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Apr 22, 2019

Need Answers from the DC of Mangalore? – Post your query HERE

Community service to the people of Mangalore has been the prerogative of this portal ever since its inception. In this regard, is pleased to announce a column called 'Ask the DC'. Through this column, the citizens of Mangalore can have direct internet access to the DC’s office and can ask any questions that pertain to the administration of their city. The DC, will personally go through all their queries and address them through this portal.

With this exercise The DC hopes to get a direct feedback from the public. The DC believes that a mutual trust among the people can be achieved only through a ‘collective effort.’ Therefore, we invite our readers to 'Ask the DC' any queries they wish to. All queries addressed to the DC have to be relevant to the administration of Dakshina Kannada and accompanied by the senders e-mail address. Please note that no personal queries will be entertained.

-- Team Mangalorean

Dec 2010: The DC Responds!

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By Team Mangalorean, Mangalore [ Published Date: December 17, 2010 ]

Dear Readers,

The DC has responded to your questions submitted through this column. We have been forwarding all your questions to the DC, Mr. Subodh Yadav on a first come first serve basis.  We will publish the responses as and when we receive them.

In this third update, you will find the answers that we have received, so far.  Do continue to send us your questions and please note that questions that are not accompanied by an email address will not be entertained.


Ankitha Das, Mangalore: We hope the present DC will take up the problem of unauthorised building with parking areas converted into commercial spaces more seriously rather than pursuing the petty road side vendors. Most of political bigwigs or politically well-connected people have violated building norms. Hence, vehicles are being forced to park on the roads. Take, for example, Arya Samaj Road itself which is in the neighbourhood of DC's residence. At the entrance of the road itself you will find a building which is owned by a prominent politician who got the conversion of the land for residential purpose and built a 3-floor commercial complex far exceeding the FAR and violating all building norms. Parking spaces are being utilized by a seafood restaurant.  As a result, customers' vehicles are parked near the petrol pump premises or on the road. The same is the case with the newly-built boutique Hotel on bridge road. These are just a few examples. Can the New DC please look into the violations of building norms by such unauthorised buildings?

DC: The Mangalore City Corporation authorities and the local police have been asked to look into the matter. Action will be taken if there is any violation of the rules.

Prasanna, Mangalore: I stay at Urwa Stores and I have a question on footpaths. Can you please let me know: once the footpaths have been laid, how are they maintained? If I need to report about a bad footpath that needs repairs, where and to whom to do I report it?

DC: Footpath works have been taken up by corporation in phase - II of CMs special fund. Once the footpaths are laid, Mangalore City Corporation will maintain them and you can report to MCC for any problems with regard to footpaths.

Preetam Rebello, Falnir, Mangalore: First of all a warm welcome to Mangalore. My complaint over here is against Falnir corporator Ranganath Kini. He persuaded us to give our land for road widening for which we readily agreed and he promised to have the work completed within 5 days. A year has passed by and he has not even bothered to have the grilles fixed on our walls and hasn't seen to it that we got our Transferable Development Right ( TDR) in lieu of the land given up. When we call him up he never answers our phone calls and when he does, he gives vague replies saying that "I am going abroad" or "I am out of station, and I will send somebody to look into the matter" after which none of the residents who gave up their land for road-widening were given the TDR even before the road-widening work started. I stay right opposite the More supermarket in Falnir and I  request you to personally look into this matter and solve this problem at the earliest. With the kind of slow pace of work in progress now, I am afraid, nobody will agree to give away their lands for road-widening in future. 

DC: I have asked the Mangalore City Corporation to look into the matter. I am forwarding your number to Commissioner MCC who will contact you and get your TDR prepared as early as possible.

Vinson Vaz, Kadri, Mangalore: I have always wondered if any suitable steps could be taken against erring drivers (especially bus and trailer drivers) who drive rashly and negligently endangering people's lives, sometimes resulting even in death or permanent injuries to the citizens.  I would sincerely appreciate if you could contribute to the implementation of taking strict action by providing warnings and finally withdrawing the licences of the offenders. This way the offender or any future offenders shall be kept at bay.
DC: Already we have taken a decision to install GPS in all the buses which will capture and record all information pertaining to route violation, speeding, unnecessary stopovers and other things.

