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Apr 22, 2019

Mangalore: I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ideal's Ice Cream

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By Alfie D'Souza, Illinois [ Published Date: January 28, 2014 ]

I scream, you scream, we all scream for Ideal ice cream. Rah! Rah! Rah! Mondays, Tuesdays, and all week long, also Sundays we all scream for sundaes. Sis-boom-bah! Boola-boola, sarsaparoolla. If you've got chocolate, we'll take vanilla. I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream. Rah! Rah! Rah! I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream. Rah! Rah! Rah! Parfait, Banana Split , Gadbad to Chocolate Dad, Ideal's has it all. Sis-boom-bah! Oh, Senorita, oh, Dilkush, Silky Tiramisu-they are my favorites, and not to forget the Falooda also. And confidentially, oh, no baloney. I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream. Rah! Rah! Rah!
Mangalore: With the melting heat of January, there is nothing better than “screaming” for a cooling treat on a hot scorching day. I have a real “soft” spot for ice cream, and I love trying out the different ice cream flavours at any one of the four Ideal's Ice Cream shacks in town.  Although I haven’t tried all the flavours, but I have a own flavour of choice. With so many varieties in flavour, Ideal's Ice cream is sure to satisfy even the pickiest of eaters!

I remember when I was a kid, my mother is used to take to me Ryans Ice Cream parlour, (it used to be opposite Bata showroom, Hampankatta-next to Catholic Club-it's no more now) for fruit salad-the best one then during 80s. Then when I was in college, Shetty's Ice Cream parlour near Hampankatta Circle-signal lights was the perfect place to hang around for a delicious veg cutlets and mouth-watering ice creams-even Shetty's Ice Cream parlour is no more. Then with the invasion of Ideal's Ice Cream parlour on Market Road-it was the place to go for the best ice cream available in town-and no where else.

I have tried various brands of Ice creams in Chicago, USA during the last so many years, like Baskin Robbins, Ben and Jerry's, Breyer's, Dairy Queen, Haagen Dazs and many others, but none of them tasted so good like Ideal's Vanilla flavor-it has a unique taste from other brands. That's because the philosophy at Ideal Ice Cream is simple-they treat ice-cream like food, and they select the purest and finest ingredients and then set out to create what has become one of the best ice creams money can buy. For consistent results they are careful to see that everything is done in the correct way at every stage of manufacturing and it is the reason why the Ideal brand of ice cream today enjoys an iconic status when people talk about ice cream not just in Mangalore but all over the world
S. Prabhakar Kamath, the founder of Ideal ice creams started out in business dealing in tailoring material and firecrackers. Seasonal fluctuations in those businesses got him thinking on a more secure line of business that would be in demand throughout the year. So, he decided to start an ice cream parlour in spite of there being fierce competition in the segment. Setting out to make the best ice cream possible, he taught himself the art of ice cream making and conducted experiments at home, testing his creations on enthusiastic neighbours. Three months later he launched Ideal Ice Cream Parlour on Market Road in Mangalore on May 1, 1975 with14 flavours. The rest was history.
In two short years the ice creams that he manufactured so tantalized the taste buds of Mangaloreans that people were willing to wait in queue just to get a chance to savour the ice cream. With the growing demand, expansion was inevitable. Today Ideal Ice Cream has four parlours in Mangalore city, one (on Market Road) of which is the largest ice cream parlour in the country. Ideal Ice Cream is also available through 500 dealers. Its retail network also stretches across coastal Karnataka, Kerala and Goa.
Briefing on how it all started, Prabhakar Kamath, the founder of Ideal ice cream said that, the ice cream business started accidentally. "In 1939, my father was running a small business in the name of Ideal trading and we used to sell toys, threads and all the tailoring items. During the season we used to sell fire crackers. We used to do both the business in a small shop till 1962. After my father's death I continued that business. I found selling fire crackers was a profit making business and I was giving more attention towards this business".

He further continued and said, "All of a sudden I thought of starting ice cream business because at that time most of the people were making ice cream at home. I contacted everyone, gathered the information of preparing ice cream and tried to make it at home. For three months I was preparing ice cream and distributing it to my friends and neighbours and asking their opinion. I started making ice cream and learnt the tricks through trial and errors for three months. During the 4th month I was confident to start a full fledged ice cream parlour ".

"On May 1, 1975 I started my first ice cream business in Mangalore. There was huge response from the people especially the medical students who insisted me to continue with the ice cream business even during the rainy season. In 1980, I discontinued my other business and continued with ice cream. In 2003, I handed over the manufacturing unit to my son Mukund. Now he is taking care of the entire business. I have put only the foundation and my son has built a strong building.  Today whatever success we have achieved it is the hard work and dedication of my son Mukund".

