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Apr 25, 2019

Need Answers from the DC of Mangalore? – Post your query HERE

Community service to the people of Mangalore has been the prerogative of this portal ever since its inception. In this regard, is pleased to announce a column called 'Ask the DC'. Through this column, the citizens of Mangalore can have direct internet access to the DC’s office and can ask any questions that pertain to the administration of their city. The DC, will personally go through all their queries and address them through this portal.

With this exercise The DC hopes to get a direct feedback from the public. The DC believes that a mutual trust among the people can be achieved only through a ‘collective effort.’ Therefore, we invite our readers to 'Ask the DC' any queries they wish to. All queries addressed to the DC have to be relevant to the administration of Dakshina Kannada and accompanied by the senders e-mail address. Please note that no personal queries will be entertained.

-- Team Mangalorean

April 2011: The DC Responds!

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By Team Mangalorean, Mangalore [ Published Date: April 23, 2011 ]

Dear Readers,

The DC has responded to your questions submitted as of second week of April 2011 through this column. We have been forwarding all your questions to the DC, Mr. Subodh Yadav on a first come first serve basis.  We will publish the responses as and when we receive them.

In this update, you will find the answers that we have received, so far.  Do continue to send us your questions and please note that questions that are not accompanied by an email address will not be entertained.

Name: Nitin, Mangalore:

What is the District administration doing on the following problems facing Mangalore?
- Traffic controlling plan for future
- Completing the road work, footpath and drainage
- creating brand image of Mangalore
- Control the hooligan groups like Bajrang Dal, Ramasene etc
- Control land mafia in the city - needy people are not able to buy flats because prices have been hiked by these people.
- any plans to develop Mangalore as a tourist destination?
DC's Response:

- We are coming up with a comprehensive traffic management plan for Mangalore city in consultation with the Mangalore Police.
- Already proposal is pending with the state govt. for release of funds under phase-2 of CM's special fund. We have already prepared action plan for footpaths and side drains. As soon as the fund is released the works will be taken up.
- We have come out with certain novel concepts to project Mangalore as an international tourist attraction place and a number of activities are being taken up on that line. For your information district administration had organized a special marathon as well as cross country race on 20th February to create awareness among the people with a slogan of "Clean Green Progressive Mangalore".  We had also organized a mass scale Shramadan programme on 27.03.2011 to create awareness about public hygiene and responsibility towards waste disposal.
-The Police of DK district have certain plans to deal with any kind of such events.
- Please come out with exact nature of the problem with respect to land mafia in the city.
- Regarding tourist destination - Hanging bridge project, Mangala Corniche project, Golf course at Bengre, Development of beaches and involving private bodies for maintenance etc.

Ajay, Birmingham:
Dear DC, welcome to Mangalore. I am sure that you are aware of the multi-storied car parking cum commercial complex planned in Hampankatta on a PPP model. The project got the sanction from the government but has so far not taken off. Is this project jinxed? Is there a proposal to demolish the buildings on the eastern side of KS Rao road starting from SL Shet and also buildings like Dhanyavad and Liberty's for this prestigious project?
DC's Response:

The earlier proposal was for a joint venture with MCC and MUDA on lease basis. But it did not happen. Hence we are planning a modified proposal on PPP model. Once the modified proposal is approved by the government the project will be taken up. Already regular meetings are taking place at MUDA office which has been supervised by DC many times.

Shivaraya Shenoy, Bangalore:
Dear sir, people residing at Maroli, K.E.B, Kembar are facing lot of bus problems such as no bus at regular interval, early in the morning, after 8.30 pm etc. None of the people want to make a complaint because they are scared of the bus mafia. Sometimes one has to wait for 30 to 49 minutes for the bus. And sometimes bus people are cutting short their trip during afternoon giving the excuse that there are no commuters at that time.
I humbly request you to see that all these problems will be solved at the earliest so that it will be a great help to all the suffering people. If the bus people dont agree then please see that this route will be nationalized. Also allow all the buses to go to Kannur (now 3 buses are going to Padil and 2 buses are going to Kannur) One more bus No.62, is there for namesake only. Please take quick action & help the people, Thanking you.
DC's Response:

RTO has been asked to look into the matter and take necessary action.

