vanished ………because I had almost fallen down from the chair and woken up from my Dream… Dream of Heaven…….!!!!!! And as  I started thanking Mable teacher profusely for taking me around Heaven………she must have been left wondering as to what was it all about!!!!

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Leisel, Qatar:
i never knew that she could sing in latin and that she could write nice articles.
heaven is definitely a wonderful word and...of course, awesome paintings.
Jamal Swalih, Saudi Arabia:
thank you for share your life story, i wish you good luck for your future life. keep it up.

Thank you,
Jamaluddin, Saudi Arabia.
Zia, Saudi Arabia:
Keep up the good work
Riyaz Saudi arabia, Saudi Arabia:
Keep it up maria.
mohammed ibrahim ideal indian school, Qatar:
nice article keep it up...
Nausheen (shifa), Qatar:

May God bless you. Wish you that your dream come true!
NADINE, Qatar:
nadine, Qatar:
elroy is also there.
Joyce Alvares, Qatar:
Dear Elreena, it was wonderful reading your thoughts. Hope to see more of you here. I liked the two drawings that you have posted along with this article.
Unce Vinay, Aunty Joyce, Richa and Rhea
Della Rego, Mangalore, Qatar:
Elreena, nice article and very good drawings. I have seen you while performing and in the church. You are a good performer. You are lucky and blessed by God with all the talents in you. Wishing you all the best.
Mferns, Qatar, Qatar:
Elreena, let us thank God Almighty for gifting those wonderful talents to you as a singer, dancer, musician and an artist. You can win the hearts of people with those talents and create heaven on earth. By the way, your article is interesting. A teacher like me can take you to a dream of heaven, then it is really worth teaching catechism for those young children. Our catechism teachers are really doing great job and may God bless them for their noble work.
Kudpi Rajanikanth Shenoy, India :
Heaven is some place that living beings have not seen or visited. The imagination is wide spread, and we seldom announce "Aah! This is Heaven!" when we get a good feeling!

The Mughals, when they saw Kashmir for the first time, announced - "If there is Heaven on Earth, This is the one!"

Your dream of Heaven is very interesting Elreena, for you have narrated your thoughts with beautiful paintings as well!

You have good imagination, and the right stuff within you to become an artist cum poet, Elreena!

All the best girl. :)
alvin, India :
nice article keep it up...
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