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Apr 23, 2019

Need Answers from the DC of Mangalore? – Post your query HERE

Community service to the people of Mangalore has been the prerogative of this portal ever since its inception. In this regard, is pleased to announce a column called 'Ask the DC'. Through this column, the citizens of Mangalore can have direct internet access to the DC’s office and can ask any questions that pertain to the administration of their city. The DC, will personally go through all their queries and address them through this portal.

With this exercise The DC hopes to get a direct feedback from the public. The DC believes that a mutual trust among the people can be achieved only through a ‘collective effort.’ Therefore, we invite our readers to 'Ask the DC' any queries they wish to. All queries addressed to the DC have to be relevant to the administration of Dakshina Kannada and accompanied by the senders e-mail address. Please note that no personal queries will be entertained.

-- Team Mangalorean

The DC Responds!

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By Team Mangalorean, Mangalore [ Published Date: December 7, 2009 ]

Dear Readers,
We thank you for the tremendous response that we have received for this column.  All questions have been forwarded to the DC, Mr. V. Ponnuraj on a first come first serve basis.  We will publish the responses as and when we receive them.
Below you will find the first lot of responses that we have received.  Do continue to send us your questions and please note that questions that are not accompanied by an email address will not be entertained.

Name: ASHOK Pereira
Location: INDIA
Dear Mr. DC, When are we going to get NH17 free of foot holes and what are you doing to reduce road transport accident in Mangalore?  India's road accident rates are far more than other developing countries and Mangalore is a very good example for these accidents. Can we get decent solutions for these issues without creating traffic jams?

Response:  Strictly speaking though it is not within the purview of my powers and state govt as the NH17 has two stretches wherein one portion from City to Suratkal is with NHAI and the rest with NH dept directly under the central govt administrative control, I would like to tell you that the NH 17 is being repaired and would become pothole free by December end. However, the fate of it is going to be worse next year as the govt of India would not invest on strengthening the same, the portion other than the NHAI is being handed over to NHAI for 4 laning. Hence, it can only become good after the 4 laning is completed which might take a good 2 -3 years.  Till then the road is going to be good and bad on and off.  It is only public pressure which can make the central govt to consider it as a special case considering the rainfall we receive and the traffic volume. I can only join you in hoping for the best as far as NH is concerned as it is not within my powers to do anything to improve the NH.
About the traffic and accidents, we are seriously concerned about the driving behaviour of both public transport vehicle drivers and also the private vehicle drivers. To start with, we are going to introduce the GPRS based bus tracking system, which should make a considerable difference as far as the accidents are concerned. The traffic jams, please hold on for a while, we will answer you as a study is being conducted on City's Comprehensive Traffic and Transportation Plan, which should get over in another two months. Then we will start implementing the recommendations one by one to ease out the traffic situation in the city. 

Name:  N. V. Paulose, Director, Global TV
Location: Mangalore

  It is a very good step from a development oriented, self disciplined official and a Positive Media. People will take it serious and join hands with you in development activities instead of findings faults everywhere. We have very good officials and key positions. We should accept and appreciate good work. All the very best.  My question is - What is the inspiration for this positive step?

Simple.  People's word of appreciation and criticisms.
Name: Bernard saldanha
Location: Dubai/China

   Thank you for this opportunity.  When will the NH48 from Suratkal to B.C road be completed so the people can use it. It has taken more than 5 years to complete only 37 kms of length. Really a pity that Utilities were not shifted and the land was not acquired for the road. Why do our people take so lightly these important issues? Why do we have to suffer on these roads?
Basically, the NHAI had miscalculated most of the things about the corridor required and the utility shifting. However, most part of this section of the road should be ready by March but for the Flyovers which would take a longer time. I know it is not an answer which can satisfy you but once again NHAI is directly handled and there is no scope for us to play any meaningful role in this issue.