Henry Miranda, Mangalore: My father inherited property along with his brother around 40 years ago in Kallige village in Bantwal taluk. Since there was no awareness about clearly defining access roads at that time, we do not have access to our land which just 20 metres from the main road. I have tried to move an application to the tahsildar in Bantwal but no response has been  seen till now.  The surrounding private and government land has been purchased by different people now. What can be done in such situations, many of which kind may exist elsewhere in our district?

DC: Dear Henry Miranda, it is not possible for me to comment on your case without seeing the records. Anyway I will inform tahsildar of Bantwal to look into the matter. I am forwarding your query to Tahsildar of Bantwal. You can contact him for further information.

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deeksha, India :
Dear Sir,
I think its my duty to inform u, about some of the problems faced by me as well as all the public in hampankatta signal light junctions. As you are aware of the people selling & begging near hampankatta junction, while we go there for shopping some childrens of their group come & pull our dressess, bags for begging if we shout them also they dont leave us.

If the autorikshaw stands for signal these people come & pulls there also. The ladies sits in middle of the roads with their small babies & beggs, the small girls around 10-12years sell products their but the boys who work in nearby shops & some useless guys, even one mad there use them for some unwanted works, as i heard from some true witness. Even in front of public the guys touches their whole body.

As a public mainly as a girl i cant bear such thinks happening in front of us. While walking there the guys dashes us says something in their languages. The traffic police is not controlling them, i know they are begging for their life, let them beg but not disturbing the publics.

One more thing is inside the D.C office,in Padashala in C-window where we get our Income,caste certificates etc, the lady working there is not responsing to the publics in correct manner, she use abuse language if we ask anything, we the public leave our house & office works & wait there for whole day when our number comes we go there & stand the lady sitting inside there speaks in mobile phone & to her colleagues for 1 hour & more than that but we are still waiting for her there.If we say we are getting late pls come & do the work she says then u come tommorrow.
So Kindly take the action on the both the problems.I hope u will do the needfull.

Thanking you,

Ramakrishna Hosabettu, India :
Respected Sir,

Still to date no action on my complaint in respect of "PEDESTRAINS CROSSING THE NH 17 AT Suratkal below the FLY OVER right across City Lunch Home Hotel ?
Ramakrishna Hosabettu, India :
Really something is moving. But in case of my complaints @ Suratkal Fly over, Toilet, Pedestrain crossing @ the crossing from NH-!& Nothing is happening. Better take early action. It is possible to stream line the things at least ----- But no one worried. After my posting of CITY BUS STOPS Shelter @ RTO (Nehru Maidan is apt) But What I felt the present DC has to see the progress After Suratkal. Very Fast. Is it not possible to construct OVER BRIDGER @ Bykampady Rly crossing. Why no action ?????
Ramakrishna Hosabettu, India :
I earnestly request you to kindly post Police authorities @ SURATKAL JUNCTION immediately. Lot of risk we public are facing. This is my 13th JAN letter . If you do not take action, I will be forced to send POST CARD protest or NET protest . Please -----
Ramakrishna Hosabettu katipalla, India :
Today 4th Jan I visited the "Public Toilet" behind the SURATKAL BUS STAND (UDUPIside). To my surprise the URINALS" Mutra for Gents was blocked for ------ But they are charging Re 1/-per Gents Urinal. I feel that there is no control. It is looting the public. This should be stopped . . My suggestion is that instead U can put one Mobile Urinal (In Udupi bus stand it was there) so that the urinal collected may used as Manure for Public Trees.
Ramakrishna Hosabettu katipalla, India :
Today in VKdaily I have read one Gram Panchayat of BAILUR (Karkala) has taken up the task of erecting NAME BOARD (MARGADARHANA) Road Sign boards in Kannada ,in total. We the KATIPALLA consisting of 10 Blocks does not have any names for road, even Boards indicator. We are calling "FORWARD" Is it not shame for the all the "ELECTED MEMBERS" whoever it may be to still follow the ageold method of identifying, locating the house in cities (near the Pallavi Textile, near Yuvaka Mandal) I hope the present DC will visit once our Katipalla Krishnapura where (>10) many Multi Storeyed Buildings are coming up .
Ramakrishna Hosabettu, India :
Suratkal Town being one of the nerve centre for Mangalore does not have any type of name boards displayed along the NH Circle MR-UDUPI, SRL -BAJPE deviation road 1) MRPL 2) Railway Station 3) Airport 4) Pilgrimage places such as Kateel , etc 5) Katipalla -Krishnapura - Surinje , Shibarur,
Please instruct the concerned authorities to put up Road Sign Board at the earliest
Aremar, India :
If traffic police are more alert in booking errant drivers on the spot, it will give a warning note to those who intend to defy traffic rules.
City buses keen on overtaking, stop at stops blocking the way on right side of the road with sometimes the police keeping eyes closed. Using all places available, for creating a Rickshaw Parking place though not notified, is another hazard.
Ramakrishna Hosabettu, India :
Respected DC Sir,