Kiran, Mangalore:
While the new bypass from Mahaveera Circle to Bendoorwell was widened it could not be concreted as there was a pipeline running under the road. Now that same pipeline continues up to the Bendur treatment plant and the stretch of road from bendoorwell to St. Agnes has been concreted. If the pipeline leaks how is the city corporation going to repair it. Same is the case with the Fr. Mullers road a water mainline runs under the road and its asbestos. Most of the city roads are concreted and water lines run under them. How is the city corporation going to maintain these lines? Has the consultant given enough thought to it?

I see while concreting, the roads have been elevated substantially compared to the original road profile. Was it really necessary to do this as this is creating problem to all the shops and residences adjoining the roads. I hope the consultant will give you an answer. Also, when so much money is spent on road improvement, why is the city corporation not hiring a well reputed road consultant?

DC's Response:

Your question is forwarded to Consultant to reply you directly.

Francis Dcunha, Mangalore Internet City Pvt Ltd., Mangalore:
Dear Sir, My question is on the orders that need to be issued by the AC Court. After the AC court hears the case, the orders are not typed and issued for more than a month. I request you to look into this as we should have a system, where the orders are signed and made available immediately or within the next few days. I request you to kindly check into this and see why the system cant be improved.
DC's Response:

AC Mangalore and Puttur have already been directed to take necessary steps in this regard.

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Marveen, India :
Dear Sir,

There has been so many lobbies which are hell bent to stop the proposed bus stand at Pumpwell. I feel this Bus stand project is the most important project work for mangalore which would help Mamngalore grow without choking our roads.But there is no progress at all. The sketck for bus stand is not ready,the issues relating to service road from Mahaveer circle to the proposed bus stand is still not resolved with National highway authority.SIr,please see that Mangalore gets the best and really high tech bus stand similar to that we have in chennai or Hyderabad.
Dear Sir,
We are the residents of Holy Cross Lane, Neera Marga, Mangalore. There are about 20+ families staying on this road. But the same has never been developed. We have heard that an approval for a 12 ft wide road is existing. But nothing is happenning and the people living here have been suffering from the last 40+ years due to no road at all.
Please intervene for the development of this area.
Uday Rao
Walter Vaz, Germany :
Dear Deputy Commissioner,
If 20% of Mangalore problems can be solved it alone would be an achievement. The entire contribution will go to your credit. We need people like you. That you cannot change much we know because of our corrupt system that is why we expect only 20%. We will be happy.

We beggars cannot be choosers. We will welcome. In Someshwar I requested the local panchayat to allot a tiny place on the beach so that I construct 2 toilets for the common public and I would appoint 2 persons at my cost to maintain the place. Sad to say it is now almost 1 year and I still have no reply. I do not want to mention the part on the dust-bins as this is not the top priority. Please try and help as there are lots of people like myself who want to do something for the place they were born and that too not for publicity but because we feel sorry to hear westeners laugh at India with the Hyginic conditions- Thank you Mr. Yadav.
Ramesh Kadri, India :
Good work by our DC. We are with you Sir. Hope to see ma clean, green Mangalore under your leadership.
Stany passana, India :
Dear Sir, Roads have been widened n concreted, without drains/footpaths/street lights. The drain /footpath work which is going on (right now on Bejai - Kapikad Road) is eating up half or more of the road space. Contractor is stocking gravel, sand mud for long time. Slabs for convering footpaths are casted on mainroads! RMC can be used for concreting drains and slabs can be cast elsewhere and transported to the site as and when needed, leaving roads free for traffic. The present arrangement is dangerous and totally disturbing. Kindly look into the matter.
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