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Apr 23, 2019
Dine Out is our new addition wherein people who like to eat out can share their experiences with our readers about the place be it a restaurant, café, dhaba, pub/bar or even a night club! This section will be a true reflection of your views about the cuisine, the decor, the ambience, service etc. We encourage our readers to send their dining out experience with photographs to . The team will review them and publish in this section.

Dive in to the Exotic Coastal Experience

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By Colin DíSouza, Nikhil Pai, Rajat R [ Published Date: July 4, 2011 ]

Yes ladies and gentlemen this week another great restaurant managed to win the hearts of "The 3 Hungry Men". We are talking about Coastal Tandoor, a cozy place located just off M.G Road near Sharada Vidyala institutions right opposite the PVS Kalakunj building.

We headed there at 12.30pm for lunch which the 3 hungry men consider a very important meal. Greeted by Mr. Melwin, the Manager at Coastal Tandoor made us feel cozy in the perfect ambience of the hotel for family outings.

He explained to us that Coastal Tandoor opened just around 2 months back and it replaced the previous restaurant "The Silver Spoon". Mr. Melwin told us that the place usually gets packed by 1pm and most of the people come here for their sea food specialities. And they also attract student crowds with their combo meals which are very affordable for them. One can choose either a fish, chicken or mutton meal which has gravy, rice a piece of the desired meat and a soft drink all for only Rs. 100. He also told us that the students dig into their shawarmas which are priced reasonably at Rs. 35 and their grilled items are another forte for dinner.

Then we were joined by Mr. Varadraj Shenoy, The owner of Coastal Tandoor who is a young and cheerful person. Without further ado, we asked him to bombard us with the best he's got to see if his food can win the hearts of the 3 hungry men!

It is said that the first impression is the best impression and trust us when we say that the first impression Mr. Shenoy made by serving us the exotic  OYSTER BUTTER GARLIC  was an even better impression that Miss India would make on us. This dish was par excellence and immediately won our hearts. The oysters were made irresistible as it was so well cooked and melted in our mouths in no time and made a lasting impression on us. I'm sure this dish is served in heaven too for the gods!













Then there was fire in the belly with the amazing dish that came to us next. It was prawns ghee roast, a typical Mangalorean style dish served along with Neerdosa which went along perfectly with the prawns ghee roast. And speaking about the prawns, they were extremely fresh, big and cleaned with care!

Next came perhaps one of the most unique kabab's we've ever had. Yes we are talking about the grilled lemon coriander kabab which was marinated for the right amount of time and cooked to perfection. This too managed to take a place in our hearts and stomachs.

Then we were ready for more, Coastal Tandoor however had lots to offer and fired us with another bullet which was their "Butter Chicken" which was floating in butter and calories just the way the 3 hungry men want it. We savoured this dish along with naan (Roasted Indian bread) which is the ultimate combination for a hearty dinner of lunch.

After all this our stomachs were full but our hearts wanted more. But nevertheless we decided to surrender for the day!
Mr. Shenoy further told us that he also provides free home delivery service and also has quite a space upstairs which he provides for parties and meetings of all sorts!

He also told us that this was his second venture and that he decided to open Coastal Tandoor in commemoration of his previous outlet "Tandoor bar and restaurant" in Bejai new road after it had completed 25 successful years.

Mr. Shenoy also vouches for the quality of his food to be par excellence which we had undoubtedly experienced and agree with.

The service is also good and even though the restaurant was full we didn't have to wait much for any of the dishes we ordered!

So here are the ratings for the Coastal Tandoor by The 3 Hungry Men.

Ambience: 7/10
Food: 8.5/10
Service: 7.5/10
Value for money: 7/10
Location: 9/10

For more information please contact Mr. Varadraj shenoy on 07760 606060
You can also place your order for home delivery service on 07760609090

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Ruchir Agarwal, India :
We 2 families went there last sunday.The food and service was very good in fact but compared to the bigger hotels the pricing shud have been a little lesser.
Sandeep Shenoy, India :
Reading this article, i visited this place last sunday on my monthly trip to mangalore. While some of the stuff was ok, the chef messes up Pomfret ghee roast. It was loaded with salt and upon pointing the same out to the manager, they were reluctant to accept the fact. This is despite us not even asking for replacement!!!. Sad state of service.
ruchir agarwal, India :
Wonderfull review.i must go there once.Plz have a review on hotel Maya international [opp\' mang. nsg. home] We went there today and found everyting ok
Lorren, Comoros :
Good to see a talent at work. I canít match that.
The 3 Hungry Men, India :
Deepthi: Thanks for the support Deepthi. We appreciate it. We will give you more and more of the reviews every week. Stay tuned to the 'Dine Out' Section.

Drona: Definitely Mr. Drona. Infact, we are working on it.

Deepa: Thanks for the compliments Deepa. We too are looking forward to get an exclusive column here. Thanks for the support as well. :)
Deepa, India :
Great guys are should have an exclusive column on the main page..
Drona, India :
Can we have review of Guttu specialties please?
deepthi, India :
awesome review guys :D n believe me your review is perfect :D keep up the good work :D
The 3 Hungry Men, India :
@a.naik: yes we do have such plans. its just been 3 weeks since our inception so loads more to come. an yes the next article will be next week. keep visiting the dine out section

@Drona: haha ofcourse we always have space for hungry people as we share your feelings

@Shaly Periera: god bless u maam, in our rating for food we do consider the hygeine too
and i hope too hope or graphic goes on the homepage :)
Shaly Pereira, India :
The food looks good and so does the ambience. A great write-up.....will surely encourage people to visit. Perhaps you should also have a rating for hygiene?

And I agree with Newton....the graphic of the '3 Hungry Men' should go on the homepage.

Good job guys....may your hunger take you places:)
Drona, India :
Good review. I liked the description of the dishes. Trust me. I would like to accompany you guys some time.[4 Hungry men]
a.naik, India :
great guys ,but you should be checking out foods n restaurents even home cookin/ food all over k'taka it,d great to read b,cos were missin the cuisnes out there ..thnx waitin for nxt article
The 3 Hungry Men, India :
@Praseena: thanks a lot, u really should visit this place u wont get diasappointed

@Austyn: the green stuff is the lemon coriander kabab, the Oyster is the brown stuff on rightmost of the plate which contains the dosa :)
Austyn Goveas, India :
is that green stuff chicken or oysters????
Newton Dsouza, USA :
Love the graphic of 3 hungry men...! Unfortunately it is visble only on this webpage. Perhaps, you should persuade the webmaster to put the graphic on the home page...!
Praseena, India :
woohoo! great write up and mouth-watering pictures. Have not heard of this place but thanks to you guys looking forward to it when on a hunger rampage. Rocking review! cheers :)
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