Please respond to my Question published in this "ASK the DC" since one month. My E-mail Address:,,
My Residentials LL # 0824-2270373
Vinay, India :
Respected Sir,

I realise you are always bombarded with questions of housekeeping, law and order and many relating matters but I here would like to extend my support to you inorder to help you in your work and ease it a little bit for you.
Me a Graduate and have been working abroad past 6 years. I have worked in UAE and was looking over places like Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Muscat. Travelled places like, Turkey, Singapore, few places within India as well.

I am interested in house keeping the city. If there is any oppurtunity please le tme know. Let my knowledge, experience and interest come of some use to my lovely town.

Thanking you,
Vinson Vaz, Kuwait:
I do sincerely appreciate the DC's earnest effort to reply to people's queries. But I mean no offence and disrespect either, its just that it is not all satisfactory. First of all we can engage the precious time of the DC with trivial matter, except in the terms of anything related to the smooth administration of the district. Am thankful for the DC's reply to my query, but the sheer effort to install GPS in all buses would only solve the problem of route violation, speeding unnecesary stopovers etc, but it would allow the drive to resort to other strategies. It so happened my neice almost got run over by another bus since the bus she was alighting from stopped in the middle of the road in front of the Kadri bus stand coming from Nanthur in an effort to block the bus behind it to not overtake it, which resorted in the bus behind it to overtake from the left in front of the bus stand and the other bus. This is a common practice and the traffic police have been turning a blind eye to this over a period of years. If only the DC would give strict directives to the RTO to ensure the GPS shall record touch down only if the Bus stopped at every bus stand in an ear marked area, this problem could be made with.
I also do realise it is too much to ask, but it will solve a lot of problems from the erring drivers.
Thank you!
M Kamath, India :
Thank you DC saab for your response.
I have faith in you and your system.

I am still worried about many interior roads with pot holes that are not attended to as of today.

Many places, concrete roads end up in sudden drop where they are adjoined with Tar roads. Kadri Mallikatta junction is an example.

Just to quote another example, see the condition of the road from Besant circle to Jail Road. Since many months this road is full of pot holes. Now there is road block towards PVS Circle and this road is used by heavy vehicles and other small vehicles feeling difficulty.

At least send directives to your subordinates to surface the interior roads till they correct the main roads.

That is the least we can expect from you.

Thank you DC Saab for your kind follow up on other matters.
This pertains to Driving and Traffic. In Mangalore city and outside the city, drivers, specially Bus and Lorry drivers use LEFT INDICATORS to OVERTAKE another vehicle from RIGHT SIDE. Similarly, the driver of the vehicle in front of me uses RIGHT SIGNAL to allow me to OVERTAKE HIM from the RIGHT. When I asked a traffic police, the answer is "they are taught that way, and there is some understanding.". Since Side Indicators are becoming commonly accepted thing, can the Traffic Department educate the all those drivers who got their license 30 years ago on the correct use and meaning of SIDE INDICATORS? I found it is not worthwhile to argue with Traffic police in Mangalore.
Vinod Kumar, UAE:
Thank you Sir for responding.
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