Name: Arun Rodrigues
Location: Sharjah, UAE

Question:  Dear Sir, Please let me know how a Land Document can be changed without the knowledge of the Owner of the Land. This has been done by Robert Rodrigues, AIKALA village, Mangalore Tq. My Mother had 36Land & was given declaration & all the documents were in her name. Suddenly this man with the help of your employees has changed it. Now we have to fight in the court. Cant you take strict action against such people where we dont need to go to Court? Will you answer this query & I know many people are suffering from this act?  
The land document cannot be changed without giving notice to the interested parties as appearing in RTC. If you give me details of it, I can initiate action forthwith if there is any malpractice done. Also, you need not go to civil court to set right, you can appeal to Assistant Commissioner, Mangalore.
Name:  William Rebello

  Hello Sir,  In October 2009 there was news about opening of New Passport office in Mangalore. Could you please let me know why it was delayed again? Any news about future date when it can be opened again?
Let me get back to you with full information but I am sure things are getting ready for it.
Name: Hema
Location: Mangalore
  Sir, I live in Kadri Kambla. A few months back, like many others who live in the same area, I was greatly relieved when the Kadri Kambla road was repaired and made as good as new. Driving down that road was sheer pleasure. Unfortunately it was short lived. Half the road has once again been dug up on one side and we are back to square one.

Why is it that no one is bothered enough to stop this nonsense? What is the point in laying down a beautiful road and then digging it all up in a few months time? Is there no end to this? I moved to this area about four years back and I have lost count of the number of times it has been repaired. I have taken this road only as an example. I don't think I need to go on about the others.
I would greatly appreciate it if you could break this cycle of dig-repair-dig-repair-dig........
I had been itching to say this since many years now. I am fortunate to have been given this forum for putting across my grievance.
Hoping you will live up to your reputation of being a person who believes in taking quick action.
Thanking you.

Response: I agree. However, what is being done now is a widening and concretisation which would mean that your wish is granted for 30 -40 years once the present work is completed. I hope you are not one among those opposed to widening, when we walked the whole length of the road requesting the property owners on either side of the road to give space for road widening.  Please come forward and co-operate in widening of the road.
Name:      Michael Lobo
Location: Karnataka, India

  The garbage collection in the city is atrocious. They come during the day to collect it. For days on end they dont come and the bins are overflowing.

I suggest that they come early in the morning and come regularly. Also if you see just outside KMC Clinic next to Mandovi Motors, Balmatta, it is such a horrible sight 
Response: I agree that it is not as good as it could be. However, I cannot agree that it is atrocious as for any average Indian city, the system is not very bad but if you start talking about ideal system or compare with the developed countries, we are far from satisfactory.  It is so because to achieve system, we need common public to participate in the process. There has to be segregation of wastes at household level and hand over to the staff who can be sent house to house on a payment of small user fee. This is very important as collection and handling of unsegregated waste is highly difficult and the systems crumble the moment the organic waste gets mixed with bio-nondegradable wastes like plastic and glass.  To set the things right, a tender is being called, thereafter a brave attempt will be made to put in the system you are expecting to be in place. However, the success of the system will depend on the extent of participation of people, RWAs, NGOs and SHGs. Let us do it together.
Name:  Kudpi Rajanikanth Shenoy
Location: Mangalore, Karnataka, India

  Sir, While I appreciate your move in demolishing illegal structures, I'd like you to answer two simple questions:
Q1: How do you plan to have proper car parking, waste water drain and footpath on newly laid concrete roads in Mangalore, observing the fact that roofs of many buildings are projecting directly on the road?

Response: Parking is one thing which is highly unplanned and horribly managed in Mangalore. We are working on it and we will start something very positive on this issue, may be within few months. Please dont ask me now what we are going to do, will initiate something and then elaborate on that.
As far as storm water drain and footpath on new roads, most of the roads will have drains and footpaths except lower Bendoorwell to Kadri road. The tender has been called and the work will be taken up.

Q2: There are hundreds of ugly advertisement hoardings all over the city marring the aesthetics of this beautiful city, attracting attention of drivers, causing road accidents Have you any plans to ban them?

Response: We did little bit of things on this aspect during election time. The corporation needs to come out with a clear cut policy on how to regulate and control the advertisements which are paid and which are free especially a religious and caste based one coming up without any permission whatsoever. Will certainly do something about it but complete banning may not be possible and appropriate also as people need communication.

