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Apr 25, 2019
Mangalorean Star column is dedicated for those fellow mangaloreans who have been known for the good work, dedication and talents. We like to bring all those personalities here and introduce them to the community. If you know some one whom you wish to appear in this column, please Let Us Know or send an e-mail to
  •  Prof Gopinath   [Mangalorean Star: November, 2011]
  • There is one truth about life - It is certainly uncertain. Uncertainty, for that matter had a large role to play in the formation of a polished personality we are about to introduce to you this month. It was a normal day for Prof Gopinath. Classes had just started a month ago with new batches of students buzzing with excitement around the college. The incessant rains of the coastal region was active with life blooming everywhere around. His schedule was to finish his accountancy

  •  Mr. Lancy Mascarenhas   [Mangalorean Star: September, 2011]
  • Lancy Constructions has been a popular name in all types of construction work for years now. Be it multi-story buildings, churches, mosques and temples, Lancy constructions has retained singular consistency in quality work. The brain behind the quality construction is none other than the noble man and social activist Lancy Mascarenhas. Lancy Mascarenhas was born on February 13, 1949 in Derebail to the late Francis and the late Carmine Mascarenhas. He has 3 brothers and 2 sisters. Lancy is second child among 6 siblings. He married Jacintha D’Souza of Angelore on November 15, 1976. The couple has 3 daughters, eldest daughter Nishaal is an

  •  Dr. L. C. Soans   [Mangalorean Star: June, 2011]
  • Think Pineapples and immediately a name comes to any Mangaloreans' mind - Moodabidri Soans! Yes. This name is phenomenal since a hundred year in the field of farming. From Pineapples to Rambutan and Mangostein, Soans Farm located at Bannadka 5KMs from Moodabidri and 40 Kms from Mangalore, is famous for a variety of fruits grown with best quality and their saplings sold at reasonable prices. The main brain and inspiration behind this farm is Dr. L. C. Soans who is Mangalorean Star for the Month of June 2011.

  •  Mr. Ganesh Rai  [Mangalorean Star: April, 2011]
  • Mr. Ganesh Rai, a vibrant personality with a charming character has carved a name for himself in the art world and his talent is much appreciated by art lovers in India and abroad alike. team had the unique opportunity of meeting with this art genius and taking a glimpse into his life and career and learn more about him. Born in the beautiful Kodagu district, well known for its breathtakingly beautiful landscapes, Mr. Rai

  •  Dr. Mithra Hegde  [Mangalorean Star: February, 2011]
  • To Mangaloreans, she is a well-known name and personality. Charming, helpful and very capable in her chosen profession, Dr. Mithra Hegde is a highly successful dentist in Mangalore. Already famous as a busy practicing dentist in Mangalore, she recently hit the news headlines when she was chosen to be the personal dentist for the President of India.

  •  Dr. C.P. Habeeb Rahman  [Mangalorean Star: November, 2010]
  • The Mangalorean Star for November, Dr. C.P. Habeeb Rahman is a highly modern, firmly traditional and deeply religious man who believes that a safe, healthy and happy society leads to the prosperity of the nation. Dr. C.P Habeeb Rahman was born on 3rd December 1941 to Mr. C.P. Mohammed & Mrs. Zainabi in Kasargod. He completed his early education in St. Aloysius Boarding School in Mangalore and his B.Sc in Dharwad. Later he joined Manipal and completed his medical degree.

  •  Mr. Sundeep Malani   [Mangalorean Star: August, 2010]
  • As of now, the following months will see my films getting released. Woh 5 Din is a fun suspense thriller, while Shaayad is a bold erotic love story. My Kannada film has just been completed and I am looking forward for its release soon and very excited about it. Besides that, two of my other short films ‘Moments’ and ‘Toh’ are also for festival entries. I have plans to direct two Kannada films in the near future and a Hindi film to go on floors this December. Besides this,

  •  Prof (Dr) N. Sridhar Shetty   [Mangalorean Star: May, 2010]
  • In our daily walk of life, we seldom come across people who have achieved great success, but haven't been publicized much. They might have brought about changes amongst those people who might not have dreamt about a decent smile on their faces! Their foresight and selfless service might have worked wonders, but media might have conveniently ignored such great personalities and deviated to glamour and money. makes an attempt to highlight one such great personality who has never looked back in

  •  Dr. M. V. Kamath  [Mangalorean Star: March, 2010]
  • Padma Bhushan Dr M V Kamath, the former chairman of Prasar Bharti and the contemporary honorary director of Manipal Institute of Communication, Manipal, is among the very few living people from the Press who have closely witnessed the freedom struggle for Independent India. He has devoted more than four decades of his life for Journalism and is also the author of more than 45 books

