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Apr 22, 2019

Living on Plastic cards!

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By Sonia Earl Joy, UAE [ Published Date: August 16, 2010 ]

Ruby’s life was good.  She was expecting her second baby and was very happy as her first one was four years old now, was independent and needed company. Ruby and her husband Ronald had good jobs with multi national companies, good pay checks …of course… plus the perks! Living in UAE for the past eight years, struggling to come up in life, now was the time to take a break thought Ruby.  They had a good house, good helper, a wonderful child… what more did they need! After her delivery she thought they could start saving, buy some properties and retire early. Ruby was turning 30 and Ronald was in his late 30’s. Recession did not affect them and they were quite content.

Very soon, morning sickness started to trouble Ruby and she started to get disinterested in her job. She lost a lot of weight and her husband asked her to stay home, which she did not do because she did not want to lose her good job. She stretched her limits till her delivery and finally they were a complete family! Life was wonderful, Ruby was home and dreamt she would now be a queen, all pampered and a leisure lady…that’s what we called her.

Her little one started her tantrums and was quite demanding day by day whilst taking her 100% attention. Her elder son felt ignored and husband went for a toss. Furthermore her maid planned to leave after staying for a span of 4 good years. Finally Ruby had to give up her job to stay at home. Life started to change with part time maids coming and going as her baby’s stranger anxiety was high at this time. She was all dependent on her; morning came and night. Days passed and Ruby was exhausted working 24x7 without help, no rest in the day and no sleep at nights. She soon began to think it was a mistake to stay at home.  She wanted her baby to grow up soon. She was satisfied with the fact that her husband was able to run the house and they did not have any debts.

... As far as I could see, they had a lovely lifestyle, a big house and car....

One day Ruby’s son came home with a note in his calendar that his fees were not paid.  She was annoyed and called the accountant and to her surprise she mentioned that Ronald was already informed.  The seed of suspicion set in and Ruby confronted her husband asking questions and Ronald kept denying building up lies after lies. One day Ruby read a text message on Ronald’s phone demanding money. Upon questioning Ronald again made up stories and due to this, frequent fights and arguments arose. Their relationship started souring and Ruby kept a close eye on her husband’s moves and dealings with money. Day by day her husband looked fatigued and stressed out.  Family was neglected and Ruby started to beat her kids in frustration as money problems poured in. She wanted to work but could not afford to hire a maid. Ronald had not paid the rent, utility bills, ration and people started coming home demanding money.  The fights at home continued, until finally Ruby decided to take over the financial obligations from Ronald.

By the end of the month, Ruby realized that Ronald had no salary credited. When she asked him he gave some unreasonable explanations and again Ruby became doubtful and approached the Bank. She found out that Ronald had a Personal Loan with the Bank and also a credit card. The Bank officer informed her that there was no salary credited to his account for the past six months.  It was obvious that Ronald had fallen prey to the plastic card trap and stretched their credit to the maximum.

At this point, Ruby called me and asked for a job, anything she said that would help her to earn some money.  She had a dire need for money she said. I was surprised as I had been acquainted with this wonderful couple for the past five years and had been a witness to their marriage and their children’s birth. What was wrong with their life, I wondered.  As far as I could see, they had a lovely lifestyle, a big house and car, what could have happened?

Even as I prepared to help her in finding a job, I asked myself these questions but before I could get any answers, I was suddenly confronted with the shocking news that Ruby and her kids had ceased to exist.  YES, Ruby had committed suicide along with her kids.  I was a part of this too and it is a true life incident which I cannot forget for as long as I live.  I am writing this as a warning to people who are living a lavish lifestyle thanks to credit/plastic cards. Please do not ruin your family life by getting into debts that are difficult to pay back.  Thanks to the lure of the plastic card, Ruby’s life ended in desperation.

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A.S.Mathew, USA :
The evolution of transactions started with barter system, then coins, later on paper money, then checks, and finally the most tricky and trapping credit card.

Keep the credit card at home while shopping at the malls, else, we will use the plastic demon.

85% of the expatriates in the U.A.E. are
in deeper trouble due to the plastic card.

If we don't know, how to control our
shopping impulse, the credit cards are
financial mines.
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