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Thukaram Suvarna, India :
Hi Sir,

Sub:Land and building

I want to know whether within the city limit land RTC is required or mere KHATHA will legally survive for all dealings like loan,sale deed,etc,etc .?

Please declare it to the public as many people trubled in this issue.

Hope that your good self will look into the matter and do the need ful at your earliest.

Thanks & Regards

Thukaram Suvarna
Nilesh, UAE:
Dear Sir,

Thanks for your contribution given to our city. I would like to suggest something to you rather than ask questions. Sir as you know with the fast progress taking place in our land and to avoid any sort of traffic congestion in the city, we would like to see more pedestrian overpasses in order to help traffic free flow. Also one more suggestion is to finish one project(road) at a time than having begun on several repairs at one time. This would be of great help as it will not only speed up the work but also will avoid problems to the commuters. My last and sincere suggestion is to safegaurd and also to increase greenery in the city.
Arun Bhat U C, India :
Most of the wine shops in Mangalore have some sort of seating arrangement at the side for consumption of alchol. Are these legal and permitted under the law. If not can attempts be made to stop sale of loose liquor at the wineshops as they are of nuisance value to padestrians.
Ravindranath Shetty - Dubai/Mangalore, UAE:
Dear Mr. DC, I am a NRI and permanent resident of Bejai Mangalore. It is pleasing to see the local authorities are trying to provide better city roads by starting concretization of the existing roads. However I have noticed that the footpaths are not built along with the road and roads are commissioned without footpaths (e.g.: Bejai circle to KSRT). The road shoulders left with debris and ditches hence not usable. Therefore the school going children and other pedestrians are forced to dangerously walk on the carriageway. Hence it is obvious that the speeding vehicles on the road may easily kill the pedestrians.

It is imperative that our roads need to be built pedestrian friendly. As a civil engineering professional, I feel it is unprofessional and unsafe to separate the construction of the concrete road from construction foot path. It shows poor professionalism of concerned engineers and lack safety concern/awareness of concerned officials.

I must admit that since you have taken over as DC of Mangalore several positive changes are taking place and you may have inherited the above lapses from previous administration. However as a citizen of Mangalore I request you to do the needful to look after pedestrian safety.
Residents of Karnad, Mulki,Mangalore, India :

Residents of KARNAD Bypass Area, Mulki Town, in Mangalore Taluk,
Requests from Survey Nos. 40/18B1; 40/18B2; 40/18B3; 40/18B4; 40/7B2, 40/23A2; 40/15A
Type of Land : Owners of Private Property Plots with New Houses
Located at East Side of NH 17.

Honorable District Commissioner
Mangalore Taluk, Dakshina Kannada, Karnataka State.

Re: Land Acquirement Public Notice Appearing on Udayavani dated 30/11/2009
4 Lane Road Construction Project NH17
Respected Sirs,

This has reference to the above mentioned public notice.
As per National Highway Authority Act 1956, Section 3c(1), the above mentioned land owners are hereby submitting their appeal to the office of the National Highway Authority of India, against the land acquirement of Survey Nos. 40/18B1; 40/18B2; 40/18B3; 40/18B4 40/7B2, 40/23A2; 40/15A as for the following valid reasons :-

1) All Homes Were Built with duly obtaining the permission from the Municipal Corporation Authorities. However, when the building was built, absolutely there were no indications and/or precautionary warnings about the future Development of NH17. Had any indications/precautionary warnings given at that time, the owner would not have built the house building at all.

As per Authorities plans, Many Families might go as homeless, which would be an extremely difficult situation, financially, as a number of family members are unemployed and the income source has been lowered. Few of the breadwinners turning 55, reaching to Retiring Age.

2)In the year 1960 when the first 2 lane highway was built Many families Lost their Homes with acres of Land been Lost/ acquired by the Government.
The land acquired at that time could be fully utilized and sufficient for making 4 lane Highway. Since 1960 Acquired Land at Both Side of the Highway Remained Redundant,
If Authority plan to utilize land from Both Sides equal, then more than enough to make 4 lanes, which will give much benefit to MRPL, MCF, Mine owners, truck owners,
Are these Business People ready to Give Steel, Cement, Wood , Labour Cost, Land To build our homes at present days cost Rate, ???
Under proposed New 4 Lane plan, authority must consider us top priority to save All New Homes, Which we Built on our Life Long hard earned Money.

