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Apr 25, 2019

Need Answers from the DC of Mangalore? – Post your query HERE

Community service to the people of Mangalore has been the prerogative of this portal ever since its inception. In this regard, is pleased to announce a column called 'Ask the DC'. Through this column, the citizens of Mangalore can have direct internet access to the DC’s office and can ask any questions that pertain to the administration of their city. The DC, will personally go through all their queries and address them through this portal.

With this exercise The DC hopes to get a direct feedback from the public. The DC believes that a mutual trust among the people can be achieved only through a ‘collective effort.’ Therefore, we invite our readers to 'Ask the DC' any queries they wish to. All queries addressed to the DC have to be relevant to the administration of Dakshina Kannada and accompanied by the senders e-mail address. Please note that no personal queries will be entertained.

-- Team Mangalorean

The DC Responds!

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By Team Mangalorean, Mangalore [ Published Date: January 8, 2010 ]

Dear Readers,

The DC has responded to your questions submitted through this column. We have been forwarding all your questions to the DC, Mr. V. Ponnuraj on a first come first serve basis.  We will publish the responses as and when we receive them.

In this third update, you will find the answers that we have received, so far.  Do continue to send us your questions and please note that questions that are not accompanied by an email address will not be entertained.

Name: Ram
Location: India

Dear sir,
You have said recently that the bus stand near State Bank will be shifted to pumpwell. My advise is to go for decentralized bus stand and build the same at 3 or 4 different places. What is your opinion sir?

Response from DC:

Yes, I agree with you but right now it may not be a feasible idea for many reasons. So to start with we are starting Pumpwell bus stand.  When the land acquisition is over, we will shift the bus stand with temporary structures soon.

Name: Roshan Isaac
Location: Dubai / Attavar

Dear DC Sir,

Whilst we commend the concretisation work going on in and around Mangalore city, we also find that this work needs more efficiency in terms of drainage provisions. We find elevated roads, but with sewerage line for storm water. This will cause serious blockage during monsoon and we may see buildings collapse or flash floods within urban areas. Kindly order the contractors to look into sewerage lines as they progress laying concrete on roads. Thank you.
Response from DC:

The issue of storm water drainage is very much there and the concern has been raised by public at large. The fact is that the rain water or storm water drain and footpath along with utility duct is a major project as big as the concrete road project itself. This is being taken up in the next special package. The action plan is getting finalised and it would take about 2-3 months before the work starts as it needs to be approved by the government. But we are at it.

Name: Dolphi Saldanha
Location: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Repeating my request sent earlier:
Requesting your kind judgement on my D.C. Court LR appeal No.2/2008-2009.

Response from DC

I cannot comment on the court matters here, though it is in my court.

Name: Ryan Lobo
Location: Kulshekar, Mangalore

Respected Sir,

First of all we must appreciate you on your all out efforts in giving us a better Mangalore to live in. I would like to bring to your notice that the Kulshekar -Saripalla road has always been a bone of dispute with the railways & the MCC. There are over 1000 families living right from Melthota right uptill Kannagudda. However there is a stretch of road approx 1Km which hasnt seen the light of the day. This road has been existing since time immemorial. Many corporators, ministers, mayors etc have come & gone, but none of them were able to do anything with regards to tarring this road. Will we see some light at the end of the day with regards to this road???
Response from DC:

Let me check on this, as this time in the next special package the emphasis is being given to interior and minor roads. This might get covered, if not, we will do something about it.

Name:      John Vas
Location: Kulshekar, Mangalore-Dubai

Dear DC

I just came from visiting my hometown, Maroli, Kulshekar. Happy to know Mescom erecting light poles, road widening going on. Since the work just started why can't the work be finished with at least two lanes from Maroli to Kaikamaba and then Kaikamba to Nanthoor, then start other two lanes opposite side instead of digging full area and leaving potholes for years.  It really makes people sick because of dust as well as uncomfortable to travel with potholes. Do not forget Maroli area is not touched for years, people sacrifice has to be considered and work to be done with good quality and delay. It is better to make 3 lanes now since there is enough set back land in Maroli roadside. Also good drainage for rain water, toilet pits, good footpath so that in the evening people can walk freely without any traffic disturbance. Also, a decent fish market to be established in this area. Wish you very good governance in Mangalore and God's blessings from heaven.
Response from DC:

Thank you and would like to state that this part of road is being done by NHAI over whom we hardly have any control. They are dead slow inspite of our repeated reminders to their higher ups also. The project contractor is probably finding it difficult to work with the rates quoted long back as the project was delayed mainly because of court stays and delay in pipeline shiftings and MESCOM line shiftings as a consequence. Now that the land acquisition is over and MESCOM is shifting its line, things can be speeded up, but the contractor is not ready to complete the job at the old rates, hence it is getting delayed.

