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Apr 23, 2019
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Hideout Ė Exclusive place to chill out

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By Colin DíSouza, Nikhil Pai, Rajat R [ Published Date: September 9, 2011 ]

Most of us under the impression that Hookah A.K.A Sheesha and hubblybuubly is a creation of the Arabs. But the The 3 Hungry Men like to correct those who think so! it was in India where the Persian physician Hakim Abu Gilani, at the court of the Mughal emperor Akbar invented the idea. Ever since then it spread world over and is very famous in The Middle East and India. The non availibilty of sheesha in Mangalore had sent us to Manipal where there are ample numbers of hookah lounges!

As soon as we entered Manipal the 1st sheesha lounge we noticed was HIDEOUT! So we decided to give this lounge a shot!

We entered to find a billiards table at the entrance but the promising aroma of the hookah flavours had led us inside! And as soon as we stepped into the main area we were captivated by the romantic and ultra modern ambience!






The seating was done in the local Arabic way as in there were diwans for customers to sit down! And we noticed people from different walks of life enjoying their food and sheeshas!

As we down further to the left we saw private cabins in which one can smoke hookah, watch tv, play Xbox or just chill, these enclosures just cost 60 Rupees an hour!

So we sat down and ordered for the 2 of their best sheeshas and for some good accompaniments! The first came the Honey and Lime Hookah which was excellent! Prepared very well with just the right amount of flavor and the lemony zest was heavenly!

After that we decided to have a bite. We were served with a western sizzler which was chicken in different western sauces made to perfection and the next was the crispy chicken which is LITERALLY crispy! And we drowned all that with an Oreo shake which was slightly sweeter than usual but nonetheless hearty!

Then next came the bomb! A heavenly sheesha mixed with 5 different flavors! i.e of mint, lime, orange, apple and peach! Surprisingly we were getting all these flavours at different intervals of time!

The sheesha too are decently priced at 200-300rs! And are ofcourse well made!

But the ambience is to die for! All the youngsters should make it point to check out HIDE OUT!

The 3 hungry men rate hideout as follows!
Ambience: 10/10
Food: 6.5/10
Service: 7.5/10
Value for money: 7.5/10
Location: 8/10

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harish reddy, India :
we keep up same name forever really its nice place to enjoy special with hookah and food and thanks for 3hungrymen
Drona, India :
probably when u turn 18, people might take it seriously. cheers.-Aishin

Looks like some one stepped on your shin.Ai.
the 3 hungry men, India :

Thanks for your feed back !
Yes we do agree with most of the points by our viewers and here we say that this was a review for a nice hangout place ! where we did include the food factor as well !

We would get back to you guys with more and more food !! :D

Cheers till then PEACE !
DR SUNIL J RAO, Bahrain :
@Aishin: As an adult you have the choice, but as Ashish has said, the issue here is that we are following these articles for review of eating places/cuisines not of tobacco and alcohol, got it? Do you want these three authors to review single malts from a mangalore wine shop ? or malboro versus goldflake from your store? on this website? GOT OUR POINT Aishin?
Aishin , India :
sure. thanks for the advice. probably when u turn 18, people might take it seriously. cheers.
Drona, India :
so yeah thanks for the review guys....Aishin

Go ahead and blow up your lungs Aishin. Who is there to stop you? Wise people need just one warning if at all whereas some people rush where angels fear to tread.
Aishin , India :
its so surprising how hypocritical people can get! going out to bars and drinking is ok but sheesha is taboo??

sheeshas r not served to under age people in any restaurant and people over the age of 18 have the understanding to decide whats right and whats wrong. if people are allowed to serve sheesha then people are allowed to have it as well. so yeah, naturally this review is for that sect of people who DO HAVE IT.. like myself, who would like to know where i can get some good hooka in manipal especially.

so yeah thanks for the review guys....and whether police have read it, they cant arrest you for having an opinion!

and those who wish to kno th ill effects of sheesha can google it...
DR SUNIL J RAO, Bahrain :
For the information of everyone, a single session of seesha (1 hr)has the equivalent of smoking 20 cigarettes.
Though the number of chemicals in seesha smoke are less than in cigarette smoke the net carcinogenic and deleterious effect is the same.
Seesha smoking is as dangerous as cigarette smoking.
So anyone who wants premature heart disease, obstructive lung disease, lung cancer, erectile dysfunction, peripheral vascular disease etc etc please enjoy your seeshas
Ashish, India :
Promoting Sheesha culture......???? when in fact you should be talking about discouraging intake of addictive/harmful intoxicants.....

Stick to food.....:)
Drona, India :
It is easy to guess why it is called a hideout.I take it that Dakshina Kannada police have read the review as well.:)
Giridhar Barua, India :
We've seen better reviews from the 3 Hungry Men. This one seemed a little rushed. And better photographs please guys!!
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