If Authority fail to protect our new homes, it breaches Human Rights violation.
Govt. must give Job, Free Water, Electricity & Education to house/Land Loosers Family.
Govt. must Plan to encourage to make Water Transport Coastal area Goa To Mangalore
Like Barges/ Motor Vessel by Shipping Corp. or by Railway Wagons Like Europe.
First of All Authority plan to Look on to begin work to do 4 Lane Bridges across Rivers at Pavanje, Mulki, Kolnad, Pangala, For do this Work there is Wider Air Space is Ready
Over/Above the Water. After Completing the building of 4 Lane Bridge works over all the Rivers, Authority may begin to Start Acquire housed plots. This way all Residents get sufficient time to make Shelter if owners given at least 10 years Notice.

The entire Families are in great shock and distress due to second time highway authority all of a Sudden surveyors chained much deep inner side of the new house plots.

3)We are hereby Requesting a proposal plan of constructing the highway in the west side of the existing 2 lane road, with a diversion from Kolnad stop to Mulki Bus stop. If this option is considered, certainly the house buildings stretched along NH17 as well as in Survey nos. 40/18B1; 40/18B2; 40/18B3; 40/18B4 can be saved.

4)If the above proposal is not considerable, then an equal proportion of the lands on both the sides of the existing road may be acquired and utilized. This may at least save the house buildings in Survey no. 40/18B1; 40/18B2; 40/18B3; 40/18B4.

5)In view of the above circumstances, We are All Home Owners of East Side of NH17 Karnad Locality, Kindly request your goodselves to look into the matter and consider our request favourably by the concerned authorities, by not only protecting just Hotel buildings, but also All our New Houses/Residences.

Yours faithfully, All Home Owner/Residents of Karnad Bypass
Mulki Town, Mangalore Tq.
Date 18-12-2009
Dr. K. Kamalakanth Shenoy, India :
Sir, widening the existing roads will definitely ease the traffic congestion, but if we visit new layouts the roads there are very narrow. Is it not wise to develop new lauouts with wide roads now than have problems later?

Moodubidri is one of the noted place in Karnataka. Also Moodubidri is educationally as well as Tourist centre. Here heavy vehicles as well as civilians daya by increasing.
Relating to the road its not widening.

DC of mangalore Dist why not concentrating to moodubodri relating basic needs of peoples of moodubidri. All over the dist roads are widening properly. DC decisions appreciable. But about Moodubidri why he delaying?

Yathiraj Shetty

Ronald, India :
Dear Sir,
Our public toilets in the bus stand are very dirty and simply is not fit for use. We need to have more toilets and maintained regularly. Besides city needs more public toilets. May be city corporation can build and employ people to maintain it. Even a contract type of maintenance or pay and use may serve the people better.
Koni Prakash Naik, Oman:
Dear Sir,

At the outset thanks to for creating this forum and to Mr. DC for volunteering to answer public querries.

Dear Sir,

My questions are:
1. The private bus drivers drive at threatening speed on all roads, especially on NH17 and also 90% of the journey time, their haunking is non-stop, deafening and immensely contribute to noice pollution.

2. Curruption at Sub-registrar's offices is in such magnitude and known to everyone.
I don't see any serious action being taken by the administrative authorities. I was told that it is a hand-in-glove arrangement and every nut & bolt in the administrative set up is involved.

