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Apr 25, 2019

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Community service to the people of Mangalore has been the prerogative of this portal ever since its inception. In this regard, is pleased to announce a column called 'Ask the DC'. Through this column, the citizens of Mangalore can have direct internet access to the DC’s office and can ask any questions that pertain to the administration of their city. The DC, will personally go through all their queries and address them through this portal.

With this exercise The DC hopes to get a direct feedback from the public. The DC believes that a mutual trust among the people can be achieved only through a ‘collective effort.’ Therefore, we invite our readers to 'Ask the DC' any queries they wish to. All queries addressed to the DC have to be relevant to the administration of Dakshina Kannada and accompanied by the senders e-mail address. Please note that no personal queries will be entertained.

-- Team Mangalorean

Meet the new DC - Mr. Subodh Yadav

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By Rajanikanth Shenoy & Violet Pereira [ Published Date: November 10, 2010 ]

Community service to the people of Mangalore has been the prerogative of this portal ever since its inception. In this regard, is pleased to announce the continuation of our column called 'Ask the DC'. Through this column, the citizens of Mangalore can have direct internet access to the DC's office and can ask any questions that pertain to the administration of their city. The DC, Mr. Subodh Yadav, wholeheartedly agreed to continue this column and has personally assured that he would go through all their queries and address them through this portal.

Ever since he assumed the post of DC, Mr. Subodh has made a genuine attempt to involve the citizens of Mangalore in the running of the city. The city has already witnessed some positive changes during the tenure of the previous DC Mr. Ponnuraj and now Mr. Subodh will continue his work with full dedication. When we approached him to continue this column he said that, with this exercise he hoped to get a direct feedback from the public. The DC believes that a mutual trust among the people can be achieved only through a collective effort.'

Therefore, we invite our readers to 'Ask the DC' any queries they wish to. All queries addressed to the DC have to be relevant to the administration of Dakshina Kannada and accompanied by the senders e-mail address. Please note that no personal queries will be entertained.



Our new DC Subodh Yadhav was born on August  5th 1972, in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh.  He is a distinguished IAS officer having an Engineering qualification.  He assumed charge as the 121st Deputy Commissioner of Dakshina Kannada on October 23rd 2010.  Prior to this posting, he was serving as personal secretary to Union Minister M. Veerappa Moily. Yadav, who took charge as a probationary officer in Belgaum, later was appointed as the Assistant Commissioner in Sakleshpur. He also served as the C.E.O  of Dakshina Kannada Zilla Panchayat from August 29, 2004 to May 31, 2005.

Subodh Yadav spoke at length to Team Mangalorean about his new assignment and his expectations of the people of Mangalore.

Sir, Welcome to Dakshin Kannada District, one of the most developed districts in Karnataka, the land of Education, Banking and Healthcare Services. What is your first impression about Mangalore and the people of Dakshin Kannada District?

DC: I find the people of Mangalore to be very learned, highly educated and law abiding.  They are always moving forward.

What are the challenges before you and how do you plan to tackle them?

DC: Challenges are numerous as you all are aware. From basic facilities to high-end requirements. Some of them are like conditions of roads in the district, encroachment of government land and public places, developmental projects involving interdepartmental approach, coastal sea erosion and management, fishing harbor at Kulai hosabettu, International std. Railway station at Mangalore, Remodeling of Storm water Drain in Mangalore city, Restructuring of Trafffic Movement for free flow of traffic, Proper parking arrangement, Shifting of bus stand, Air cargo complex at Bajpe, widening of roads and drains/footpath construction and over and above all of them providing clean and efficient administration to help poor people.

In the fast developing scenario with magnanimous growth in construction activities and increasing vehicular traffic, what are the plans of the District Administration to improve infrastructure like roads and parking facilities? We have been observing concretization of many roads especially KS Rao Road where parking problem has not been solved as yet. There was a proposal to build a parking complex in the old Hampankatta Bus Stand. Nothing seems to move as yet. Do you have a positive move in this direction?