The problem in doing part of the road is that there is 33 km underground MESCOM main line between Maroli to Nantoor. No work can be started without shifting this line as it is a live line. This got delayed mainly because of land acquisition problem and even today there are issues in clear corridor. However, things will improve shortly.

Name:     Pavan
Location: Bekal

Respected Sir,
My request is a bit unique one. Now that you have served our people for quite a while & also you look a bit like people of Tulunad we have a feeling that you are one among us.   As you know that Queen city Mangalore is considered as the capital of Tulunad.  We Tuluvas have one thing short. That is TULU satellite TV channel. As you know the entire Tulunad people speak Tulu language & we would love to watch our own people in our TV in Tulu language.  Hence you are in such a position that you will have many investors coming to you, Could you please set up & give government assistance for  Tulu TV channel?  We people of Tulunad will never ever forget the gift you have given. Please consider this my sincere request.

Response from DC

Let me see what I can do on this request.

Name:      Roshan Dsouza
Location: Mangalore/Qatar

Dear Sir, you are one of the best DC's so far in Mangalore. Hats off to you and the good civilized people are always there with you to support your good work!!! But the question is now a days, we can see the communal violence in the name of love jihad regularly. Why are you not taking any strict action against those outfits of Sangh Parivar to avoid such communal clashes and let the people to live a peaceful life?
Response from DC

We are at it. I am sure that the things have improved considerably in recent times but still the fear psychosis is still there which will take some time to go. Lets us hope for the best.

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Rathan shetty, India :
Respected sir,
I am a business man every day i go by car my problem is roads are not proper because of the road condition till now 10 tyres i have changed, harish shetty the corperator not doing any work if we tell something he will say i will do it but he wont do anything not only the road problem:-) thank you
Nikith dsouza, India :
Respected sir, I am from kodical, in our area roads are not proper, and there is no place to walk in the road, till now no one clean the road properly, so i request you please do so. Thank you, your faithfully, nikitha dsouza kodical.
sujith, India :
Respected sir
Corporate maria thomas in shakthinagar, neethinagar mangalore creating problem from the date she is elected.
Drainage work started last year is still pending and open. Now we cant drive vehicles on this road. Now she is planning to demolish some of the houses here. So we request u to check the status and solve daily problems facing the citizen.
Ravi, India :
Respected Sir,

I am the daily passenger of between Uppinangady to Mangalore Bus.. but now we having problem with Govt. Bus. it was not coming time to time.. but we ask with the state bank TC. he told No bus In KSRTC Dipport.. we are so many time complaint given to TC.. he was not taken any Action. at the night time so many passengers getting the same problem.. we have only 1 bus at night time. at 7.10 p.m. some days this bus is not coming in the route. Please solve this Problem..
Respected dc

i am from kadri shivabagh 2nd cross area.
the apartments in our locality is pumping the pit water into the storm water culverts which is become
a health hazard and brewing area for mosquitoes.
Earlier also it was stopped after dc intervention but they have started again. Such people should be penalised heavily. pl look into the matter

Arun, UAE:
Your neighbouing District & you are closly associated with it. The udayvara paynchayat secretary (lady) is taking bribe for all work & they share among them. If we do not pay them they do not do the work or delay and other orderals. I want to report this some one to Lokyakut. Please report.
Sujith, India :
Dear Sir
you are one of the good DC's so far i saw in Mangalore !!!!
I am Sujith frm kuthar padavu , Nethravathi compond , opp Ajjan kette .
Sir Nethravathi compond does not have dammar road .We have complained about it with panchayat many times . But till now its not be done. Nethravathi compound as more then 30 house . + one building with more then 10 families !!!!!! . so plzzzz make a visit and tell the panchayat people to do some work plzzzzz!! When I see other place where there is dammar road I feel sad that our area as not got the dammar road .
Naveed Shaikh, UAE:
Dear Sir,

Looking at the current senario of traffic in Mangalore City. Moving Bus Stand from Hampankatta to Pumpwell is the ideal move.

I just need to know when this Bus stand will be ready atleast need to know the tentative month or a year.

Thanks and look forward to hear from you soon.

