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Apr 25, 2019

Marriages are made in heaven and on Facebook!

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By Madhu, Mangalore [ Published Date: November 22, 2010 ]

Welcome to the new Avataar of Arranged Marriages on Facebook.

Here, I would like to share an incident that took place a couple of days ago. I had been for Mass and I came across an aged religious nun who came upto me and began telling me that she had a nephew for whom she was seeking a suitable girl.  She spoke in detail about why she thought he is the best eligible bachelor I would find. Ok fine...I thought., now sheís going to ask me for my photograph...And lo, I was in for a surprise. She told me his name and asked me to look up for him on facebook and I would find his profile picture there, could add him on and get started right away.

Wow! I thought. I know friends who are eligible bachelors/spinsters looking for their soulmates on facebook but I didnít think that the elderly would catch up on an alternative to the traditional matchmaking concept, so soon.

That made me think....What makes Facebook a  great option for matchmaking?

First of course, it is the profile picture of the prospective person wherein your vibes will give you the signals to take it forward or not.

Then there is the basic information available about the person, not to mention the friends that the person is connected to. It is a small world and invariably you would find common friends with whom you can enquire more.

Further on, once you are added as a friend, facebook gives you the option of chatting as well. Also the personís wall gives you a peep into his/her social life which will tell you tons about the person.

Oh and the most important, now moms and dads can search on facebook for prospective partners for their children...why wait for pictures that the match-makers get?

No wonder, facebook has caught up and has beat the traditional matchmakers.

That reminds me of a friend who mentioned to me that she went through a very difficult phase in her life when the traditional matchmakers would bring proposals and her parents would be after her to just meet with her prospective partner. None worked and she finally had to search for someone herself. Why go through the embarrassing situations that traditional matchmaking puts you into?

I think itís an option provided by heaven, after all arenít marriages made in heaven? The only difference is, this time its via facebook.


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Nicknet, USA :
Considering how Indians get married via an alliance that is arranged by parents, Face book definitely is the way to go to find suitable boy/girl friends. One must keep vigil that what is said in the cyber space may not be true although, FB etiquette requires one to be truthful. On the other hand, one tends to put the best foot forward while dating too. So, once again, boils down to what is the best route for a single person to find his or her soulmate?

I for one, am a full believer of horoscope, parents way of searching for the best suitor and Face book and other social networks, dating to get to know each other, etc. all the available tools for that one big final decision of my life to stay married till death do us part!

Article clearly
Madhu, India :
Hi Chris,

Thank you for your comments. Just like to reiterate that the article is written on a lighter note. I'd be glad if it is taken that way.

Thank you
Chris Rego, UAE:
First of course, it is the profile picture of the prospective person wherein your vibes will give you the signals to take it forward or not. - Madhu

"Profile pics gives one the vibes, eh?

Seriously, Madhu, you really do need to do a serious re-think if you put stock in such inane notions!
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