DC: As you are aware, the first phase of special fund of 100 cr has been utilized for cement roads and in the second phase footpath and side drains are being taken up all along these roads in addition to left over major roads for cementing purpose. This is in addition to regular road repair and maintenance works taken up by the corporation.

Similarly, a multi-layer car parking has been proposed at Hampankatta to accommodate 800 cars at a time consisting of G+4 floors. Two times tender was called but could not be finalized because of the absence of competition. Once again tender process is finalized after getting the study report from IDF.

Streetside vendors have been banned by the authorities. Are there any plans to rehabilitate them?

DC: There is a plan to relocate the street side vendors in the central market area and to remodel it.

National Highways are in a very bad shape, especially between Nanthoor and Thokkottu. It is a welcome note that you have directed to repair the highway between Nanthoor and Pumpwell as a priority following the one day boycott by the Transport Operators. Highway Authority doesn't seem to maintain the highways unless your office interferes. Is there a long-term solution to this?

DC: I hope the problems would be minimized now as the issue has been taken up with the concerned authorities with all seriousness. Pothole filling exercise would be taken up in an organized and fast manner to provide immediate solution to public.

Mangalore is generally considered as a peace loving city with all religions co-existing in harmony. Two bad incidents over the last couple of years have left a dark spot in the minds of Mangaloreans. Now the situation is under control. What measures are you planning to take to ensure peaceful atmosphere here in the long run?

DC: All developmental activities would be taken up with people's active cooperation and participation. Religious leaders would be requested as and when to interfere and help. Peace committee meetings would be convened as per the requirement. Police force has sufficient direction to ensure peaceful coexistence.

Your predecessor V Ponnuraj has been one of the most dynamic of all the DCs we have seen. He has done a great job in controlling illegal constructions and trade practices. One of the columns in our website, 'ASK THE DC' was motivated by our Team member Violet Pereira. It attracted questions from the citizens of Mangalore regarding civic problems for which, Ex-DC has promptly replied. Do you wish to continue the trend Sir?

DC: Of course, it has to be continued. This kind of interaction is very necessary between the administration and the citizens.
Terrorist activities are spreading towards South India. What are your future plans for Dakshina Kannada district in tackling anti-social elements?

DC: Already issue has been taken up at various level and reviewed. Police force is being modernized and trained to tackle the situation. With the help of other central and state organization mock drills and exercises are being conducted to ensure high level of preparedness. In general people would be advised regd Dos and DONTs as per the situation.

What are your future plans to improve basic infrastructure of our district in general and Mangalore City in particular?

DC: Some of the main activities-

Widening of road work will continue with people's cooperation.
Footpath and drainage work will be taken up.
Left over patches of cement roads would be covered.
Action will be taken against illegal encroachment on govt. land, public roads and places.
Modified zonal regulations would be finalized for immediate implementation.
Shifting of bus stand to pumpwell circle.
Fast completion of NH projects.
Providing motorable roads for smoother traffic.
Remodelling of Storm water drains.
Making efforts for International stds Railway Station at Mangalore.
Multi layer car parking arrangement.
Tourism related no. of projects- to be taken up.

What is your message to Mangaloreans Sir?

DC: Good and efficient administration is possible with only people's support and help in tackling the problems of the district. Inform me of any point to be acted upon. All efforts would be made to solve people's grievances and to provide good and efficient administration. 

It was a matter of great privilege to have the DC's opinions to convey to Mangaloreans across the globe. We at wish the new DC Mr. Subodh Yadav all the best in the smooth functioning of his office during his tenure as DC of Dakshina Kannada.

