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Apr 24, 2019
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The Ultimate Chaat Experience!

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By Colin D’Souza, Nikhil Pai, Rajat R [ Published Date: June 25, 2011 ]

Pictures by Rajat R

  • The chaat here makes your chat reach new heights.

Ever dreamt of having some well deserved chaat from the streets of Delhi right here in Mangalore? Well, then “CHAAT ZARA” is a dream come true place. Located right behind Deepa comforts on M.G road this small place offers the best and most authentic north-Indian chaat items in mangalore city!!

We, the 3 hungry men are of the opinion that tasting is believing. So we headed to Chaat Zara. Greeted by a welcoming smile of Jabir Sultan, the Managing Partner of Chaat Zara, he explained the menu to us which had all kinds of chaats which makes one drool just by reading it. Hence, we were confused , obviously on what to choose. That was when Mr. Jabir suggested that he would bring us the best 3 items he had.

So, the battle for taste began. But as the delicacies started coming to our table, it looked like we were going to lose the fight as the taste of these savories were beyond what we had imagined. It started with the typical ‘Sevpuri’ which was excellently made and cost only 25 Rupees a place and had 6 puris filled with the essential goodies.  Then came the basket chaat which was chaat in a unique eatable basket; this too was extremely tasty and cost only 50 Rupees. Then came the king of them all….the ‘Chaat Zara special’ chaat which came at a worthy price of 60 Rupees! Now this was perhaps one of the best chaats we’ve eaten in our LIVES!! This had everything from fruits to vegetable to curd to raisins and almonds..this is a must try for everyone who comes here.









Then Mr. Jabir sat down with us and gave us some shocking details about his tasty food. He told us that he doesn’t use any ajinomoto or coloring agents in the chaats and uses only sunflower oil wherever oil is necessary! This being healthy and tasty as well. He also added that all the puris that he serves are made by them and is entirely self sufficient with the puris.

For those students and the busy ones who’d like to have a quick bite, Chaat Zara seems to be the place made just for you. With the comfort of well furnished chairs and tables and a beautifully designed interior with the AC running to keep you cool and fresh, you can enjoy your chaat without hassles or noise of the outside world. The place has even made arrangements for a drive-in facility so that you can eat chaats the old school way by sitting in the car with your family. And if you are looking for a chaat stall for the buffet in yours or a relative’s special occasion, Mr. Jabir would be glad to provide you with it. 

For those people who just want to have a small snack, there are items like the samosa, onion & dal kachori which are extremely tasty and only for 10 Rupees!!!

The Families however can get good value for their money and satisfaction with the taste and good ingredients of the food there more than any other chat stall. And they can always eat there without having any concern over your health as Mr. Jabir claims to have been serving quality mineral water and used only sunflower oil to cook.

Then our eyes fell on this puri which was green in color. Mr. Jabir then told us that this was the only place in Mangalore which sold PALAK panipuri. On tasting them we must say that there is no comparison to this taste anywhere in Mangalore city! You also get special pani puris made of Soji which gives an extra crunch. Moreover, the panis that are served are of two kinds, Regular and Spicy. So the spicy pani poori lovers can take the pleasure of the spices that flames up their tongues and those who look for a sober taste in their puris can pour the regular pani on it.

Then, it was the time for deserts. Angoorrabdi and Rasmalai which were the sweets suggested by Mr. Jabir, both of these delicacies were lip smacking and yet again, don’t cut deep into your pockets as they cost only 10 Rupees!

Finally, Mr. Jabir challenges Mangalore confidently that his food has the best quality and taste in Mangalore and we the 3 hungry men vouched for his statement!
So, we finally come to the ratings of this eatery and they are as follows:
Ambience: 7.5/10
Service: 8/10
Taste: 9.5/10
Value for money: 9/10
Location: 10/10
Overall Rating :9/10
You can visit Chaat Zaara behind Deepa comforts M.G Road, Below Soda Shop. Opposite Jail entrance. You can even contact Mr. Jabir Sultan on his number – 095351 36917

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Lina, UAE:
You really saved my skin with this infortmoain. Thanks!
The 3 Hungry Men, India :
@Drona: well we are equally glad for the same

@cynic: ur most welcome and u should chekc this place out

@Kedar Nayak: i certainly agree with u and as far as ajinomoto is concerned its does get used in some chaat items to enhance the taste

