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Apr 23, 2019
Dine Out is our new addition wherein people who like to eat out can share their experiences with our readers about the place be it a restaurant, café, dhaba, pub/bar or even a night club! This section will be a true reflection of your views about the cuisine, the decor, the ambience, service etc. We encourage our readers to send their dining out experience with photographs to . The team will review them and publish in this section.

Attill - A Unique Dining Experience!

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By Colin D’Souza, Nikhil Pai, Rajat R [ Published Date: August 8, 2011 ]

After we were done with Teaze we felt terribly hungry! And knowing the 3 hungry men well by now u can say that we would ignore the signs of a possible Heart attack but never ignore hunger pangs! It was nearing 12 and we needed a heavy dosage of some yummilicious lunch. A small flashback gave us a memory of seeing a new place open up just as we entered Manipal so we had to check it out as it looked very unique from the outside! So then Attill was given the mammoth task of satisfying our hunger.

We walked in and it was love at first sight. Incredible ambience, cosmopolitan crowd and basically the best first impression ever! They also have a unique seating set up which includes a separate lounge area if you just wanna sit back with your friends relax and watch the cricket match! With some good food!

Shocking news readers!! This was an unofficial branch of Mahesh Lunch Home (by far the best sea food eatery in Mumbai). So you can count on them for quality.

The name ‘Attill’ owes its etymology to Tulu language which means ‘To cook’. As per the name, Attill specializes in most varieties of fish from Seer fish to Lady fish, Pomfrets to Snappers, crabs to shrimps. The mutton used is brought in from Shimoga. The food in Attill is cooked without adding any food colouring agents of any sort.

Lucky us, we got a tour through the kitchen to see how the exquisite dishes were prepared. Hands down, EVERY hungry man’s dream come true! Icing on the cake, it was super organised and extremely hygienic and spotless!  











We Kick started our digestive journey with their authentic Hyderabadi Biryani which was made over a dedicated kitchen with firewood flame by a Hyderabadi Chef thereby contributing to the true taste of the DumBiryani! Next we ventured into their fresh fish collection. We swear on the fish, it was pretty darn huge motley of Gigantic fish brought in from Mumbai in their freezer. Their off season fish can easily overpower any normal restaurants in season fish.

We couldn’t take it anymore! We had to eat now!! But after seeing the kitchen we were kind of convinced that patience pays. Our Mocktails were waiting at our table, The Pink Lady and the Fruit Punch are must have mocktails at Attill!

First up was the Dragon Chicken which was a fast selling starter amongst students because of the quantity and price! And let us tell you this was some amazing Chinese stuff! Rightly spiced and the onions and capsicums were tasty too resulting in a spotless plate. Next up was A FULL WHITE SNAPPER TANDOORI! This fish was heavenly, never had we ever tasted such a properly made tandoori fish, marinated to perfection and eaten to our delight!

Then was By far the best Tiger Prawns we’ve ever eaten in our life! The Attill Special ladies and gentleman! Carefully made with a butter garlic coating. We fell in love with this dish! This is a must have at Attill, u will thank us! We needed some more prawns and fast! The next quickest available prawns was The Prawns Ghee Roast. This was the best ghee roast we’ve ever had in Manipal!

We never say no to food dear readers! So for the main course we were presented with 2 authentic Mangalorean Delicacies! First up was the Chicken gassi which is a typical curry made in coconut gravy! With Neerdosa! This dish was excellently made, and reminded us of the authentic Mangalorean cuisine.

Followed by the king of chicken! THE NATE KORI (a.k.akatta da kori.) This meat is from the losing Cock of the common Cock Fight which takes place in nearby villages!) this is their Sunday special and is heavenly!

The best is usually saved for last is what we believe in! Agreeing to our belief came THE MUTTON AND CHICKEN DUM BIRYANI! This was the real stuff! No one makes it like them we challenge you! The last time we’ve had such good biryani was in Hyderabad. You have to eat this Biryani by hook or crook if you come here!

We had no more place so we just ate a light desert of Gulab Jamuns and Gajar Halwa which again was perfectly made! To sum up things, we had a wholesome and memorable experience which were evident on our faces and our stomachs as we walked out of Attill!

We sincerely advice you to try this place because we’re sure that you will have the same satisfaction we had when you leave and you won’t stop coming back! Come a little early to avoid waiting especially on weekends as the place gets packed quickly! Overall, WE LOVE ATTILL!!!

