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Apr 23, 2019

My nominee for women's day...

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By Harsh Raj, Mangalore [ Published Date: March 8, 2010 ]

"Behind the success of every man there is a woman", say's a quote which has become almost a cliché for any introduction to a women oriented program. However I am not left with many other options than continuing with the same old Quotable quote.

Yes, it is difficult for me to share my credits of success with anyone, but then it would be criminal on my part if I deny the share of my credits to some women who in some or in other way have helped me to be a better human being.

The highest credit among them all goes to my mother…..

It may take multiple entries defining of who or how my mother is? So to cut the long story short my mother is a Rakhee Gulzar type from a typical Karan Arjun movie.

As far as celebrating this day is concerned I usually goof-up while doing gift shopping on this occasion, since it is easy for me to associate her appearance in the kitchen. Therefore I used to gift her things like sandwich maker, pressure cooker or a chapatti belan or an air-tight container.

Though my mother accepts these gifts gracefully without any complaints, she uses the same gifts as a medium to express her frustration. Somehow I still regret presenting her with that genuine ISI marked, metal coated and Teflon plated Chapatti belan with ISO 9001-2000 certificate, which acted like the Drone bomber on me especially when I failed in mathematics exam during my high school.

Since then I am very particular with the kind of substances in the gifts that I present to my mother. So mostly nowadays it comprises of sari or some feather light jewelry, though these gifts are expensive they are non-violent.

But in spite of all these complains I still have a great respect for my mother for inculcating discipline, patience and manners in me. She also has been kind enough to tolerate all my mischievous deeds and protect me from the wrath of all those things and people against me.

So I wholeheartedly thank my mother for socializing me in the right direction, so that I could contribute and carve my own identity in the society.

Harsha Raj Gatty, Mangalore

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Shridhara Achar , India :
There is no doubt. in everybody`s life MOTHER is the woman who shapes her children. In my life also, it is my mother who was telling me to pray God, `Nanage olle budhi mattu vidye kodu'. Even today I remmeber those words, `olle budhi and vidye'- that shaped me today as what I am.
A.S.Mathew, USA :
I must say with great delight and pride that it was my saintly mother who taught me great values of life. She never fought with anybody, and she was greatly respected in our village for her humble and loving nature. She suffered a lot of pain in her life and left the world. Even today, I see my mother who colsoled me whenever I was in any pain, and prayed with me in critical situations of life. She always told me "revenge is for God" so don't try to retaliate if somebody is hurting you, but keep away. Live within your means, and don't owe anybody anything. She has forced me to touch the feet asked pardon of my primary school friend who was poor, and one day I got mad at him and hurted him slightly. Second to
God, she is the most greatest person of my life. I often cry when thinking about my sweet mother.
Rohan, India :
Well reflected thoughts on W-day. Thats the feeling of everyone i guess. The first place goes to the one who taught us almost everything - MOTHER. Congrats...Harsha.
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