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Apr 23, 2019

Reasons to Travel

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By Arjun Pinto, Dubai [ Published Date: December 13, 2010 ]

I have been regular traveler off late….  For my Job asks me to do so, I travel the Middle East & Africa region…. I will never be late whatever the mode of transport may be….it’s always there with in me…I used to be at the bus stop (during schooldays) at least 1hr before the arrival of the school bus and so the saga continues.

I love sitting in the airport lobby either being on the net or chatting to fellow passengers. I was traveling to Iraq and was again at the airport (Less in office more at the airport nowadays).

As usual sighting into the net, unfortunately the airport free internet service was not working so started to turn around if I could catch up with chatting and make friends…. Far away on the same row I saw a young Pakistani guy sitting all alone… So just walked to him and started up the conversation about the internet not working as he was on his berry…So with the first move we introduced our selves and started the discussion on place of work, place of stay…. But the guy was not at all in a mood to speak up more and would answer only my questions. As a courtesy I just asked him whether he was comfortable and he said yes….but with a deep voice said …. Abba, Ammi or choti ka intiqam ho gaya (My parents & little sister passed away) was just taken back…. Am sure he was the most courageous man I ever met who could still speak to me about work, etc etc before we started our conversation I would have fired anybody if something of this sort happened to me. I said am sorry and asked him if he would love to have a coffee….He said Zalim Anthkwadi kisi ko naye chodte  (the terrorists never ever allow anybody). They were all killed in a car bomb blast in Karachi!!

Consoling him I moved forward and we had to depart as we were bound to two different countries and had different gates to go….As I was sitting at the boarding gate I now met a Filipino (Parey) (Brother). Again another chat with the same topic …place of work, nature of work…etc…etc… he was carrying along with him lot of Bags most of them which had a few Baby shops advertisements on them…..So I asked him if he was going on a vacation and he said YES!!! I am a dad for a baby Girl “Amanda” and am seeing her for the first time after she was born 8 months back….. He was so overjoyed that he took his mobile and showed me the Photographs of his lovely Angel…. And was just waiting to land in Manila at the earliest….I wished him a very best and now moved towards the coffee shop to sip in some brewed coffee…..

At the coffee shop an elderly Egyptian was sitting alone with a bouquet of red roses in his hand. I am sure he was not going for a funeral with a bouquet purchased in Dubai nor having a baby born at the age I could guess….So here again started my PR with him…. He was a man quite happy and sad too…. He was leaving the Desert for good….Worked in Oil based company for 22 yrs had now called it a day…. Again started the conversation….this time about Egypt for I had visited the country recently…. It was really nice to speak to this gentleman that he told me the History & past of UAE….. From the day of landing to the day of going… he told me about the first few buildings, the old Sharjah Airport….Creek….Abra…..I really felt the era of Pearl diving in the desert….. He was a much contended man who had his dreams fulfilled…..and now home to start up a new innings of retirement…. (Was dreaming of my day too)…..

Finally I had the last announcement to board….without wasting much of time I wished him the very best for his retired life and moved forward while I could not stop seeing a pretty Indian Girl dressed in the traditional Salwar….. Wanted to stop over for a discussion with the same agenda….Where you work, Nature of work, where you stay…..But I could not afford to miss the flight….But am sure she was going to India to get married and she was not happy about it….. Hope I could have dropped my business card…..She was gorgeous……But any way that’s my assumption on her…..She might be going for a Funeral, or to see her new born niece or nephew, or leaving Dubai with the early retirement plans……

Above all I was just thinking when I was penning this down…..we come across so many people at the Airport, Railway station, Bus Station and they all have a reason to travel…..

I am sure the Indian Girl was going on a Holiday to meet her parents…..and with a hope to meet her again someday at the Airport? Hope never dies….Am I right…..

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Najam Batrekere, India :
If I am not wrong PAREY means 'buddy, pal or dude not Brother. Intiqam = REVENGE the correct word should be in Urdu "Intiqal" which means "transfer" or migration type of meaning. Some one transferred to the other world.

Arjun interesting ! keep writing.
vas, New Zealand:
I like your positivity in life. Do not give up hopes and things do happen
A.S.Mathew, USA :
Very interesting article, and you are a person of A+ extrovert personality. Only very few people are born with that personality, and I sure that you have hundreds of friends from many parts of the world.

Some people see the world as their family, and the majority look at the strangers (world) as if dangerous nuisance with extreme caution.

I introduce myself to total strangers: and I had blunt argument with some of my old friends due to that nature. They often questioned me " what is wrong with you, why can't you mind your own business"?. But, now they would like to apologize to me because of the many strangers I have met in life, now some of them are my close friends.

Wish you good luck to meet some great people in your next waiting at the airport lobby, also some beautiful ladies.
Drona, India :
Poor you. No courage to say hi to a pretty girl? Next time don't mess around. No point talking to some Pakistani and Phillipino. Focus on some Indian chick. Tabeeyat khush ho jaayegi.:)
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