So the ratings by The 3 Hungry Men are as follows!
Ambience: 9.5/10
Food: 10/10
Service: 9/10
Value for money: 8/10
Location: 8.5/10

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the manipal guy, Algeria :
food is great...but too costly...
Liam, USA :

Can I please get a soft copy of the menu if possible ? I will be visiting Udupi next month and look forward to visiting this wonderful restaurant.

dr arun, bangalore, India :
this is by far the best place to have food.ur ratings are unbiased and perfect. even though i am based in bangalore now, i make it a point to have their food every time i go to manipal.
neetesh, India :
i read ur article nd wud like a price list of all the stuff u mentioned if it wud not be inconvenient for u............. :)
dr sairaj, Canada :
AWESOME food.........
please try out seafood here..mouth watering
and please ignore the negative comments about the food and service..
really good food.. thanks 3 hungry men..
all the best to ATTIL..
Rakesh, India :
Attill is indeed a nice place. I've been there quite a few times but experiences have been different every time. Guess it also depends on the dishes ordered. Some are lip smacking while some aren't worth a mention.

One thing to try out is Crab tandoori. I love the river crabs, though they cost exorbitantly there. Also Chicken Urval is a tasty dish and as mentioned by the authors, Biriyani.

Infact, once we ordered more than required and hence had to pack left over (almost full) Anjal masala & Biriyani home. And believe me, it tasted great the next day (Guess I've earned some disapproving looks) :P .

But service is tardy & can get better. Some stewards are smart enough and give proper advise if the dishes ordered are too much to eat, while some act dumb.

@Sanjay Shetty : You may find the menu at
The 3 Hungry Men, India :
@John Dsilva: tahnku very much for ur support we need more readers like u!

John Dsilva, Bahrain :
The 3 hungry men i bow down to you. i completely agree with every 1 bit of ur review. i viewed the article of ATTILL on my phone when i was in atill itself and i ordered the exact same dishes u guys reviewed and let me tell u that they were AWESOME! i really enjoyed my vacations thanks to ATTILL food! next time whenver i come i wll always make it a point to go here with my family and friends! 3 cheers for the 3 hungry men for thier honest review! expecting more from u guys and im sure if u continue like this u will reach places! GOD BLESS and best of luck!
shashi prabhu, Kuwait:
value for money-?????
location--- good, no parking
You guys are biased, my experience this vacation in june was very bad. As a food critics, they might have favored you guys.
Agreed, they are newly opened restaurant, there was a lot of hiccup in their orders, excused!
But stewards absolutely un professional, never came back to the table (cant blame them, the food ordered s never ready). we got the soup after the main course, that too after a delay of one an half hours, finally we had to cancel according to you guys the lip smacking biriyani an head home for us it was a belly wrenching wait for a food priced high which never came on to our tables
The 3 Hungry Men, India :
@DR Ranjana Pai, Egypt

Not at all a problem ma'am, I am sure it must a long since u had been there! well as we have honest in all our reviews we felt the same here it was good when we had visited the place. Am sure the Restaurant owners might have improved the quality seeing the past feedbacks!!

Your feedbacks and comments are very precious we really want to know What our audience feels!!
Dr Ranjana Pai, Egypt :
@ 3 hungry men

ATTIL was the worst food i had in this part of the world till now.....We reached there at 8.... had to wait for 20 min as if it was a * restaurant...for starters we had the katta kori....looked good but the quantity sucked big time and guess the price 300 BUCKS...plsssssss.....then we ordered squid butter garlic... looked like squid was swimming in butter....only thing we like was the Hyderabadi Biryani...For foodies its a definite "NO"... any hotel in mangalore is better than ATTIL....Sorry hard feelings
praseena, India :
why don\'t we get such tasty Hyderabadi Biryani in Mangalore! looks like i need to visit manipal now!! great post.
The 3 Hungry Men, India :
@Ashwin: thanks

@Drona : The dragon chicken is a must have for startes, it is the best selling beacuse of its quantity and price!

take a look
Drona, India :
If I have to order one snack there, what would you recommend? [A must dish]
Ashwin Setin, India :
Great work on the review Boys..oh i mean MEN :D
The 3 Hungry Men, India :
Sanjay Shetty: Well actually, the same idea had struck us and we are on it now. We will upload the scanned version of the price list on our website

Drona: Yes Mr. Drona. Trust us, you will love it!

Ralston: You can say that again. The sea food is specially good and fresh. The stench of fish is also not to heard of!!

ntm: Suggestion considered sir/madam. Attill is located in
Laxmindra Nagar, 2nd cross. Near Indian Nursery. Manipal.
It is found right on the main road from Udupi to Manipal.

Asma: This place is a must try. You will not regret eating there.
Asma, India :
Really looking forward to try out this place! :)
ntm Mangalore, India :
Hi The 3 Hungry men, why dont you give us the full address and phone numbers of those good places? Please dont forget to mention this in the future. Thanks.
Ralston, India :
The 3 hungry men have made me very hungry.. Was always in search of a place known for its sea food... I think i hav got my answer..
Drona, India :
Looks tempting. A visit is a must.
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