Can you throw some light on the above issues.
kishore Kumar, India :
In the road divider from jyothi circle to balmatta circle there is a cut in the road divider opposite balmatta petrol pump for turning vehicles which is causing traffic blocks. The distance between the divider cut and the balmatta circle is barely 25 meters. Local authorities have done the unscientific divider cut may be due to pressure. I request you to take steps to fill this divider cut to prevent traffic blockages. Also this is the case opposite Hotel poonja in K.S rao road, there is two divider cuts, where actually one is enough.
Fernandes Francis , UAE:
I, Admire your way of work as the DC, Mr. Velusamy Ponnuraj, Withour fear and favours working for betterment fo people is good sign after Former DC sri Bharath lal mina.
Here I wish to forward you a request to broaden the roads from Milagres church to Attavar chakrapani temple towards Nandigudda. The bottle neck and narrow stretch on this way is near Chrakrapani temple before KMC HOSPITAL and near Manorajn bakery after new raod 27 stop. I have been seeing this for last 40 years from my school days no much development.
One more Important message is the KMC behind hospital which was paddy field and used for local pople as play ground is now become soley for KMC activities. There is no play ground for local lad. This makes me angry as our youth have to play in streets and the very next adjacent KMC play ground is either empty or playgroung used by Students from KMC resisind far away hostels. Is it this development at the cost of our people. The Boundary of KMC at 9Dead body post morten room )is removed for hospital convenience, The roads going behind for the araa were houses which are there for last more than 50 years are facing problems due to traffic blocking on raod sides of Hospital- KMC, should be advised and NO PARKING to be initiated to avoid blocking traffic .
The HOSPITAL WASTE collection should be checked by health authority as this area is prone to MALARIA disease. EVERY HOUSE you will find people infected by Malaria paristes at least once in life time or repeatedly. Hope DC will have a look into this area and take action on the subject.

Good wishes to DC for your great and sincere service to Mangalorean and hope to see your service continue for more years in the future.
asha gowry, India :
thnks sir, for giving us a great opportunity to share our ideas with you.we like mangaloru as a developing city..i request you 2 things here please go trough this.
1, roads are widening and concret works are going on but both the sides are kept (in most of the roads)as it dust mud and stones are coming to the new roads and that spoils it.please note that the sides of the new roads covered in properway. and
2, for the clean mangaloru we need dustbins every 100mtrs in a road. and in front of every food shops they should keep a dustbin. strict rules, punishment and public awarenes should be needed.i request you, please try to impliment this with the help of public and private institutions or any otherway.we need clean polutionfree manaloru.thank you sir once again.
Sathish Shetty, Hong Kong :
Respected Sir,

I have been reading about your good work in and around Mangalore city through Really you are doing wonderful work. When I saw you clearing the Bunder area I thought is it possible?! You did it. It was a great achievement and you are getting good response from the public too, it is the right time to do all the developmental work. I am living in a Developed country Hong kong where foot path is washed every day. It may not be feasible in Mangalore but you can ensure foot path at all the roads. Specially wherever the road has been made concret. It should be done together with the road. Mangalore is a small place with good people. I wish to meet you during my next visit mangalore to congratulate you on your wonderful begining. wish you all the best. you can reach me on
RaghuS, India :

Please consider implementing elevated walkways instead of footpaths on busy roads. A walkway, approximately 7 feet above ground would solve two problems. Vehicles could park under it, and people could walk on the walkway without disturbing traffic. It would also reduce accidents and in the rainy season enable people to walk without wading in the water when streets get flooded. A walk way constructed of metal will not only be cheaper but stronger and robust. Note that metal bridges constructed in british days are still exisiting.
Shubha Rodrigues, Mangalore, India :
Shubha Rodrigues, Mangalore., India :
Sir, Please observe the divider on the busy Balmatta-Jyothi Road which is uneven. Many people and children cross the one way road, climb over the divider and cross the other road. I happened to see a man carrying two bags fall over the divider to the other side, just because there is a upset there, which makes the rushing pedestrian trip. Luckily at that moment there were no vehicles, or there would have been an accident. Can you please order the concerned Dept. to see that the top of all the dividers, specially, where there are busstops on either sides are levelled?
Shanthi s., India :
Nathoor -Bikarnakatte road is bad for years specially during rainy season, not fit to walk and not fit for travel by vehicles!!!!!!

Is our administration so incompetent? Until planned road is executed, why can't we organize to repair the road in the interest of public.

Local administration and state administration just wash their hands saying that it is not their responsibility and that they cannot do any thing!!!

All that we need is a proper road fit to walk and drive on. Either local administration, or local corporator or local corporation or D.C. or local public could take initiative and do something to maintain the said road.
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