Email id:
herman c.j pereira, India :
Dear sir, everyone in mangalore looks for action, it is said actions speak louder than words. You definitly have kept us happy.

we the citizens of barebail have been fighting for our right of way & proper strom water facilities ever since the four laning work started. we have even got a letter from the central ministry to give us a 10 feet road since there are more than 40 houses. the highway department says go to the corporation, the corporation says go to the highway, we definitly object to this step motherly attitude, it is the duty of the goverment to give us proper roads water etc. you cannot jail us with out giving us a proper road. please be kind enough to look into this matter & solve our problem. thanking u
all the citizens of barebail next to the fire station.
pravinub, UAE:
to slove the problem of drainage & sewerage please introduce srp/pipes / which includes steel & hdpe with 30% less cost than concrete pipes available in uae from 200 to 2000 mm dia which uses australian unique technology which is light weight also.

pravin urva abudhabi.
Wolly James, Germany :
Kegan, UAE:

How dare you bring the name of Vazco's Beach house in your statement. Vazcos Beach House has not given any rooms to any youngsters for parties. This guest-house is being used solely for the owner(NRI Mangalorean) living in Germany and their relatives and friends.

Also to a few German tourists. There have never been even 1 function that went beyond 10.30 p.m. These are the strict instructions from the owner. The DC can question the immediate neighbours and ask them. If the other guest-houses are conducting strange parties then your should not take for
granted and blame everyone near-by the area.
You could be taken to court for slandering.

Wolly James/Germany
kegan, UAE:
Dear Respected Sir,

I would like to bring to your notice that now a days lot youngsters are having beach party at Alvarez beach house, Vasco guest house near Ullal. Due to which lot of illegal activities are taking place, where lot of guys and girls are found enjoying with drinks etc. The parties will be going on till morning 5 Am with lot of loud music. This is an humble request from the parents of the children, as our children do attend these parties without our concern, So we request you to take a stern action on this matter and this is very critical. I also request the team Mangalorean site to please help in us this matter. There could be your children also why wait for rather prevent and put a stop to beach house parties. I would like to ask the beloved D.C on what basis are these young students getting these places for fun.
Thanking you
Little Sisters of the Poor, India :
Dear Respected Sir,

We all the Residents of the Home for the Aged wish that you could visit us, since we are all above Aged 75 to 104 and not able to meet our beloved DC. We are all praying for you for all your undertaking, and may Almighty God guide you in all your work. waiting for your favourable reply.
Our Address as follows,

Little Sisters of the Poor
Home for the Aged
N.H. 17, Bajjodi.
Mangalore 575005
Ph. 2215269
ashok pai, India :
Private City Bus menace.

Sir, the private buses are quite a nuisance in most parts of the city with the following complaints:

* rash and negligent driving.
* utter disregard for lane discipline, elderly and lady drivers.
* blaring vacuum horns, which is frankly a joke, there are roads like in kadri where there are 6-7 hospitals, and they honk like there's no tomorrow.
* speed governors are a must for service buses, if they cannot behave on the road.

I do have respect for the private buses- they keep the buses clean and I have not found any other complaints other than this. however - the above said ones are quite severe, and many innocent people (like the recent rickshaw accident where a student was killed) have died due to negligent and rash driving.
satish rao m, India :
I have earlier sent a request asking you about the status of Mani Mysore State Highway NO.88 When the upgradation will be copmpleted?
Dear Sir,
In recent times we regularly hear about the robberies/thefts specially in houses during the night.Is it possible to have special police squad who will patrol the city in motor bikes in the narrow lanes of mangalore where bigger vehicles can not move easily.Kindly look into this suggestion.
Rohan, India :
Hello DC,

Firstly, finally there are going to be better roads in "future" for Mlore. But its pathetic to see the city being turned into digging zone. You cant go via Attavar nor Valencia!. Buses and other vehicles go on footpath. Its been taking long time to finish this road work. What is amazing is all the work is started in one go instead of doing in one road and then the other half. Currently its difficult to ride a two wheeler too anywhere. Please try to finish off this roads before rains starts
C.Ferrer, India :
Please please Sir, arrange to help those who need official translation of Kannada letters/ papers/ documents into English/Hindi in your office or even through a paid organisation for the hundreds of native Kanarites whohas moved to other places/ cities/ countries but have property in Karnataka.
So many people who own property find that they have lost it because of language difficulty.
vasudha, India :
Respected DC Sir, I am a resident of pandeshwar staying opposite the travellers bunglow. I wish to bring to your kind notice that in this residential area a lorry parcel office is functioning from about a year and causing lot of inconvenience to the residents. Heavy lorries are parked on the narrow roads, also the lorries load and unload at odd times creating a nuisance. The residents have tried their level best to get it shifted out of the residential area but to no avail. The matter needs redressal on a priority basis for the health of the hapless residents.
ansar bajpe, Saudi Arabia:
how much land are acquring to sez project
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