  •  Kasargod Chinna  [Mangalorean Star: January, 2010]
  • Stage and Film are two different aspects of performing arts but a refined stage artiste can be a better film actor or director. Over the years, we have seen many stalwarts contributing to field of acting as an art. The undivided Madras Presidency had Kasargod that went to Kerala but activities by Kannadigas settled in Kasargod are much more remarkable than those in Mangalore, though we remain as

  •  Prof. Dr. M. Abdul Rahiman  [Mangalorean Star: November, 2009]
  • He may be having a host of degrees attached to his name, but Prof. Dr. M. Abdul Rahiman (MSc, PhD, MNASc, FNESA, FAEB, FIAES) is a man of deep humility and great bearing. A self made man, he is an academician whose whole life has been based on his quest for knowledge. Prof. Dr. M. Abdul Rahiman is at present, a Higher Educational Consultant and has been Former Chairman for the Calicut University

  •  Mr. S. A. Hussain  [Mangalorean Star: September, 2009]
  • Mr. S. A. Hussain, is a renowned ornithologist and environmentalist, who has specialized in Field Ornithology & General Ecology. He has done fieldwork and published scientific papers on rare Indian species such as the Narcondam Hornbill, Himalayan Honeyguide and the Blacknecked Crane and has over 35 years of field research in Natural History, Ecology as..

  •  Mr. Raghavendra Rao  [Mangalorean Star: August, 2009]
  • A. Shama Rao Foundation was specifically established to impart quality and sustainable education to all. This foundation was born out of the belief of Shri A. Shama Rao, that education is the engine to transform society. The "Srinivas Group of Colleges" is one such venture that is sponsored by the A. Shama Rao Foundation. The foundation has always believed that excellence should be their motto. Excellence which will deliver

  •  Dr. Mohan Alva  [Mangalorean Star: June, 2009]
  • "Give me 100 men with character and courage I will transform India" Said Swami Vivekananda once, If that great saint was alive today he would have chosen Dr. Mohan Alva as one of them! If you think we are exaggerating you must check out his life and work, his concern for culture, education, honesty, poverty and above all the un-ending zeal for transforming

  •  Dr. Syed Akheel Ahmed  [Mangalorean Star: March, 2009]
  • Dr. Syed Akheel Ahmed hails from a Saints family and hence it is no surprise that he holds the religious values he has learnt as a child, very close to his heart. However, his quest for knowledge has led him to have a very deep reverence for education and this is perhaps what has earned him his present place in society today. He became a Lecturer in Analytical

  •  Dr. Noel Rao  [Mangalorean Star: January, 2009]
  • Dr. Noel Roa is a physician, specializing in Physician Medicine and Rehabilitation. He received the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation "2008 Distinguished Clinician Award". Current grants with the National Institute of Health are "The Organization of Anticipatory Postural Adjustments" since 1998. "Compelled Body Weight Shift in Individuals with Stroke Related Hemi paresis" from 2005

  •  Dr. Sadananda Hegde   [Mangalorean Star: December, 2008]
  • Dr. Sadananda Hegde is the most adored man in this town of Wainuiomata in New Zealand. Whenever this 72 year old surgeon ventures over the hill from his Lower Hutt home, he gets recognition in plenty from former patients, and random hugs too are not uncommon. It is easy to see why Dr. Hegde is so popular with his patients, who he regards as extended family. His sentences are punctuated with laughter

  •  Dr. M Shantaram Shetty  [Mangalorean Star: October, 2008]
  • Dr. Shetty arrived at these dizzying heights of his career by sheer dint of hard work, conscientious study and genuine concern for social causes. A perfect bedside manner, erudite talks on various subjects, seamless command over the lingua franca and a penchant for perfection in every aspect of life are the hall marks of Dr. Shetty's persona. Dr. Shantaram Shetty has more than 35...

  •  Dr. Vamana Nandavara  [Mangalorean Star: July, 2008]
  • When we think about 'Koti Chennaya', we are reminded of a bygone era where two brave warriors of Tulunadu fought against injustice and for their motherland. We are also reminded of a movie of the Seventies and the remake of that movie in the recent past. Many of us might not be aware of the fact that one man has contributed considerably for Tulu and Kannada Literature and heritage in general and has done intensive research

  •  Mr. Sarvotham Shetty  [Mangalorean Star: May, 2008]
  • Mr. Sarvotham Shetty was instrumental in the formation of Karnataka Association (Auh), Bunts Association & Tulu Koota in the United Arab Emirates and strived for the smooth functioning of these Associations for the last 28 years. A well known face in the UAE, Mr. Sarvotham Shetty is a man with a passion for cultural activities. As his name suggests he is "Sarvaralli Uttama". His down to earth life style

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