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Manoj, UAE:
Home owners Grievance.. Appeal
Dear Sir,

At Karnad by pass NH 17 Land on West Side of Highway Kept idle away/Unused,
At Present NHAI Guided Navayug-KPCL Co. to Build 2 Lanes at [East] one Side Land only, from Pavanje to Udupi, only one side Road widening Work in an unjustified Manner, this will Cause Unsafe Future/ Unfair to All New Homes/Properties only on the East Side.of NH17, heavy double decked Hyundai, Maruthi, Bajaj, Mahindra Auto Trailers move daily front of Schools Gate, Pose Danger, due to Partial, Low-Cost Plan, by NHDP Phase III A,

We All Home owners Urge the Authority to Build Road Divider Exactly Center-Point of old Existing Highway road, from both Sides Equal measure @ Karnad survey No.40-15B
& also add to build Lanes on the West side of existing Road,

Why The Authority Not Building Lanes Using its Land Equally also From West Side??

We All NRI Home owners @ East Side of Karnad need Equal Justice from Authority.
or Plan to compensate New Substitute Parallel Road 58 Kms Udupi to Mangalore beside Konkan Railway Track, will avoid all Future danger for Local Town Schools on the existing highway side.
Ramakrishna Hosabettu, India :
Respected Sir, At Suratkal Circle under the Fly over there is some bit improvements ? Thanks
Ramakrishna Hosabettu, India :
Dear Sir, Will you take some action @ Suratkal Underground of FLY-OVER (opposite Hotel New City Lunch Home) The Service Road Where the city buses from Katipalla Route No 45, 15 A stops for alighting the passengers. The Steep Road & uneven Footpath effects the aged people to get down from the bus. Already the Conductor is telling to alight early (bega, bega jappule) etc) . Please see that the Service road is made alright with the borders widened so that the passenger gets space to get down easily. Will You pl take action? Otherwise Whom to complain please????
Dear Sir. what about service bus? Do u have any plan for stopping them from over speeding the bus inside city mainly old R.T.O office round about?
DC sir; your office is surrounded with loads of garbage. You better clear it up and look in to development. The people who work in your office, they are just to squeeze money from poor people. Every department should be computerised, everything should be in black and white. DC OFFICE still follow pen and paper. Unless or until DC OFFICE IMPROVES MANGALORE WILL NEVER IMPROVE.
Ramakrishna Hosabettu, India :
Sir , I want to narrate a story about "Kulur OLD Bridge" about rain water logging & action taken by Addl Dc last season. Always during rainy season, I used to inform the Corporation authorities through "Civic amenities Phone ( tollfree ) Number 155313 ---- but no action at all. At last I wrote Vijay Karnataka Editor. He also published the Complaints. No action at all??? This went on for 2 years. Ultimately SMS to DC in Mobile helped. He got it cleared the Water drains in the Bridge which was blocked due to mud accumulation. This happening in all the Bridges. Recently I have heard about the condition of Over bridge at Suratkal Railway Over bridge. I want to get it inspected by the concerned authorities to see that the "rain water drain hole made both side of the bridge blocked by ----- authorities. I request you to issue a order to see that the water drains are cleaned before the onset of monsoon. I am going to narrate many such instances occurred during my career in this column.
Arun N Suvarna, UAE:
Welcome to Respected DC, I take this opportunity to draw your attention on lack of big, beautiful gardens and parks around the city, especially in newly expanded suburban city limits. These gardens and parks not only give face lift to city, but a perfect place for people to relax and enjoy the warmth of beautiful nature.

Kindly look into it Sir,
Ramakrishna Hosabettu, India :
IMPHAL, Sep 26: With women vendors selling vegetables and other eatable items along Nagamapal road stretch starting to dispose off garbage generated from their respective plots at proper places, the filth and grime that used to be the ubiquitous character of Nagamapal Road is steadily becoming a thing of the past, thanks to the ongoing Zero Garbage Campaign. Prior to the campaign, the garbage generated by these women vendors from their respective plots, extending right from the foot of Maharani bridge to Kangjabi Leirak crossing, used to be piled up along the road side reducing the eastern side of road almost to a never ending garbage pit.

However, after some people came to launch the campaign about 13 days back and sensitise the women vendors on proper disposal of garbage, throwing of waste materials along the road side has gone down. Today, the eastern side of the road has regained its look of a road and the stench emanated while passing through is no more.