Mukund Kamath is a man with smiles and full of life. He's a businessman by profession, but hardly has something in him akin to a businessman, yet he is successful, perhaps that's owing to his heart full of compassion. He is smart, handsome and also shy at the same time. He is a genius in his own sense, and is thus incomparable to any. Mukund is more than accomplished person, and his ambitions and futurist endeavors are clearly visible. Since the very day Ideal made its way into the market not a single national player has been able to penetrate in the market. And even if penetrated, not many have succeeded to reach to that standards of Ideal's. Ideal's legacy rules Kudla !

Prabhakar Kamath’s passion for quality has elevated his ice cream brand to an iconic status in coastal Karnataka - A ‘must visit’ place for anyone visiting Mangalore. Ideal Ice creams unique recipes now extend to nearly 45 flavours and from them Ideal creates about 100 combinations – each with a distinctive and indulgent taste that makes it a truly outstanding experience. Joined by his son Mukund Kamath, the Ideal brand has grown in leaps and bounds. Mukund has trained at the Central Food Technology & Research Institute in Mysore and also the National Dairy Research Institute of Bangalore. Together they sample every single batch of ice cream that comes out of their factory. What’s significant about Ideal Ice Cream is that it is 100% vegetarian. No egg is used. Just pure fresh milk, cream and a secret formula that remains within the family.

Just last month, Ideal Ice Cream secured a major triumph of five awards at The Great Indian Ice Cream Contest 2013, an all India Ice Cream Competition held on 03 December 2013 at Gurgaon, New Delhi under the aegis of Indian Dairy Association, organised by DUPONT Nutrition and Health – a leading supplier of food ingredient solutions to the global dairy industry. More than 70 topnotch Ice Cream companies across India had participated, competing in six different categories, namely - Standard Vanilla Ice Cream, Standard Vanilla Frozen Dessert, The Best Chocolate, Premium Ice cream, Kids Category and Innovation - and nearly 500 samples were presented.

Ideal Ice Cream won - Best in Class in Vanilla Ice cream; Gold in Vanilla Ice cream; Gold in Vanilla Frozen Dessert; Silver in The Best Chocolate; and Silver in Innovation category (Jack Fruit Payasam ice cream) S Mukund Kamath, had accepted the awards on behalf of the firm. Overall, Ideal Ice Cream Mangalore held the distinction of winning the most number of awards in the contest. This contest was the fourth of its kind and biggest in the world in terms of number of contestants. The best brands in India participated in the contest. The event was independently judged by an eminent panel of judges, comprising of leaders in the Ice cream industry, members of Indian Dairy Association, members of Dairy Academia and technical and innovation leaders from DuPont.
The ice creams were primarily judged on the flavour and aroma, texture and body and in presentation. There was an initial round to identify the gold winners who qualified for the finals. In the finals the gold winners competed amongst themselves for the coveted and most prestigious "Best in class" award. The contest is held to recognize commitment to excellence and high quality standards in ice- creams. Connoisseurs of Ice Cream now have an additional reason to visit Mangalore – to taste the best Vanilla Ice Cream in India. Truly, Ideal Ice Cream has made Mangalore proud.
Ideal ice cream is the first largest ice cream parlour in India where 1000 people can be accommodated at a time. Ideal ice cream produces nearly 20,000 litres ice cream per day, out of which 50% of it is Vanilla ice cream. Ideal ice cream has 45 flavours of ice creams.  In recent time Ideal Ice Cream has diversified its product portfolio to include a number of retails products. These include Ice Candies, Chocobars, Ice Lollies, Choconutz, Ice Cream Cones, Ice Cream Sundaes and cups in a variety of flavours. There are plans for starting a ice cream parlour in Bangalore very soon.

Since the beginning, innovation has been a mainstay of Ideal Ice Cream and the famous Ice cream concoction ‘Gadbad’ bears testimony to this. Ask anyone what Ideal Ice Cream is most famous for and you will get the answer ‘Gadbad’. So popular is this ice cream dessert that it has now become a generic name and imitations of this can be found in almost any ice cream parlour in coastal Karnataka. To this day, Ideal Ice Cream remains committed to developing exceptional new super premium Ice Cream experiences, releasing new flavors every year. We will be anxiously waiting for the new flavors-until then let's all scream loud for Mangalore's favorite ice cream-" Ideal's Ice Cream" !

On behalf of Team Mangalorean , I congratulate the management and staff of Ideal's Ice Cream for winning the coveted awards, and wish them all success- We feel proud to have them as our well-wishers and supporters for the last so many years. Please patronize their following outlets :
IDEAL'S (India's Largest Ice Cream Parlour)     
Market Road, Mangalore - 575 001, India
Phone: +91 824 2440396, 2447872
Ideal Cream Parlour
G.H.S. Road, Mangalore - 575 001, India
Phone: +91 824 2447870, 2428005
Ideal Cream Parlour
G.H.S. Road, Mangalore - 575 001, India
Phone: +91 824 2447870, 2428005
Lalbagh, Mangalore - 575 001, India
Phone: +91 824 2457925
Empire Mall, M.G. Road, Mangalore - 575 003, India
Phone: +91 824 6551393

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