@Nashvin: well individual opinions differ but thank you for ur comment, the owner will take note of this and make the necessary changes!
Nashvin, India :
Well I dnt think their service should get a 8, as the waiter does have some problem while taking and taste is nothing more than 7/10

they could still be better compared to the ones that i tasted
Kedar Nayak, India :
Well Chaat Zara is really nice place for ppl who love to eat the hygienic way. BTW I dont think Ajinamoto is used by anybody in Chaats
cynic, Kuwait:
i just ate n im hungry again........good going guys........thanx fr the reviews....will def check this place out....!!!!!..........
Drona, India :
A cup of filter coffee to go with this would be nice. I am glad nice things are happening in Mangalore
The 3 Hungry Men, India :
@ Drona : The green puris are made from fresh palak daily and there is absolutely no color added to them
@ Bennet Vas : thanks a lot maam no doubt chaat zara is extremely clean. And yes we have many restaurants lined up for reviewing, keep visiting the dine out section every week for new reviews by the 3 hungry men
@ Ameera Hassan : I couldn¡¦t agree more !!
@ Nelson Lewis : thank you sir, you should really visit this place!
@ Dhanashree: even the 3 hungry men wont forgive u if u don¡¦t visit chaat zara ƒº and even mouths were watering as we wrote this article ƒº
@ Praseena : God bless u!
@ Winston Martis : u bet it looks yummi, it tastes yummi too
@anonymous : if the 3 hungry men only tuck to eating people wouldn¡¦t have got to read this review and experience the yummy chaats in the 1st place!
@ Haseeba: the 3 hungry men make it a point to go there every week
@ Zahira: I agree, u should try the chaat zara special, a piece of heaven in ur mouth
Austyn Goveas, India :
.... must... have... chaat.... :D
nicely done 3 hungry men!
zahira, India :
hats off to ahmed shabeer,the owner of CZ for putting up such an amazing chaat joint for the mangloreans!!nothing like dis beforee!!loveed the simla kangan chaat!:D
Haseeba, India :
yummy yummy yummy.... cant write more coz im going there again... don't miss this one guys..
anonymous, India :
i think the three hungry men should stick to eating and stop writing. Chaat Zara, im sure you serve amazing chaat.

Winston Martis, India :
Looks Yummi .....
praseena, India :
excellent write up, three hungry men!!
dhanashree vishwanath,, India :
WOW !!!! d article itself made my mouth water !!!! i'll not 4give myself if i dnt go der...!!!
hats off to THE 3 HUNGRY MEN !!!
Nelson Lewis, Bahrain :
I have complimented the writers for an excellent article. Well, in a place like Mangalore well known for its South Indian cuisine, the availability of North Indian stuff is simply great.

However, it is preferred to see the serving staff attired in proper uniform rather than jeans. Well, the proprietor could look into this matter.

Otherwise, everything else appears and sounds great and I will visit this place in Mangalore, whenever I turn up there.
Ameera Hassan, India :
been to chaat zara and loved evrythin i tried!! a must try for chaat lovers!! <3
Bennet Vas, India :
Good Write up - continue to review the other joints in Mangalore and give us an honest feedback. I love chaats - it used to be a Royal Twenty paise a plate way back in 1969 when I was schooling in Bangalore (The road side Ghadi) - no doubt it was not very hygenic - but then those were the days ... Today I avoid eating at any place unless it reasonably clean - and have refrained from eating my fav Chaats for this reason - will try out this joint soon - seems VFM - only hope they keep up the good standard / price. The three hungry men - do visit some of the older joints like "Williaabs - Inasam Hotel" / Costas / Mangala ; the fish joint near IOB Bunder branch etc., These places used to serve wholesome - (sort of) home cooked food at reasonable prices - well we have to compromise if we go in for the ambience etc., for me Clean good food at any hotel is basic - rest follows .....
Drona, India :
This is great news for chat lovers in Manipal.They will have a good clientele as the student population is quite big there.

The green looking puris are probably made with adding spinach [basale] to the wheat flour I think.We see spinach tortillas which look green. They use it to make chicken wraps.
Colin dsouza, India :
Thanks for the positive feedback everyone :) we the 3 hungry men would love to give you more reviews. And mr. Drona, jabir has told us that he's opening a branch in manipal shortly :)
The 3 Hungry Men, India :
Mr. Newton
Surely we are planning for something that way and yes we have some more wonderful mouthwatering reviews

Ms Shereen Thanks alot Ma'am

Ms Smitha Thankyou Ma'am
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