Interacting with The Sangai Express, 65-year old P Memtombi, who has been selling Soibum (fermented Bamboo shoots) along Nagamapal Road for a long time, said, We have started collecting the garbages generated from our own plots either in a basket or sack and have stopped throwing them on the road. We have also agreed to impose fine on anyone who dump garbages on the road.

I feel present DC can go through this article & try to emulate in MANGALORE on trial basis.
Ankitha Das, India :
Hats off to our DC. He has not bothered to answer any of the issues raised here in these columns and preffered to remain a mute spectator. All initiatives taken by Sri ponnuraj is in the back burner. Parking at Juice junction & bridge road is rampant dispite "NO PARKING" signal. every thing is back to square one.
Hosabettu Ramakrishna , India :
Dear Sir, I request you to inspect the " water logged spot " under the Fly over under construction at KULUR (near the Bridge) which is a breeding place for MALARIA. I want to get those places sprayed with insectidites. This is a common scene at Kulur, Suratkal Bus (under construction Fly over) near the PADMAVATY HOSPITAL just near to Suratkal Corporation Office. I hope the concerned authorities to take action immidiately?
Ramakrishna Hosabettu, India :
Sir, Kindly these issues
1) The City Bus Stand at Nehru Maidan: Really pitiable, No Bus routes, Torn Display Boards,
2) No footpaths for Pedestrains in Mangalore HAMPANKATTA Area
3) Come to KATIPALLA & TRY to improve the Town, No sign boards for Roads, Concrete Road without "FOOTPATH"
deog aranha, India :
We are happy to note that we have got a young and energetic administrator who is already aware of our plus and minus points. Among other things i only appeal to the dc that he gives utmost importance to the hygiene, like collection of garbage or slowly elimination of garbage bins by the side of the road and arranging to collect the garbage from the houses and restaurants, regular spray of mosquito repellants, arranging proper flow of drainage water etc. and discipline in public palces, like traffic regulations providing parking places pedestrian walking tracks etc. which does not need much capital but only will to do.
N.S.Shenoy (Nandavar), India :
"...and above all of them providing clean and efficient administration to help poor people. "-Our new DC Subodh Yadav.

When every citizen expects clean and efficient administration, why only to help poor people? I hope, he meant all citizen.

Sir, please come out with a time-table and work chart for execution.

Wish him every success.
Arun, UAE:
Mr. DC.

Will you look into the comment written by Ankitha das, India and give your facts. If the person which is written true, than will you take the action against the Great Politian?

Then I can consider you are honest.
Benedict Noronha, India :
So far the D.C. has kept up his assrance of following up the decisions of Dr. Ponnuraj for Mangalore. he must continue to do so as to keep up the good impressions he has given to the people in sevaral occasions and through media. The spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is week' is a biblical saying. that means political pressures and money power should not diter him from the steps he has planned to take. Peoples good is to be the ultimate objective. Very rarely we get such Officers.

I am sure, Mr Subodh Yadhav, the D.c. will make his thnking a reality.I wish him All the best.
Alwyn, Canada :
Good Job. Hope to see good result in terms of development of Mangalore. Seems to be a good clean officer.
Nagendra Shenoy, India :
Kudos to the new DC and Team Mangalorean. I like the professionalism with which Kudpiraj and Violet have formed the questions - politically correct, short and crisp and most importantly very relevant. I also see the DC has opened the homepage of :-)
Within days DC Mr. Subodh Yadav has proved to be exceptionally capable and intelligent. He is bright and visionary. If politicians don't block him we shall she terrific progress in Mangalore. He humble yet determined. God has sent another able DC to us. Best wishes to you Sir.
Stephen Mathias, India :
Welcome back to Manglore Sir, We are very happy to receive one more honest DC for DK District. With your leadership Mangalore will witness fast improvement in the city.
Praseena Prabhakar, India :
The footpaths need to be constructed as soon as possible, it will automatically ease up the congestion of traffic because pedestrians will have a way to walk and not interfere with the mobility of traffic. All the best.
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