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Apr 25, 2019

Father's Day

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By Tanya Pinto, Canada [ Published Date: June 19, 2010 ]

Our baby is crying.  My husband has just taken his phone away from her.  He wipes off the drool from it.  She protests with more cries and puts her hands in the air crying for the phone back. He picks her up and turns to me.

"She is only interested in my phone."

The crying continues.  My husband then takes her flying in the air.  The crying stops and is replaced by smiles, laughter and giggles.  She loves to fly. 

He then changes her position and she becomes a monkey swinging through leaves.  She loves it. 

I love hearing her laugh. 

They are exhausted after play.  They hit the couch.

The phone is now a memory.  Our baby is content to rest her head on his chest.

Looking at them, I think that it is never just about the phone.  It is about something more beautiful and precious.

It is about being a father that cares and understands enough to be involved.  A father who will take the time to find out what their child likes or dislikes.  A father who is willing to try and bring happiness and comfort in a world that can often be confusing and disappointing, even to babies.  

For those lucky enough to have had or have a father who is a consistent and positive influence in their life, Fatherís Day is a day that we should remember to love and appreciate those who care enough to make the effort and change our tears to smiles and laughter.

Happy Fatherís Day.

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Dots Rego, Chicago, USA :
Hi Tania,

Sweet and short and straight from your heart!! Keep writing!!
Reema Pi, USA :
That is a beautiful tribute to father's day. I enjoyed reading it very much.

joe Gonsalves, USA :
What a kind thought 'FATHER'S DAY'.

Irene and I have several fathers in the family. ... loving, caring and dedicated fathers. I just called them -emailed them to wish them on the memorable day.

By this comment to your article I wish all the FATHER READERS a very Happy Father's Day. May they be blessed and may their children bring a lot of joy in their lives.

Joe Gonsalves
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